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  1. It isn’t life there has been a massive global pandemic if you haven’t noticed that’s made 9,000,000 jobless in the UK alone.
  2. I did point that out pages back. But it seems someone was very keen to register an account on this forum just to spread a fews lies about when she hasn’t even said anything about her policies yet.
  3. The way she kicked off about parking in town killing trade immediately after Covid and went for Cllr Christian directly and was very quickly silenced and asked to delete posts on Facebook I might suggested she’s been picked as somebody who is better pissing from inside the tent. I believe her hand is being closely held by someone in the DfE. But there’s still no real need to register on here just to insult the woman for her claimed family background.
  4. He’s right. There was some dim bitch kicking off on Facebook last night that Manx people were going to bring back death from holiday as Guernsey now has 6 cases and that the flight bridge should be closed immediately and why weren’t government doing it. Won’t somebody please think of the children! We’re all going to die etc etc !! Then several people pointed out that that was Jersey and she’d got the wrong island entirely. So many clueless retards about talking absolute crap just scaring other idiots. They do need to do something.
  5. It isn’t really. Sorry to say but it isn’t. People are being remarkably resilient and government money has helped keep many afloat for now but it’s far from business as usual for many places. I’m amazed how private fear and panic in some places hasn’t manifested itself in public anger as I know of many people who have not earned for getting on for months now as well as servicing debt and bills etc. The message from Tanrogan is a positive one. They’ve probably realized there is no point in paying a big lease for premises with next to no footfall when they’ve been doing deliveries which you could do from your garage without the overheads. They’ve also said they’ll be back in one form or another. Like a lot of people they’ve probably had a few months to consider whether they could be arsed with all the hassle just to pay someone else’s lease.
  6. It won’t be long now before the DOI will have made a bigger impact on our fractured economy than Covid. Just when everyone thought it was safe to go back earning there’s the DOI shutting down almost the whole of our central business district for commuters and making to easier for people to still stay at home and not spend money in town. They really should just put the whole senior management team in a big boat in Douglas Bay and then scupper the bastard.
  7. Mr Josem currently has no job I believe so I would say it’s a dead cert he will stand.
  8. I’m not sure you’re even slagging off the right person. Don’t let that stop you though. You obviously registered an account for a reason. But the fact you can’t even properly link to the Facebook page run by that absolute lunatic says it all really.
  9. What scrutiny have you applied in amongst the mindless insults? Oh yes. None
  10. And yet you take the time to continue to be so unpleasant from a newly set up account. It’s a shame your broadband seems to be fully working despite your protests.
  11. Nice that someone registered here just to be that unpleasant.
  12. It’s getting a bit like mutually assured destruction now. So many people frightened, don’t want to work or go into work. happy to sit at home because they’re told to, not wanting to go anywhere or do anything, it will bring us all down. It’s becoming a socially engineered crash of just about everything. Disaster socialism - this weird and misplaced believe that the state will be looking after people when it’s very very clear that it can’t afford to so we just need to get on with it. By the time the penny drops everything else will have imploded.
  13. You sound like a man shouting into an empty steel bucket placed over you head. It must be the worlds worst echo chamber. What’s scare tactics about that? It’s fact. There are currently 9,000,000 out of work in the UK. Many in seriously bad financial positions. Plus thousands of cancer patients not being treated.
  14. That must have been socially awkward. What was he doing to arouse you so much?
  15. So how do you feel about the 9,000,000 people whose lives have been destroyed in the UK by being kicked out of the job market with many unable to pay bills?
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