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  1. You seem to be really great at conspiracy nonsense. In fact you sound paranoid that they got a few quid to place what is effectively just PR. Are you suggesting that government should not use any agent for PR outside of Manx Radio or any other businesses whose explicit role has to be defined in Manx law? I bet they hardly got anything too. The £10,000 mentioned in the reply seems to be for the whole wider campaign. They might have only been given £500. Why don’t you make an FOI rather than posting baseless conspiracy claptrap on a public forum?
  2. Agree, we need a Manx Donald Trump to stand in 2021. Slash and burn big government and build a wall to keep the Ramseyites out of fortress Douglas!
  3. That is the biggest inhibitor on everything we’re doing here. It seems to suit an awful lot of people to just sit there spreading fear and trying to stop every move to try to move us forward. Lots of them typical Manx moaners and many of them government workers who can’t be arsed going back to work and think that they can hold things up indefinitely by spreading fear to suit their own agenda.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt you seriously said that?
  5. You’re posh. You have a warranty? From a dealer?
  6. Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.
  7. The UK has. Around 9,000,000 on some sort of state assistance due to COVID at the last count.
  8. I’m not sure it is as you have presented very few facts.
  9. I find your views funny. I did read the posts claiming that you did a runner from the IOM as you were so scared at the start of all of this so I hope self enforced lockdown is treating you well? But the “fact” is that article is absolutely littered with “may’s” and “some’s” and seeks to perpetrate the general fear culture the COVID obsessed seem to wish to perpetuate. We’ve now clearly moved on to claims of permanent damage as widespread death itself has not manifested itself as initially predicted in order to try to justify locking people up in their own homes and lazy people not wishing to do the jobs they’re employed to do.
  10. Very liberal use of “some” and “may” in that highly authoritative article.
  11. It will be just like a Cat or DPF. Easy enough to bypass and re-map.
  12. Oh well you’ve hit upon a clear conspiracy that I might have overlooked now I read that well presented information you’ve just posted. I read the answer to Robertshaws question above. It reads to me like the total spend for the wider campaign was £10,000 of which “Gef” got some of that. It’s reads like a typical civil servant reply to me. Designed to get people looking in one direction to avoid what actually went on in another. So in reality it seems that Gef received only a small proportion of £10,000. So you might assume absolutely nowhere near £10,000.
  13. I’m not sure that you’re grasping their brand positioning right. It’s a site centered around the concept of a talking Mongoose. What insightful and independent journalism and intelligent questioning do you think a cartoon mongoose should primarily be responsible for?
  14. In what way exactly? What specific illnesses or symptoms will they now be carrying for the rest of their lives?
  15. But presumably it wasn’t someone in governments idea. That’s normally when it goes wrong.
  16. Interesting to note that virtually all those deaths are in the semi retired or retired age groups. And yet we’ve put millions of people who were never ever going to die of anything out of work (some permanently I’m sure) to protect a load of people who could have just stayed at home for a few months and used their pensions to shop for food online.
  17. They will do exactly 5 minutes after she’s met them and shes done the whole “Do you know who I am routine” on them. Absolutely hideous woman.
  18. His wife will be able to piss off a whole smaller island in about 9 months. No doubt they’ll be back.
  19. They won’t. I can’t even see Callister spending another few weeks in the Department. I see he’s got completely battered on IOM News and Politics this morning from pissed off people totally sick of everything the DOI does. I would doubt he has the backbone to take much flack on his beloved Facebook when it’s approaching election time again.
  20. So do I get this right? We had a car park on the site that the DOI got the parking fees on. Then we sold this site on to a private developer for a peppercorn amount to be developed but then the private developer asks the DOI for permission to use it as a car park which the private developer presumably will collect the fees on until the site is developed? Nope, definitely doesn’t sound dodgy at all.
  21. Correct the financial model is borderline laughable which is why so many people running rural post offices simply can’t be arsed and are handing them back.
  22. Oh right so now he’s actually some sort of complex Steve Coogan character rather than a complete loony? I wish he did a good Pauline Calf or Alan Partridge instead of H M aSole. It’s not a very good character to pick. Someone should maybe tell him.
  23. It’s great Facebook will be in meltdown by lunchtime. How can we control 2,000 in self isolation! Commandeer the Comis again! The police need to lock them up! Howard Quayle is killing people! We’re all going to diiiiiiieeeeeeee !!!
  24. Over 2,000 due go away and come back. That will really have some folk running for that shack in the hills. But the borders are closed !!! We’re all going to die !!! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/more-than-2000-have-registered-for-manx-entry-permits/
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