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  1. Austerity measures are probably the last resort for any government. Limiting or cutting back on planned public spending does not help economic recovery. Government spending has to be at least maintained, if not increased, to promote growth. If this new hub doesn't even have a site yet and is only at feasibility stage, it is years away from actually being built. At a guess, I'd say they won't even have a contractor selected before the end of 2022.
  2. About the size of a shoe box...
  3. When they decide to cease all activities outside of their contracted hours no-one will be bothered then, will they? In which case, let them carry on not doing it, stop all clubs and after school activities and whatever else they say they do at their own cost. If it is an issue and the kids and parents don't like it, then the DOE can pay for some other teachers or carers or assistants to come in an cover those activities outside of normal teacher contracted hours. What, there's a shortage of those people? Well who's going to do it then? Oh, the teachers - good idea! Any chance of paying them for it? I hope they are keeping a record of the hours they each do outside of normal contracted hours. Either pay them more, or employ someone else to pick up the extra hours of work that are needed. Also, are the stated teacher salaries annual, pro-rata? Or is that the actual salary for their contracted hours?
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if that was the response you got, I believe there were a lot of unhappy people and many teething problems early on when they first trialled it - tales of almost missed flights due to not being collected, that kind of thing. The patient transfer one leaves at about 5am to get to the first flight out on time. I thought about once when I was taking my son to Alder Hey but it wasn't as convenient as driving; the young fella got an extra half hour in bed for a start!!
  5. I'm not talking about the free patient transfer service that DHSC pay for, I mean the one you pay £10 for, ConnectPORTS. You ring up, book, they pick you up near to or outside your house and take you to the airport or sea terminal.
  6. Some of those minibuses are for the ConnectVillages service that covers the north of the island, it only runs Monday-Friday. I imagine that it's quite useful if you live out that way, some of the services would take 45-50 minutes to get to Bride via Andreas because they'd go out to Jurby first. Not sure how many people use it but they have replaced the skipper buses in and around town too. The minibuses are probably more suitable to the routes and speed bumps in the housing estates. Whether it's providing a better service or is cost effective is another matter. I suspect not but where do you draw the line in deciding who gets access to affordable public transport? Maybe a few are for the airport transfer service, too? Granted, there's not much call for them at the moment but where are they supposed to put them in the meantime? It'd be at least 2.5hrs and 3 buses to get from Jurby/Andreas/Bride to the airport, or upwards of £30 for a taxi, so I'd rather have the option of that service there, too.
  7. Let's be thankful that they haven't started that yet. Getting into Douglas from the North is difficult enough with their new layouts, bus lanes and one-way prom - it's only bearable now because the schools are closed. Don't give them the idea that anyone wants any other main arterial routes into Douglas dug up.
  8. I bought some from Feltons about two weeks ago.
  9. Typical Manx Crab attitude... "Nothing has happened before so it won't happen now. It won't go ahead because of these few other times that no-one went beyond planning in principle or the application stage". No-one bought the site before, it has planning permission, and has multiple franchises attached to it. I'm sure the uncertainty around travel and large scale gatherings at the moment will have given some of the investors cold feet but the sale went through during covid, if it was that bad they would've pulled the sale. For it to have even got as far as it has, it must stack up. And that proves my point, a global pandemic could stop it, a nuclear winter could stop it, they could find all the voids that were supposed to be under the prom in there when they start digging holes, and people will still say "Told you it wouldn't happen".
  10. Even if nothing happens within five years (and it'll have to or the money spent on getting planning permission will have been wasted) they are perfectly within their right not to start. Can you give examples from around the island of these bomb sites? Bit hard to discuss otherwise.
  11. They only actually took legal possession of the site at the end of April/start of May. Again, what exactly are you expecting them to do in that period of time? The money they have already spent on the development is a risk, you'd be an exceptionally foolish business person to go all in on design, fees, building regs submissions and tendering before you'd even finalised the purchase. Even after purchase, it can takes months to get a project of any size to site, let alone one like this. I'm not even slightly surprised it hasn't started yet, and I'm less surprised that they have chosen to make money by letting an existing giant car park out as a giant car park, until they are actually ready to put machines on the site. It's ridiculous to think they wouldn't!? The proof is in the pudding, but talking it down at this point in time just makes you look like you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Even if you are proven right, it won't be because you actually know anything about the process. You are just making assumptions based on nothing in particular, other than a dislike for Government and how they do things.
  12. A lot of people have changed their routine. Traffic is now backed up to Cronk-y-Berry on Johnny Wattersons lane in the mornings, and the traffic turning off the mountain road onto Johnny Wattersons Lane backs up as far as Hillberry. I used to get to work by 8am, now it's taking 10-15mins longer. It doesn't matter to me because I don't need to be in until 8:30am so I'm not too bothered about leaving earlier to avoid it. Plenty of people won't be able to change their routine, though. Dropping kids at school or nursery can only be done at certain times, and there are only so many routes into Douglas if you're coming from Onchan/North.
  13. I don't get why it's dodgy, either. They bought a site that is already laid out for parking, why not allow people to park on it and make some money? Plenty of developers who own land in town let their empty plots for parking. Does anyone know what the terms of the contract parking are...? They could be for a fixed limited time, or on a monthly basis. The developer only became the legal owner of the site in May and the time and cost involved in getting a project like this to site is fairly significant. Even with planning permission, it is unlikely you would progress to building control until you actually own it and know that it's financially feasible and for a job like this, in the location it is, there would be a lot of engineering design work to undertake before you'd even consider putting a machine on site.
  14. I can't even begin to imagine how much some of you would foam at the mouth with apoplectic rage if the school's did open over the summer and the teachers were then paid for it. Their salaries are pro-rata based on a 39 week school year and split equally over each month. If they work through the holidays, they would be paid for them.
  15. Jersey had full fibre in 2017. Jersey is 1/4 of the size of the Isle of Man. Jerseys GDP is only 20% lower than ours. Their population density is huge and there are many more apartment buildings, meaning getting infrastructure to people is easier. We started to install fibre in the second half of 2017, after this test took place. Surprisingly, not everyone who is working from home is having internet issues. 20% of the island has fibre coverage so at a minimum those people are fine, no doubt. Mine is great, and I'm sure the majority of people have a service that is adequate for their home-working needs. The biggest issue that I find with working from home, is the lack of separation both on terms of space and also mentally. This is also true of my colleagues, and friends. Not many have the luxury of a separate space, some do but don't want to buy a small workstation to sit in the corner of the room because they will be going back to the office. Lots of them are sitting on dinning room chairs, crouched over a laptop. I have spare rooms but I'm not going to convert one into a home office unless I know I'm going to be working from home on a regular basis beyond this. If companies decide they would rather have more people working from home - and some of them are going to implement this as a long-term plan for some staff - then they should provide support for the staff who need it. Like help with workstations, providing desktops instead of laptops or at least separate monitors, office chairs, help with upgrading their infrastructure or equipment so it's most efficient.
  16. Up until about 2 years ago there were industries and business still recovering from the effects of the 2008 crash. I don't think we're near the realms of meaningful change - I'd have thought it'll be slow and steady, and increases will come over time. We'll see the same with any reductions in Government, they will wait until people leave and not fill those roles, they're not instantly doing to chop £20m off the cost of employing everyone in Government.
  17. I think the rate of taxation in the higher bracket should increase, I wouldn't mind an additional 2%, say, and I think that would be quite reasonable. Perhaps maybe even an additional third, higher bracket? I think the personal allowances and lower bracket should stay how it is, there's not much more belt tightening people with a lower earning capacity can do without it impacting their quality of life. I'm not interested in hearing "get a better job", as it's quite simply not an option for everyone. I also think an independent audit of each Government department should be carried out too, to establish the amount of 'slack' there truly is, tighten up efficiency and reduce the wage bill if possible. A tax increase would be easier to swallow if I could be reassured that it was being put to good use, rather than just maintaining jobs for the boys.
  18. Okay, so what do you expect them to do? Only teach the kids who are fortunate enough to have the resources to allow an on-line school day? I'm sure that will be very few of them, especially the younger kids. And then what happens to the disadvantaged kids, are they to be further disadvantaged? It's about striking a balance isn't it? The kids and families who are lucky enough to be able to keep their kids engaged with school work, can. The ones who have enough to worry about aren't feeling like a failure for not being able to commit the time it takes to get their kids to engage with school work, either. There is no simple solution, and they're going with one-size fits all approach, which is all school has ever been if you think about it. Kids born 10 months apart start on the same day, and they're not separated by ability for all subjects, ever.
  19. What? You've got yourself in a right tizz, haven't you. What exactly is your point because you seem to be agreeing with my position but instead of coming to the reasonable conclusion of "You can't give everyone the same learning at the moment, and it's unfair to expect it of parents/kids/teachers", you've jumped to "BUT THE TEACHERS WENT OUT IN THEIR CARRRR!!!1111ONEONEONE!"
  20. You've been whinging on about teachers since you popped up here. What exactly is your issue with them? What are you expecting the individual teachers to do - refuse their salary...? You don't know what work they're setting or how long it takes them to convert the teaching plans they already had into an online compatible leaning process. People should not be made to feel guilty about their respective situations, a lot of employed people are in the same boat and need their salary to pay their bills. A lot of parents are trying to work from home while look after their kids, trying to enforce a strict classroom routine on them, and get them to learn, is a battle many people will likely think isn't worth it in the present circumstances. But some random angry person on the internet wants all the teachers to be teaching so sorry, you need to share your work laptop with little Timmy and make sure he's learning for 6hrs a day. Your ire is misdirected at best - decisions about paying teachers their salary is made above their heads. Dragging everyone down to furlough pay isn't helpful; how long will it take individual households to recover from reduced pay for two to three months? Another 6 months? A year? And that will delay the economic recovery even further in a time when the Government need to promote spending. We need people to be able to spend money when this is over, to book meals out and take trips to the salon and book hotel breaks on island. Stamping your feet about what individuals are getting reeks of jealousy or else you'd actually be able to see beyond what the teacher sat at home on £27,000 is doing everyday, and focus on the bigger picture.
  21. I think the confusion that some self employed have over this kind of thing is why so many have apparently fallen through the cracks with the new Coronavirus benefits. So many FB commenters were falsely claiming they pay more tax than employed people because they pay 20% on everything, and they can't pay their national insurance until after they'd had a bill at the end of the tax year so they weren't entitled to these benefits. If you don't understand what your entitlement is, that isn't the governments fault. Go get independent advice.
  22. I don't know why people keep insisting on intentionally missing this point. The general time survivors are on ventilators in ITU is 4 weeks, and that's the case all over the world. It wouldn't take many serious cases to completely block all of the ITU facilities - which is what is happened in Italy and New York, they were simply overwhelmed. People seem to think that if the hospitals haven't been completely overrun, then it's all either been a hoax or an over-reaction? It was never about the total number of deaths for the duration of the pandemic, it was about avoiding overwhelming the health services by having all those deaths happening at once.
  23. I realise this is entirely futile now, as you will do whatever you want but you do understand the law is different on the Isle of Man to in the UK? Again, you have made up your mind, and your attitude towards the situation is reckless. Lots of people will be getting fed up and upset by this situation but if everyone did as you're suggesting, we risk going back to square one.
  24. You seem to have made your mind up, so why ask? No-one can give you permission to do it because despite the alleged encouragement from your conveniently unnamed sources, the legislation is actually very plain. Even in the latest amendment, you still must not go into the home of another family member. It also refers you to the specific offense and punishment, in case you're still questioning what law it is breaking. If you lived with your parents and needed to move out so as not to compromise their self isolation or shielding, that would be allowed. Maybe read the legislation and the amendments and figure out if you can find any way your specific case might be exempt. Perhaps whoever it is that said it's okay, was referring to the time before this legislation came into effect? If you can show me where it says this, and that it is more current than this week's amendment?
  25. The whole point of social distancing is to avoid contact because - other than the people who have tested positive - we can't know who has it and who doesn't. You're supposed to be acting like everyone might have it. People who are sure they don't have it are the ones spreading it around, and if everyone had that attitude we'd be in huge trouble. If you truly believe that it's better to be with them and you're okay with the risk of them catching it every time you leave the house, go for it but in addition to the risks, you'll be breaking the law. The reason you apparently haven't had it yet is because everyone is social distancing so it's incredibly selfish and arrogant of you to believe that this situation should apply to everyone except you and your family.
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