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  1. It’s all been well documented but why run a story now? I know our history, some of it is inglorious but there you go. Why do it now just after the BLM March?
  2. I’ve studied Manx history and especially our Manx shipping history. So I wonder why this is appearing exactly now? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=56580 The Editor of the local papers seems to be hopelessly virtue signing for clicks. Has he not read Matthew Kneales English Passengers which must be 20 years old by now? Historically a lot of Manx history and Manx family wealth is bootlegging.
  3. As a casual observer yes. As I said as a newish member here I worked out who they were all insulting and making unvalidated and wild and anonymous claims about after a few months. It’s not very nice really to bully one poster to that extent especially when they then give clues as to the identity of that poster.
  4. I had to google it after Teapot mentioned it to be honest. Basically it seems to be giving away public information to expose someone on the the internet. So in this situation basically searching and making posts in order to expose someone who posts on an anonymous forum etc then hounding them maliciously for those posts.
  5. But what real harm is in that at the end of this day if that's the case? You can always block content you don't like. It seems odd to me that anonymously doxxing and bullying someone endlessly is a solution to anything. Times have changed and we all need to be aware of the impact we have on others. Forum admins too. There are so many people who seem to be struggling at the moment as for some the world has totally changed.
  6. I’m left wondering who actually moderates this site. That question was primarily left for JW
  7. It seems that many other people allegedly do from the posts you read on here as it’s almost like you’re supposed to believe the (unmoderated) anonymous suggestions of mental incapacity directed at one poster vicariously. I suppose the issue of doxxing is subjective but if a relative newcomer can work out who is frequently accused of being “mental” and a “pest” then that is most certainly doxxing so I suppose that acts as feedback. I have seen the fallout of two suicides since lockdown. It’s thoroughly unpleasant and unnecessary and if people regarded as vulnerable (according to forum folklore pushed by numerous anonymous posters) are allowed to be targeted and picked off by anonymous forum users without any input from the moderators then that feels an uncomfortable potential liability position to be in. Just my view. Back to the original post and it looks like even anonymous online comments are now fair game for real life actions so I wonder how many posters here work in the media for a start off?
  8. Apologies if that seems the case. But I was just clarifying that until you mentioned doxxing I had not. So you triggered my thought train on that matter in relation to MF. That’s all. I’m certainly not blaming you for anything. No harm or connection intended.
  9. That’s a fairly confusing reply to be honest to what was to my mind a fairly innocuous series of posts in an attempt to follow up on the Stu Peters thread. To be clear Teapot mentioned doxxing first not me but to be fair there does seem to be regular doxxing on this site to the point that a relatively new poster like me can work out who is being doxxed. It’s not nice to be honest. I accept your view that you might have tried to accommodate a situation and perhaps it falls short of your specific bullying definition (?) But if the person referred to does have issues on the mental health side (as repeatedly seems to be suggested by various anonymous posters without any form of evidence being provided to back those assertions up) then surely that’s worse? But again I’m just repeating oft published suggestions on this site from anonymous posters. The role of moderator shouldn’t be a burden but if someone is not shouting or swearing, or being offensive, or rude, or otherwise being objectionable or offensive why would a forum seek to endorse suggestions that a poster is consistently banned and also allow posters to openly suggest that they are mental? Coming out of lockdown we are already seeing some of the awful consequences of isolation and social exclusion. We need to be much more caring and proportionate in the way we interact with other people. Virtual interactions as much as real life ones.
  10. How does it sound familiar in your yet again claimed / assumed position of knowledge?
  11. You seem claim knowledge of so much and yet perhaps consistently demonstrate knowledge of so little. It seems to be a very similar situation at first glance although as I said it wasn’t the main reason for my post. Targeting people who work in the media or as journalists for what is at best silly online activity is quite a change in tactics. I wonder how many journalists or people in the media post on here? I’d guess quite a few.
  12. The comment above is fairly unnecessary but shows what an anonymous bullying platform this forum seems to default to at times. I’m not even sure the individual lives in Onchan anymore to be honest. But that wasn’t the main reason for my post. I thought it was an interesting comparison to the Stu Peters issue to begin with because it seems that even if posts are anonymous and you work in the media some movements will target people. But Teapot mentioned the doxxing matter and suggested it doesn’t happen here when clearly it does as many regular contributors seem to have similarly doxxed a regular forum poster in a malicious way for no real reason other than to provide forum amusement. Although I’d be prepared to wager there’s an outside chance that its perhaps had similar real life implications to the lady in the above report.
  13. That’s almost a damascene conversion by Skelly though to be fair. Businesses coming to the IOM must create jobs you’d think they’d have thought of that well before now?
  14. The borrowing will be made very soon rest assured. It was not part of emergency powers.
  15. I’m not so sure. I’ve just about worked out who the person is from information publicly posted by other posters and some of it is quite offensive in respect of claims about their mental health. This was interesting too from the CNN report of the same story. I wonder how many posters here are in a similar position in relation to their day jobs etc as MF comments have been equally criticized with lawyers issuing threats in the past have they not? While working at Fox News, and while a reporter at The Daily Caller, Neff was a frequent poster on AutoAdmit. Also known as XOXOhth, it is a relatively unmoderated message board like 4chan aimed at lawyers and law school students in which racism and sexism run rampant. The board's vulgar content was previously the subject of much criticism, and two Yale students sued anonymous posters on the site in 2007 alleging they had defamed them and made threatening remarks. The Hartford Courant reported in 2009 that the lawsuit was quietly settled after some of the posters were identified.
  16. Yes I saw that too And over the course of five years, Neff has maintained a lengthy thread in which he has derided a woman and posted information about her dating life that has invited other users to mock her and invade her privacy. When reading that I did wonder if those posters here who seem to have contributed to similar long term attacks on that poster called TJ would be regarded the same?
  17. Well that’s true. Carlsson is a right wing nut job so a bit of under the counter racism should be hardly surprising. But it takes a particular sort of shitbag to shop someone like that though really. He could well have been using the platform as a writing experience and just winding a few people up. Hardly a sackable offense but the cancel-culture at the moment seems to want heads to validate itself.
  18. An interesting discussing point from the US. It seems that Tucker Carlson writer Blake Neff has been forced to resign over racist messages he apparently made via an anonymous account he set up on an Internet message board. Apparently somebody shopped him to the station and an investigation took place. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-53378792 Not in the Stu Peters mould but nonetheless an interesting situation given that the guy is a writer and some of it looks like an attempt at humour rather than being overtly offensive.
  19. I think the trick will be making sure the money is spent where the IOM economy will get the best benefit. Not on expensive useless crap departments like the DOI will dream up to keep them all employed messing up the Island. Cannan isn’t daft so hopefully he and Treasury gets to call the shots.
  20. I doubt that completely as suicide is a serious issue. More so coming out of lockdown and the unraveling financial crisis. If a carpark needs a sign it needs a sign. I’d be happy to pay for it myself if Christian can’t find £200 in his ivory tower.
  21. So you’re saying we aren’t the longest continuous democratic parliament in the world? We’d best re-write the government website then and Wikipedia MLCs are their to scrutinize not determine policy or the framework for new legislation without wider involvement.
  22. Last time I looked we claimed to be a democracy where people vote for elected representatives who would represent their views in Parliament. Not for unelected people to do whatever they deem appropriate.
  23. It was Public pressure that brought Sarah’s Law in originally in the UK so all I’m saying is that I think the public’s views should be polled here. I don’t agree with MLCs and DHA Officials just proposing what’s easiest for them without wider involvement from people representing the public’s interest. I get the vigilante bit but I also think women need to be able to take more control too to make sure they’re not shacked up with some pervert who could be a risk to them and their kids.
  24. How much do you think a sign will cost? £200? It’s not going to break the bank is it? If the corporation want a sign up then the corporation should probably pay for it.
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