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  1. Another SNP fiddler https://news.sky.com/story/snp-minister-derek-mackay-resigns-over-claims-he-befriended-teenage-boy-online-11927382
  2. No need to be a cynic, he's a proper twat
  3. Impeachment itself is just the process of levelling charges against a government official, in this case the President of the United States. Once impeached, then they can face the charges.
  4. Gotta pay for all those people employed because Spake is useless.
  5. You're mistaken. It was over £120 one way a few years back, and £155 fits in with daft Isle of Man.
  6. £140 per return (£70 per single sector) is slightly more than the median fare paid on FlyBe. Not everyone takes hold luggage either, and not every ticket is changed. Hell, when you can get returns easily a couple of weeks in advance for under £60 then even £75 a sector seems daft! That morning flight out and last one back is important for those with early appointments, but it's a literal rip off what is being offered to FlyBe. Note that when the flights don't suit, patient transfer will send bookings on to the travel agent (why...!) to use easyJet where required too at standard web rates (+travel agent commission!).
  7. An absolutely absurd rate, far above and beyond what should be paid. Another example of wanton spunkage of NHS cash because it's infinite.
  8. That's gone up since I last checked. Yeah, that's even more ludicrous
  9. We pay over £120 a sector. That is not a reasonable commercial rate.
  10. I mean, he was in charge of SEPA for almost 20 years, so he's probably done quite a few of the reports, each backing each other up. If they all sing the same tune, who is going to argue? When your job relies on FEAR, you're going to peddle FEAR.
  11. The Isle of Man government should not be put in charge of running an airline. But they subsidise Flybe to the tune of about £4 million every year with the patient transfer contract, of all the routes that FlyBe may chop - that one will stay. If Flybe go bust, easyJet or Stobart will pick it up. It's not difficult
  12. Out of curiosity, why do people who don't even live on the Isle of Man post here? That's weird.
  13. Sadly they're the most politically right party so there's no one else to vote for.
  14. https://news.sky.com/story/emergency-legislation-to-end-early-release-of-terrorists-11925700 Emergency Legislation to end early release of terrorists... by changing it from 50% to 66% of sentence served. What an utter farce.
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