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  1. They're not exempt from paying VAT. They pay the VAT on materials and consumables at point of sale. They pass the cost on to the client of course but they paid the tax initially - they aren't exempt at all.
  2. It'll affect very few of the small builders who are doing work that can be charged at 5%. The VAT isn't reversed where the end user is paying the builder directly. It basically only affects payments made to subcontractors by main contractors.
  3. Right, but that wasn't what I was replying to as that isn't what Cambon said. He suggested the smallest builders are exempt. They're not. If they're too small to be VAT registered they still pay VAT, they're not exempt from it. They end up paying more VAT because they can't reclaim VAT on their business related expenses and overheads. Even if by 'exempt', he meant they're not allowed to charge VAT on their invoices, they aren't eligible for the 5% rate either. That and the 0% rate only apply if you're VAT registered so that has no bearing on the small companies.
  4. No it isn't. And how can anyone be exempt from VAT? I agree it's not a big issue but not for the reasons you have stated.
  5. Pretty sure this is an NEC main option B contract from the information available, so not a cost reimbursement contract. There will have been bills of quantities and usually on the island, variations for like work are valued at bill rates. I haven't seen the news regarding bonuses for finishing on the revised completion date but these are usually offered when the cost of the overrun is greater then the cost of acceleration. All of it is supposition anyway, as I'm pretty sure none of us here know what the specific contract terms are.
  6. As a society, we do not allow a virus with this type of consequence to spread unabated. The diseases are treated, quarantines imposed and vaccines administered where applicable. Schools are closed and ships quarantined at sea when there's a norovirus outbreak. If there's a meningitis infection in a school, kids are given vaccines or boosters. Quarantining to protect everyone else is not a new phenomenon, neither is limiting the risk of infection by reducing contact or exposure. And they did that 50-200 years ago when they didn't know how these things were transmitted or where they came from.
  7. It depends what the person spouting about herd immunity thinks it means. You simply aren't going to get it without a vaccine. Thinking that if enough people catch it, it will go away is idiotic and has never happened with any other virus. Even with a vaccine, the list of eradicated virus' is extremely short.
  8. That's not really how it should work. You shouldn't be encouraged to move countries because you're not happy with policy. I don't agree that we - the general public - should be privy to all of the information that goes into decision making processes at CoMin. There will be advice and papers on the theoretical affect their proposals have; the economic impact, how much assistance they can give businesses, the number of business that might go bust, how many job losses they anticipate. What the impact limiting DHSC leave will have if cases pick up, how many cases or deaths are expected as a
  9. That's interesting, and perhaps something that was more of an issue in years gone by or on jobs without properly managed or implemented contracts? I have never experienced it. Architects and engineers might not like their work being questioned but that is true of most people. I can't think of any occasion where they haven't either changed their design or agreed to change in specification where things have been demonstrably wrong. There is often a difference between working to legal and statutory requirements or 'a reasonable standard', and thinking that it could be done better or to a higher s
  10. That's really not how those percentages work.
  11. I would largely agree with this. To build on your point a little - Ostensibly, nothing with Covid-19 itself has changed since it first reached Europe and shortly thereafter decimated Italy. There is no vaccine and no definitive evidence that it has mutated into a significantly less dangerous version. So how do they walk-back the measures they took before and not apply it again now that cases are increasing at a seemingly near out of control rate? They shut the country, encouraged people to work from home, closed schools, set up a separate pot of money to pay those who needed it - ho
  12. Because there aren't any who are currently trained and/or hold up-to-date tickets for this work. I have no doubt it isn't beyond the capabilities of lots of guys but so far, they have chosen not to get the relevant qualifications. And if there are guys who can do it, they're hiding in a hole somewhere keeping very quiet about it. A FOI request wouldn't be able to compel private contractors to tell you who they'd ask to quote the works at tender stage. It'd prove absolutely nothing anyway, as you can only get quotes from people who are trained and hold tickets to carry out the work you're
  13. You're the only one moaning about it, why don't you train to do it? Why do you expect local guys to go and pay to do a week to 10 day course for it and then source the moulds for the rails if they don't want to do it?
  14. I'm unclear from reading the OP and the replies as to what the complaint specifically is? That they've been let in at all? That they've been allowed in and then taken by police escort to their hotel? That we've spent more money convicting them than we would have had we been actively been checking on them at any moment? That they can come in and work on something you have deemed non-essential to the economy but the general public aren't allowed to bring family over? If you'd have read the news article, you'd have seen that there are no welders on the island trained to weld rails.
  15. I think their only agenda is to show you don't know what you're talking about. You don't need to work for Government or the designers or any of the contractors involved in the scheme to be frustrated by the 'knowledge' of a few vociferous lay-men in this thread.
  16. The fact the most recent cases of people being caught have been wearing masks in the stores surely indicates they've not understood that they need to immediately self-isolate? If you were intentionally going out, knowing you shouldn't be, you'd not wear a big, flashing sign saying "just got off the boat" in the form of a mask? Or indeed say you'd just got off the boat!! The rules clearly need reiterating to people. Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact they've been brought in to do a job and would be going to work in the morning - not quite self-isolation, is it.
  17. Austerity measures are probably the last resort for any government. Limiting or cutting back on planned public spending does not help economic recovery. Government spending has to be at least maintained, if not increased, to promote growth. If this new hub doesn't even have a site yet and is only at feasibility stage, it is years away from actually being built. At a guess, I'd say they won't even have a contractor selected before the end of 2022.
  18. About the size of a shoe box...
  19. When they decide to cease all activities outside of their contracted hours no-one will be bothered then, will they? In which case, let them carry on not doing it, stop all clubs and after school activities and whatever else they say they do at their own cost. If it is an issue and the kids and parents don't like it, then the DOE can pay for some other teachers or carers or assistants to come in an cover those activities outside of normal teacher contracted hours. What, there's a shortage of those people? Well who's going to do it then? Oh, the teachers - good idea! Any chance of paying t
  20. Wouldn't surprise me if that was the response you got, I believe there were a lot of unhappy people and many teething problems early on when they first trialled it - tales of almost missed flights due to not being collected, that kind of thing. The patient transfer one leaves at about 5am to get to the first flight out on time. I thought about once when I was taking my son to Alder Hey but it wasn't as convenient as driving; the young fella got an extra half hour in bed for a start!!
  21. I'm not talking about the free patient transfer service that DHSC pay for, I mean the one you pay £10 for, ConnectPORTS. You ring up, book, they pick you up near to or outside your house and take you to the airport or sea terminal.
  22. Some of those minibuses are for the ConnectVillages service that covers the north of the island, it only runs Monday-Friday. I imagine that it's quite useful if you live out that way, some of the services would take 45-50 minutes to get to Bride via Andreas because they'd go out to Jurby first. Not sure how many people use it but they have replaced the skipper buses in and around town too. The minibuses are probably more suitable to the routes and speed bumps in the housing estates. Whether it's providing a better service or is cost effective is another matter. I suspect not but where do
  23. Let's be thankful that they haven't started that yet. Getting into Douglas from the North is difficult enough with their new layouts, bus lanes and one-way prom - it's only bearable now because the schools are closed. Don't give them the idea that anyone wants any other main arterial routes into Douglas dug up.
  24. I bought some from Feltons about two weeks ago.
  25. Typical Manx Crab attitude... "Nothing has happened before so it won't happen now. It won't go ahead because of these few other times that no-one went beyond planning in principle or the application stage". No-one bought the site before, it has planning permission, and has multiple franchises attached to it. I'm sure the uncertainty around travel and large scale gatherings at the moment will have given some of the investors cold feet but the sale went through during covid, if it was that bad they would've pulled the sale. For it to have even got as far as it has, it must stack up. A
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