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  1. Who’s poked you with a stick. Hard to see what you’re getting so annoyed about
  2. No I wasn’t I was referring to the fact that many people who have been in government for years and years will have banked a considerable number of incremental increases over 20 plus years as well as promotional increases in relation to their scale and in some cases those increments (which are guaranteed for all) will put long termers over the published scales. As I said you don't just get to a certain level of pay over the years and they say “You can’t have any more inflationary pay increases because that means you’ll earn too much” If the pay award this year is 2% surely your going to get that 2% whether you’re technically over the scale or not?
  3. So you’re saying that once they get to a certain salary level somebody actually says “sorry mate you can’t have an inflationary pay increase this year like everyone else as you’re over the maximum scale”. I seriously doubt that’s even legal. Or that they don’t find a slightly different job for them that then re-sets the level if that ever happened.
  4. Is the poster clearly suffering mental health difficulties? It’s a first post and could be a complete spoof to be honest and really I thought the subtext as I read it sounded quite xenophobic. I’d be interested to know more about who these “foreigners” are and where they are “foreign” from. Also how their “foreign-ness” affects their clinical outcomes according to the poster. That’s all.
  5. Someone who has been in the system forever will be incremented to death and probably well over published scales by now. But it’s hard to understand why someone like that is apparently still in public housing despite having a very secure and relatively well paid public sector job for decades.
  6. Lockdown may cost 200,000 lives https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/19/lockdown-may-cost-200k-lives-government-report-shows/
  7. I’d maybe take a cue from the BLM thread and suggest that the level of psychiatric support you will receive from a “foreign” Doctor is the exact same as the level of support you will receive from a “UK” Doctor. Perhaps you’re exhibiting classic symptoms of undiagnosed Xenophobia?
  8. It’s interesting that a lot of those comments mirror what a lot have said above. Also published today were the latest unemployment statistics which show over 1,100 people are still unemployed in the wake of Covid. Do they really think they have a mandate to put private sector logistics workers on the dole when unemployment is the highest it’s been here for 25 years? Government should be protecting private sector workers jobs not making them even more insecure.
  9. To be honest I’d be very wary of someone 50 odd who despite appearing to have held fairly senior posts in the public sector for most of their life seems to be living in Anagh Coar. Just suggests lazy or a right sponger to me. I wonder what the appeal of an MHK role is? Even less work for round about the same money perhaps while paying the same £85 a week in rent?
  10. Yes I believe the biggest worry of Jeff Bezos one of the worlds richest men will be - out of hundreds of millions of global customers somehow people in the IOM aren’t buying things on Amazon anymore. What can I do to help?
  11. It looks like he was in his previous DHA role some 3-4 weeks so I hear there might already be a book running on this one. That video interview is just strange. Even Moulton looks more bemused than normal.
  12. Does the role conflict with anything he’s due to be responsible for doing in the next few months? Might be a good excuse to get out of something now you’re conflicted by a new role?
  13. Agreed in fact it would be a real disincentive to standing if the star prize on getting in was an enforced role in the DOI Muppet Show. I listened to that part of clip again though. Do you think it’s possible they conned him into it only on the basis that it will go to some other mug the minute a new MHK gets in?
  14. Agreed I’ve only ever had good service from Hermès too. Very rarely any issues or problems. Let’s face it how can most people fuck up getting out of a car or van, walking to someone’s front door, then leaving a package at the address that’s written on the package? It’s the exact same skill set used by an IOM Post Post man to get out of a van walk down someones path and leave a package for them. It’s not skilled work.
  15. As a casual observer watching that he seems to be on some worrying kind of NLP loop. It’s almost self hypnosis. Even Moulton points out - none of these things that you’re saying to me stack up logically to any half-intelligent outsider. But they’re just inconvenient facts brushed aside by someone who seems to have successfully brainwashed themselves.
  16. More relevantly how does someone who seems to have such an important and well paid job at the PO still live in Anagh Coar?
  17. They’re mini branches of Markwell House. Pop in for a natter and pick up your bennies at the same time.
  18. It’s unlikely Stand Street is ever going to replace Amazon but I get your point and your humour. Sadly all I’m seeing here is the same tactics used by the bus company - let’s do more work almost for free so we can keep employing people on better terms than the people who used to perform the contracts we’ve stolen. It’s our very own communist manifesto.
  19. I’d doubt that as we get a VAT share based on assumed online spend so stopping or reducing online spend would seem to be counter intuitive even for somewhere that could dream this sort of protectionist stuff up. Then you have the matter of contracts. If Hermès has the contract with Amazon currently what are they expecting Hermès to do? Drive up to the Post Office HQ and hand over all their small parcels like naughty school children so the proper post man can deliver them for them? If that’s the case how would the PO even get paid in this scenario as Hermes are the contract holder so they’d have to be able to deliver them for less than Hermès charges Amazon despite having higher operating overheads than Hermès. To get paid it would require the PO to negotiate direct with the likes of Amazon and eBay as a special carrier just for IOM deliveries. I can’t see that going well either.
  20. Why did you even think to say something so completely foolish?
  21. To add context I was nailing some skirting boards on at the time. I wasn’t specifically going to find a hammer just to turn the radio off with. But the sound of the whining old bags really was driving me bonkers.
  22. You don’t want to go through the initiation ceremony.
  23. I wonder if they’re so scared of getting on and off the bus or going down the stairs? As that’s more likely to kill them statistically. It’s time they just locked all the old folk up and just let everyone else just get on with it. They don’t need jobs to pay the bills so they could happy stay indoors for another year and wouldn’t be affected.
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