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  1. David Christian should reconsider his position as head of the corporation as the media message they have put out just smacks of the usual arrogance and greed. He had the chance to demonstrate some empathy with poor business owners who are now paying him for empty shops with no customers in them and he failed to do so on a fairly spectacular level. He has no credibility.
  2. Not at all myself and gettafa know exactly who we are talking about. This has nothing to do with the former chief minister. Here we have an ex civil servant who spends a lot of time living in Goa on his considerable ex head of department pension. It isn’t really much of a surprise that one of the self entitled is the first they’ve managed to get back. At lest the Comis might claw some of it back across the bar.
  3. Yes you are right Okells did very well out of his meteoric risk through the grey masses. I wonder how big his tab at the Comis will be? His pension will certainly be able to cover it though.
  4. Alan’s massive civil service pension paid for by you and me can well afford the cost of a week at the Comis.
  5. I’m not baiting anyone I was referred to as a loser for no absolutely reason at all. I was asked to log in here to set the record straight that the poster is most certainly not dead as claimed by dilligaf. That’s all. Other than that I don't really care,
  6. I would know this as I had a pint with him last week. Is there any need for the insults? You just don't seem to know what you’re talking about that’s all I said. He’s most certainly not dead as you claim.
  7. That poster might well be dead but he didn’t have anything to do with that account for sure. But then accuracy doesn’t seem to be your strong point to be fair.
  8. You’re wrong he’s still about and still posting on IOMonline.
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