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  1. Thanks to everyone who has given helpful advice on the practicalities of finding places to take my daughter and the common sense of appealing to the cafe owners. I appreciate that.
  2. Hi! Does anyone know of cafes on the Island which serve dairy free food please? I know there was one in Sulby, but am not sure it's still there as I can't find anything on the net. There was also the one towards Tholt y Will, but (again) I'm not sure if they're still going. Are they? My daughter's autistic and suffers from severe eczema, and so we've put her on a dairy free diet to help with both. She likes going to cafes for treats and it seems a shame to stop her from going entirely due to her eczema. Thanks!!
  3. Please sign the petition, Tweet or post the link to Facebook.... http://www.change.or...as-a-disability The more people sign, the louder the voice of those who (in many cases) quite literally have none. Thank you!!!!
  4. I'm available to do ironing for £10 an hour and live near Ramsey bus station, which has a car park opposite, making picking up or dropping off easy. Send me a p.m. if you're interested. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I'm looking for some work as a cleaner for £10 an hour. I would also consider other jobs, such as dog walking or ironing too at the same rate. Ideally a couple of jobs at 2 hours would be ideal for me to fit in around the needs of my daughter. I also work for St.Olaves Church as their cleaner and have excellent references. Please drop me a p.m. if interested. Thanks! Victoria
  6. I'm selling my Warwick Streamer LX 6 string bass because I'm concentrating on my family now rather than continuing to pursue my music career. I love this instrument but can't justify keeping it because I've not had the opportunity to play it nearly enough and, as you can see... it has labels and full "candy pack" with leather strap (which has a little scorpion embossed on it which doesn't come out too well in the photos). This sale includes everything in the photos. These are the details as posted on Ebay. Warwick Streamer LX 6 on Ebay Honey violin stained high polish MEC Soapbar HB/HB Fretted Wenge Body is made from Maple Neck is Ovangkol 2 piece Bridge (broad spaced) Warwick Bass Machine Heads in gold This is a beautiful instrument and the photographs don't do it justice... and most importantly it spans an amazing range of notes, has beautiful tones and the famous "Warwick growl"! I'll be really sorry to see it go!! Remember that delivery is free here on the Island!!
  7. I'm looking for cleaning jobs in Ramsey / the North of the Island for £10 an hour. I'm reliable, trustworthy and have excellent references available. I'll help with other household task such as ironing too. Please send me a pm on here if you're interested. Thanks! Victoria
  8. Then (without wanting to be rude about it) accept your fate and cut the idealism. If you don't have any manual skill or any entreprenurial savvy ... become an MHK, or get a job with government, or get into charity work. You have nothing that is saleable in the open market place and nothing that you can use to leverage your finances. Accept a low salary as the fallback position to your lack of marketable skills and stop being so idealistic about everything. Is that what you really reduce people to? Human beings are nothing more than those who are 'saleable' and 'not saleable'? It's basic prejudice to suggest that a certain 'type' of person wants to work in government or with charities, and it says far more about you than it does about them that you could make a post such as that. How do the physically or mentally disabled get on in your world, by the way? Capitalism is evolution going backwards, taken to its basest instincts, we'd just be back to killing each other with fucking rocks.
  9. Civil servants can be fired, quite a few get dismissed every year for various breaches of the (extensive) civil service regulations. Dismissal is a last resort (as should always be the case, someone is getting their livelihood taken away after all), but the sanction can be and is used more regularly than you might imagine. Every civil servant also has targets, objectives and requirements set out to them in a review that happens annually at least, and ideally every three months - if these targets are not met then the 'automatic' progression up the pay scale doesn't happen (so it's not automatic at all, as Dave Hedgehog seems to think it is). It's also disengenous to compare relatively small employers with an organisation as large as the IOMG, any large employer, public or private, tends to require more in the way of rules and regulations to ensure consistency and fairness across the organisation. By all means let's have the debate, but let's get the basic facts straight, yes?
  10. The problem with this attitude is that it's a race to the bottom. You haven't had a pay increase in 3 years, you don't get sick pay, no pension and you work long hours - so you resent anyone who does get those things? You think civil servants shouldn't get sick pay? Do you think anyone should get sick pay? Ever thought you might be in the wrong job? Ever thought of working for an employer who thought enough of its employees to give them sick pay? If I hadn't had a pay rise for three years I'd either surmise that I was shit at my job or my employer was a cunt (or a very poor business). Government needs to lead by example, if it treats its employees like shit, what message does that send to everyone else? That people are just disposable 'production units' to be used and abused as business sees fit? (Not that the private sector doesn't largely work like that anyway, of course.) Stuff like pensions, sick pay, annual leave and so on are fundamental workers' rights that were fought long and hard for over many decades if not centuries. And let's not forget that civil service vacancies are advertised in the papers every week, so if it's such a gorgeous cushy number - hey, get applying!
  11. The above post makes me realise I should NEVER post on here with a drink on board... EVER!!!! lol.
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