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  1. Well, in my opinion it's way too early for Santa! I refuse all Christmas celebrating before Christmas Eve that is 24/12 here in Sweden.
  2. Thank you for nice words. I really appreciate that! Maybe you've seen the lap around the course with my narration? Here: At the moment I'm involved in a project called "300 km in November". It's on pedal cycles. Yesterday we got the first snow for this season and the picture shows me at the end of the 10 km tour yesterday.
  3. I was visiting Isle of Man the first time in 1970. That means a 50 years anniversary 2020 and I’ll show up again next year for sure. I’ve been on the island about 15 times through the years. Because of the 50 years I’m writing an article about my first visit for a Swedish bike magazine now. 1970 we put up some tents for almost 3 weeks in Glen Lough and were shocked at the first morning practice that we didn’t know anything about! I suppose it started around 5 am. Our tents were 20 yards from the main road! For my coming article I’d like a picture from Glen Lough camping site at that time, around 1970. Do you have any oldies? Please can you help me with such a picture that I can publish with my article?
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