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  1. If we were the equivalent of 1990s Russia we’d have emerging oligarchs. Immensely intelligent people within government who have built up relationships within the public sector and politics who realize the system is quickly fragmenting and who decide to take the opportunity to buy it all out at rock bottom prices before it folds as they see the future opportunity value. But sadly all we have here still is largely a bunch of thick greedy twats with their hands out who haven’t realized yet that the taxpayer cash point is now broken.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TSS_Manxman_(1955)
  3. There’s a case to be stated that it’s already in worker ownership. They weathered a strike and little material seems to have changed to their terms and conditions since despite a clear will from the top to drive change. If they’ve called in external consultants that’s positive I suppose. But institutionally it appears that the people who are holding most of the cards still are the employees not the board.
  4. Hopefully a future FOI or Keys question will be - how many of the free 18 journeys given to people stayed on the card unused? I would guess that we can’t even successfully bribe people to use our awful bus service. Use it once (If at all) and go fuck that it’s not worth the inconvenience.
  5. Bakers face made me laugh yesterday when it was pointed out that it’s cheaper to park in Douglas than it is to buy a return bus ticket from Ramsey. It’s not like the DOI don’t set both the fares and the car parking rates! He is literally out of his depth and between him and Captain Calamity Callister it really is the topping on the biggest turd in government.
  6. I would expect Josem to get one of the seats. But I’m sorry anyone who votes for a complete crackpot like H M Sole deserves all they get. What will he actually do in the role of MHK given the number of crackpot things he already tries to do in his private life? The DFE and DOI alone will love him. The number of crazy infrastructure projects or initiatives alone that he could be a catalyst for would be mind blowing. An international space port? An undersea kingdom? Alien tourism? A teleport facility between here and Heysham? The man is clearly a complete loon from the things he’s said and the things he’s tried to fund via his madcap cult already. That said from the performance of those girls on the Tynwald Day protests there seems to be perhaps more than a bit of brainwashing going on in relation to his acolytes so who knows he may successfully get half of Douglas South into some sort of mind-altering trance.
  7. Baker is clearly the biggest hopeless arse licker in Christendom.
  8. So says Sir Les Paterson, Cultural Attaché for the Isle of Man.
  9. 48 and single. Says a lot. What’s the betting he’s now 52 and still single?
  10. Six hybrid buses on order now too. So that it’s more environmentally friendly driving 3 OAPs around for free!
  11. I haven’t heard of him but I did a google and this came up from the 2016 elections. Quite special. Around the 1:50 mark he seems to advocate building a Legoland in the IOM then makes a series of quite special statements. Including apparently supporting drink driving. https://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/80127/douglas-south-david-fowler
  12. It just seems odd that you pre photoshopped the banners that’s all. But they’re so clearly photoshopped that someone could probably re photoshop them for any purpose.
  13. Those banner wordings are crying out to be photoshopped. Josem may well regret that picture yet.
  14. What percentage of 10,000 posts did you read in the last 10 minutes?
  15. No I’d buy any of them a pint individually but there is no way I would stand there like some serf and clap government the way some parts of government have behaved. I totally stayed away from Tynwald for that very reason. All that was uncalled for. But you can’t ignore that some have individually done ok when their predecessors got away with being responsible for nothing for whole terms.
  16. It’s not the view of anyone who I know to be honest. And I stopped speaking to all the panic spreaders I know months ago as I really can’t abide listening to their idiotic crying about everything. Most of the real Covid fools seem to work for government and I worked out months ago that they have a vested interest in keeping it all going as really few of them want to go back to work and are happy to hang it out for as long as the taxpayer will pay them to spread fear and stay at home.
  17. You can’t argue though that across the board, politics aside, the likes of Quayle has done ok. I was reminded today listening to Tony Brown drone on to Andy Wint on the radio what a useless load of piss poor old yessir chancers we’ve had as Chief or Senior Ministers over the years who have contributed little of value to the IOM. At least when the chips have been well and truly down Quayle, Ashford, Cannan, and the likes of Allinson in particular have been there making decisions that they never signed up for. Yes you can point to past mistakes and maybe a degree of arrogance, and not all has been perfectly executed, but when the shit hit the fan they’ve earned their money and whatever future recognition they might get. The main failure as always has been certain departments of government and the law enforcement agencies who saw an opportunity under emergency laws and went for it.
  18. Amazingly negative. Have you thought about changing your name to Stay Here Forever Artist?
  19. Were there more prompts further down like sit down on seat or check shoelaces?
  20. He’s a Bus Driver so probably Dr Doolittle. .
  21. That’s terrible it was just bullshit bingo quoting random numbers and to top it off they ask Tony Brown what he thinks of the budget like anyone actually gives a shit about what Tony Brown thinks of anything.
  22. Hermes are recruiting 10,500 new workers in the UK as a direct result of Covid. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-hermes-delivers-10-500-jobs-to-meet-stay-at-home-shopping-demand-12032689 But clearly not wanted in the IOM. “The company said it was expecting a near-doubling of parcel volumes in the looming Christmas season - around 3.5 million a day - despite what is expected to be a tough time for family budgets given the scale of the shock to the economy.”
  23. All we need is a bid by Kanye West now if we really want to max out on the crazy candidate potential.
  24. Well regardless I’d say £37,755 is more than enough not to be in a council house. Even more so if you aren’t the sole earner.
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