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  1. Eh? There was a ban in Iceland for decades in the 1900s, but that's over now. It's just pricy
  2. Few cases here (60), and all travel is cut off to and from the island. Everyone has to self isolate if they have symptoms, and social distancing is in place. The single hospital is coping fine. How's Canada?
  3. A wonderful courthouse Derek AND a civic amenity site with new improved REDUCED hours!
  4. Young offenders? Hopefully wasn't that 16 year they arrested for throwing a strop in Tesco....
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-police-turning-parts-of-uk-into-dystopia-after-prosecuting-people-driving-due-to-boredom-and-shoppers-11965903 It's not just here - they're doing it across the country. Time to take the powers away from them and prosecute them, they cannot be trusted.
  6. I can't believe I'm sticking up for cyclists... What exactly is the issue with someone cycling around the island? They aren't coming into contact with anyone. Have some common sense yourself!
  7. Equally, there's plenty of people who are thinking "just fucking try it" Looks like kick offs are happening more regularly in Italy.
  8. There's no going to be any change :/
  9. It's not a nightmare here, but it is annoying. We've got loads of food here, not many cases, no graffiti. A lot of foreigns have escaped home. So all in all, it's not bad. Just little nazis on the doors of shops. I kind of hope we go a bit like norfolk to be honest, we're too placid here.
  10. Pretty sure that worldwide it's already more than 50,000, just hasn't been recognised as such in places like India. Hell, if we get away with 50,000 just in the UK, that'd be great - that'd be just twice that of flu (+economy shutdown etc).
  11. The hyperbaric chamber is not a star trek medbay. It simply increases the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber to aid with decompression sickness and embolisms (and often used for motorbike accident recovery too). I don't think it would do anything to actually help the lungs or breathing in this case.
  12. Those who think the world will be a better place after this are mad. Look at what has been taken away from you in just two weeks. That's the future because they can now get away with it. Totalitarian nightmare.
  13. I see this 16 year old gets a harsher sentence than most drink drivers https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tesco-teen-jailed/
  14. 1.3 trillion? Well, shit the bed and call me Sally. That'd be 16 million per resident
  15. Give the Hitlers an inch and here we are... REPORT YOUR FRIENDS. DON'T GO OUTSIDE YOUR ALLOTTED AREA. and you're all clapping along happily to it.
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