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  1. Don’t feed it. It will take years off your life.
  2. You just know what’s happened there though don’t you? Some old codger has tripped up because the silly new curbstones they have just put everywhere down that road look exactly the same as the road and you can’t see where the road ends and the pavement actually starts. So now they have to send some idiot down to tape the curb with warning tape. Years ago there was the concept of having a ‘road’ and a ‘pavement’. The ‘roads’ where black and the ‘pavement’ was made of concrete or slabs several inches higher than the road but that’s apparently too simple for our mega budget DOI who always have to try to over engineer everything then do stupid things to it like this because they shouldn’t have over engineered it in the first place!
  3. https://www.prweek.com/article/1678624/flop-month-wetherspoons-boss-tim-martin-sends-wrong-messages
  4. Poor Tiny Tim can’t have his Christmas either as the Corporation Grinches have stolen it http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=56635
  5. Martin’s stance on Brexit was one thing but what he did at the start of lockdown to 40,000 people singles him out particularly for not being liked. I think they will struggle to build trade back up as a lot of people think what he did was despicable whether he sells cheap ale or not. He looks like a complete piss head anyway.
  6. They’ll be demanding Barbary Coast is renamed at this rate. I give it until the weekend before a movement starts.
  7. I think we’ll see another round of grants and subsidies coming out around the time they start drawing down on the £250M aimed at further supporting some industries. That said some places seem to have bounced back really well already but hospitality and retail is going to be tricky in general.
  8. Exactly Boo Hoo being a prime example which is being hounded by the media now (rightly so). You can’t re write history either. But publishing this now is just riding the current outrage wave IMHO. I’m well aware of our rather inglorious history in this area and so are most people I’d say.
  9. Assumption seems to be the underlying criteria here. You can assume a lot of things. Few of them may actually be true. That said I’ve leaned a lot from this thread and some of the normally infrequent MF posters who have contributed to it.
  10. July was the end date so it’s not unsurprising that it ends up in this months newspaper. Being that the evacuation ended in July.
  11. I get that totally but you can simply block a poster on here. You don't have to ridicule and insult them and virtually name them and present them as an idiot to the world for years and years as an act of revenge. Maybe just block content you don’t like?
  12. Not really the Dunkirk 75 year celebrations were on a timeline between the 27 May and 4 June. That’s quite recent. As opposed to 200 or more years ago.
  13. Because of the timing. They’ve had 200 years to run the story. It’s all known facts.
  14. Ask away. You can always PM me. You can also block my posts if they annoy you too. But it seems to me that this forum largely perpetuates itself on lies and the ongoing abuse of easy targets by people who think they’re anonymous but really aren’t. I can’t even find any posts made by one of the oft cited posters above so it really does seem to be that some posters have a continued opinion on something based on absolutely nothing.
  15. Thanks. I’m so grateful that some of the MF stalwarts suddenly seem to take an interest in my posts.
  16. Wow we’re now debating the differences between 2 weeks and 5 weeks in terms of media timing after an event.
  17. There seems to be a huge focus from some quarters on posters who don’t even post on here anymore. Just like the comments I mentioned about TJ. I had no idea who that poster was other than reading relentless references to them being mental and a nuisance by people still posting insults years after the event. It seems so odd to me. And to be fair it’s pure bullying if enough information is drip fed via every post made so people can work out who it probably is IRL. The people doing it would appear to have a bigger problem than the poster themselves. I also had a look at the account for one of the oft cited posters referred to by TDDB and it seems that no posts even exist so it seems to be a load of fuss and ridiculous claims about absolutely nothing.
  18. Ok right. So a couple of weeks after the BLM march and the Stu Peters incident you don’t think it’s odd that our newspaper totally milks it by writing a piece on our slavery connections. That’s fine. Thanks for your feedback.
  19. Does your device which you are posting with have google?
  20. That’s what I was referring to in essence.
  21. There was a heavy subtext to slavery in the book. The IOM was heavily involved with the slave trade. I’m just wondering why the papers see fit to publish that 3 weeks after the BLM March? Is the Editor worried about being given the full “Stu Peters?”
  22. You seem to misunderstand doxxing. It’s apparently giving way enough information and handing out enough targeted abuse without actually naming anyone. I’d never have heard if it until Teapot mentioned it but it seems to fit the profile of this forum well from what I’ve seen.
  23. I’ve always thought the papers here are poor. But that’s poorer than poor. I knew that information 20:years ago. I’m aware of Manx history. Strange to see that in the paper this week just after the BLM controversy.
  24. You seem to suffer from short term memory issues. You have posted that three times now in the last 2 hours.
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