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  1. It's funny you say 'guy' because we all assume it's a man. It's sadly the case that men are much more at risk of it than women. There is no safety net for single men. I understand why someone can be brought that low, especially here.
  2. I mean, if driverless cars ever get going, then private car ownership should drop anyway. But we're decades away from that, just like we're at least a decade away from electric cars having a larger adoption rate. Second hand market for electric cars is shagged because the battery is knackered, so it will remain a rich persons toy.
  3. Plenty of scope for the private sector to do it, no need for the government to get involved beyond giving incentives to those who want to stick their money in. Hell, Tesla have their supercharger stations that they've done themselves.
  4. According to trannies, yes it does make you transphobic. It's ok though, their 40% suicide rate kind of solves the problem for itself.
  5. There are two genders, and a shitload of mental illness
  6. Eh Lxxx? Well, judging by the first of many cases filed today https://news.sky.com/story/flybe-rescue-backlash-gathers-speed-over-taxpayers-role-11908955, it seems other companies agree with me. It's illegal state aid.
  7. Looks like HRMC were already helping them out by offering them an annual return rather than the monthly return that is required of everyone else. https://www.gov.uk/money/air-passenger-duty I see FlyBe do 350,000 passengers through Ronaldsway, so ~175,000 departing passengers all paying £13 a go is £2.25 million they must owe the IOM Government. Seems corrupt to me, offering one airline something that others don't get.
  8. Deal done, FlyBe saved. I'm sure the shareholders from last year who lost everything will be thrilled by this /s. Also Thomas Cook shareholders /s.
  9. Airport charges are monthly, so unless FlyBe have a special agreement that's new it won't be too much, unless the airport isn't chasing their arrears (which is entirely possible with the "I'm really into Russia, and I see you've got a Russian castle near the airport" bloke at the airport) Wouldn't surprise me if FlyBe went pop, and the airport tried to impound the ATRs again though...
  10. Once again, FlyBe is on the brink of collapse. Looks like the firm that was going to put in 100 million has looked a little bit harder and gone "Nope" https://news.sky.com/story/regional-airline-flybe-in-frantic-bid-to-stave-off-collapse-11907407
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