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  1. Hi there Jaz....sorry for the long delay I've been occupied with other things.....Yes I did order from that link and it arrived as stated safe and sound.....The only problem is I haven't got round to using it yet.
  2. WTF.....thanks for that.....Katman....that's exactly what I'm looking for.....thanks for the link really appreciate it.
  3. Quilp.......Thank you so much for the great information given.....I will give the chap a ring. Really appreciate your help in this matter....Regards....Pete
  4. Thank you both for your replies.....I will give them both a try when things are a little better.
  5. I do a little bit of wood turning in my spare time and was thinking of expanding this a little to include turning some pieces with epoxy resin added. Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase some on the island?....I have looked at Amazon but understandably can't seem to find a supplier who delivers......
  6. Thanks for the replies. A lesson learned I'm sure. Hopefully all is not lost just yet. I will keep you informed.
  7. Hi there, looking for recommendation / advice. My Seagate hard drive, which I store all my photos on has stopped playing ball and I can't seem to access it. It stopped a few weeks back now (no light wasn't connecting) but after I wiggled the connecting wire all seemed OK. However today the light is on, the drive is recognised on my PC but I cant access anything. Can anyboday recommend somewhere on the island that I can get it fixed please?
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