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  1. It won’t be long now before the DOI will have made a bigger impact on our fractured economy than Covid. Just when everyone thought it was safe to go back earning there’s the DOI shutting down almost the whole of our central business district for commuters and making to easier for people to still stay at home and not spend money in town. They really should just put the whole senior management team in a big boat in Douglas Bay and then scupper the bastard.
  2. Mr Josem currently has no job I believe so I would say it’s a dead cert he will stand.
  3. I’m not sure you’re even slagging off the right person. Don’t let that stop you though. You obviously registered an account for a reason. But the fact you can’t even properly link to the Facebook page run by that absolute lunatic says it all really.
  4. What scrutiny have you applied in amongst the mindless insults? Oh yes. None
  5. And yet you take the time to continue to be so unpleasant from a newly set up account. It’s a shame your broadband seems to be fully working despite your protests.
  6. Nice that someone registered here just to be that unpleasant.
  7. It’s getting a bit like mutually assured destruction now. So many people frightened, don’t want to work or go into work. happy to sit at home because they’re told to, not wanting to go anywhere or do anything, it will bring us all down. It’s becoming a socially engineered crash of just about everything. Disaster socialism - this weird and misplaced believe that the state will be looking after people when it’s very very clear that it can’t afford to so we just need to get on with it. By the time the penny drops everything else will have imploded.
  8. You sound like a man shouting into an empty steel bucket placed over you head. It must be the worlds worst echo chamber. What’s scare tactics about that? It’s fact. There are currently 9,000,000 out of work in the UK. Many in seriously bad financial positions. Plus thousands of cancer patients not being treated.
  9. That must have been socially awkward. What was he doing to arouse you so much?
  10. So how do you feel about the 9,000,000 people whose lives have been destroyed in the UK by being kicked out of the job market with many unable to pay bills?
  11. Well that’s started off well for her hasn’t it? A few hours and already ripped to shreds with the odd suggestion of familial arson thrown in for good measure. And people wonder why few people want to stand. Incredible.
  12. Central not South would be my guess.
  13. I’ve never said that poster is a victim. I have said that I think it’s very poor practice for forum members (and moderators especially) to publicly ridicule a forum poster knowing full well that they and other forum members know who they are. If they genuinely are unstable then clearly there could be consequences of those posts that people might not anticipate (especially in the current climate). That was all.
  14. It’s concerning though. I got shot down in the other thread below for bringing the issue of constant references to that poster up but really is publicly ridiculing and doxxing a poster who it could reasonably be construed might have issues feel particularly sensible or decent to anyone? Especially where we are constantly told of a mental health crisis coming out of lockdown in the media?
  15. Hardly a major vote of confidence in our Covid contingency planning as an ex Minister of Health if true but you have to do what’s best for you in these situations.
  16. Yes I get that but if he is genuinely as bonkers as his public persona suggests it would at least give us 12 months of entertainment then move on to someone relatively sane. On the plus side I’m sure the DOI would love the chance to spend £100M building his undersea kingdom for him. If he wanted a granite one, with no roof, and some taped off paving around it, sometime around 2045.
  17. The prom will be the same as the plan seems to be for similar road and pavement boundaries all around the same levels. So I hope they’ve got a roll of safety tape that goes a good 2 miles as they’ll be needing it with all the tripping kids and pensioners.
  18. It’s only 12 months. They’d have to then stand to stay in for a full term in 2021 so it could be a laugh having a loon like HM Sole in for a years entertainment.
  19. A fight off between Josem, Moore, and H M Sole would be well worth following.
  20. You can bet Josem will stand. I don’t even think he has a job at the moment either so maybe good timing for him.
  21. It suggests they’re funding it themselves so it appears they can afford to massively overpay a developer for multi million pound flats but can’t afford a £200 sign in a carpark to warn suicidal people about the risks of jumping off a building. Oh and Christmas is cancelled!
  22. If she’s not well though then it’s sad whatever you think of her. Don't think she’s been much cop either but to resign so quickly for health reasons doesn’t sound good. So that’s two Douglas by-elections now for two seats that will give the successful candidates a year or thereabouts until they’re having to stand again.
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