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  1. Is there a Guinness World record for number of departments sat on in one term? I thought he was still on the DHA but I checked the website and he seems to have been on and off within a matter of weeks. Still three is impressive. Just when Onchan is completely log jammed every day too. It will be interesting to see him talk his way out of that one when the prom is still a major cluster fuck at campaign time.
  2. It is simply amazing considering Summerhill Road is shut and his entire constituency is log jammed for hours a day caused by the complete morons in that department. Electoral suicide springs to mind. Although maybe that's someone else's intention?
  3. Having just listened to the Mannin Line today you have to question the future of the IOM. It was wall to wall with batshit crazy old biddies calling in nearly crying about the borders starting to open up. The Island is really starting to have a proper Wicker Man vibe about it now. I had to turn the radio of before I took a hammer to it listening to the moaning old bags.
  4. What sort of complete idiot would want anything to do with that train wreck? How many actual departments is he on now?
  5. At least rapists don’t seem to get a free ride. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=56689
  6. Just picture a great big map on the wall in Jeff Bezo’s office. It shows where they’re delivering to globally. But then someone points out ‘But the Isle of Man has this protective post system that means that we can’t deal with our usual contracted providers there for anything under a certain weight. We have to renegotiate with IOM Post directly’. How do you think that conversation will end? Alternatively if I was Hermes or Manx Indy why not leave them free to sign contracts with whoever to deliver to the IOM then just let them take a 20% handling fee to pass on all your collections to IOM Post to deliver. Money for nothing. Just became an intermediary for IOM Post deliveries without any of the operating costs of actually delivering anything if they want the delivery franchise?
  7. Yeah you could have picked up a whiff of that but if it was it was very subtle.
  8. You misread my point I think. Whatever his reasons he’s a nice fella doing a good job and I wouldn’t want to see him on JSA as the government has taken his job off him to keep people employed on a completely unrealistic basis in IOM Post jobs. The main failure here seems to be IOM Post failing to revise terms and conditions for their own employees so now the back up plan seems to be to make other people unemployed by creating a monopoly at the bottom of the market. It will also reduce choice as Pongo says as the big online retailers won’t deal with IOM Post when Hermès already delivers everything for them across Europe at an agreed cost under a rigid SLA. They’ll just say we no longer deliver to the IOM.
  9. Wasn't that the same MHK who disagreed with the SPC decision the grounds of taxpayer cost?
  10. It’s not all tat from Amazon. Our regular Hermès guy is a nice fella probably under 30 just trying to get on. He has to do a relatively shit job because that’s all that’s on offer to him. I’d hate to see him on the dole because our postie who is probably 55 and has 30 years banked in a final salary pension already still wants to be chalking up the cash for retirement despite the economic reality of the contracts IOM Posts is signing. There needs to be give and take on both sides. Not unequal piss taking. The two business models are so diametrically opposed neither makes complete sense. But insurance is a poor fight to pick I think as the only result will be private taxpayers who have been through enough uncertainty due to Covid sacked as contracts have been taken off the businesses they work for to feed IOM Post and online retailers refusing to pay the rates IOM Post expect to get resulting in less online shopping options in the IOM.
  11. I fear your banking career won’t go that far if that’s what you genuinely believe. You sound like a communist
  12. In reality it’s not hard to undercut a business which employs postmen on £35k a year with full final salary pensions without skimping on insurance. The reasons why they undercut IOM Post have little to do with cheapo insurance would be my guess and are more about a commercial business not over paying people to do very basic jobs that are not commercially viable when compared to the value of contracts you’re actually tendering for. Deliveroo would not be viable if they delivered food in Bentleys driven by people earning £40K a year with a final salary pensions. All that’s being compared here is a dead 1970s pre free markets business model against a current 21st century business model.
  13. Does it really matter? They are the preferred provider of huge global retailers and deliver under commercial contracts and very tight SLAs right across Europe so why does it concern the IOM so much to the point of potentially putting low paid people who have already had a very rocky ride over Covid on the dole queue so that postmen can continue to be employed? Liability is a matter for the supplier surely? If online retailers are happy using them on the basis of whatever insurance they have in place then surely that’s a commercial issue? It has sod all to do with IOM Post. It is literally threatening to put self employed people with little existing job security already out of work just to keep postmen employed on massive packages Hermès drivers can only dream of!
  14. Yes but it was rejected on the basis that IOM inflation was higher than they got in the UK so they wanted to benchmark against the IOM inflation. Funnily though Manx inflation went negative last month so if they keep pushing to break the link with the UK maybe we should give it to them? If inflation here ends up -2% this year - welcome to your much asked for Inflationary pay increase it’s actually a 2% paycut!
  15. That would never happen and wouldn’t work but what is proposed is literally stealing a living from people who earn less than people who work for government. No different to Longworth stealing jobs off Red Cross charity workers driving minibuses to keep those jobs going. You have to be very careful with this stuff. Why would anyone set up in the private sector here if at some stage government can just rock up and steal your living from you by passing laws which seek to prioritize it’s income needs over yours as a taxpayer paying for them to put you out of business?
  16. That will be no Amazon or eBay or any other deliveries in future then. How on earth could that ever possibly be policed? Are the post office now that desperate they’re stealing minimum wage jobs off desperate self employed Hermès workers?
  17. It’s quite a random setting too. I thought he lived on the quay. Odd to decide to do a video outside someone else’s house with traffic driving past. Looks like Ballaughton. Is that ground zero of Douglas South?
  18. It isn’t life there has been a massive global pandemic if you haven’t noticed that’s made 9,000,000 jobless in the UK alone.
  19. I did point that out pages back. But it seems someone was very keen to register an account on this forum just to spread a fews lies about when she hasn’t even said anything about her policies yet.
  20. The way she kicked off about parking in town killing trade immediately after Covid and went for Cllr Christian directly and was very quickly silenced and asked to delete posts on Facebook I might suggested she’s been picked as somebody who is better pissing from inside the tent. I believe her hand is being closely held by someone in the DfE. But there’s still no real need to register on here just to insult the woman for her claimed family background.
  21. He’s right. There was some dim bitch kicking off on Facebook last night that Manx people were going to bring back death from holiday as Guernsey now has 6 cases and that the flight bridge should be closed immediately and why weren’t government doing it. Won’t somebody please think of the children! We’re all going to die etc etc !! Then several people pointed out that that was Jersey and she’d got the wrong island entirely. So many clueless retards about talking absolute crap just scaring other idiots. They do need to do something.
  22. It isn’t really. Sorry to say but it isn’t. People are being remarkably resilient and government money has helped keep many afloat for now but it’s far from business as usual for many places. I’m amazed how private fear and panic in some places hasn’t manifested itself in public anger as I know of many people who have not earned for getting on for months now as well as servicing debt and bills etc. The message from Tanrogan is a positive one. They’ve probably realized there is no point in paying a big lease for premises with next to no footfall when they’ve been doing deliveries which you could do from your garage without the overheads. They’ve also said they’ll be back in one form or another. Like a lot of people they’ve probably had a few months to consider whether they could be arsed with all the hassle just to pay someone else’s lease.
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