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  1. Like a certain protest occurring across the world
  2. I mean, they can get stupider. See the twitter posts of "Where are we going to get our shopping now?" after they've burnt down their local Walmart
  3. Many in the Black Lives Matter group turned on the All Lives Matter people because they don't believe All Lives Matter. Only Black ones. Racism goes both ways.
  4. I wonder if any blacks will be there, or if it'll just be SJWs
  5. He can crash at my place whenever he wants. I have beer and loose women.
  6. To anyone who thinks the protests will change anything after turning violent, I point you towards the 2011 riots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_England_riots
  7. That's entirely down to the bidet vs barbaric toilet paper. If you get shit on your arm, you wash it off rather than just dabbing it with toilet paper - the same should be true for the arse!
  8. You've teased us now! You've got to give us a clue
  9. how large is large?
  10. Regardless of the arguing over the all lives matter / black lives matter nonsense, we can generally all agree that kneeling upon a mans neck until death is wrong and that they should be punished. Great, they've been arrested. The riots can stop now. Oh wait no... Now what I see is liberals destroying city centers, looting, burning and causing chaos. The media, celebrities and corporations are cucked into posting blm material. Constant flooding of material across social media to easily led sheep. I think Napoleon said it best when he said words to the effect of "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"
  11. Usually, yeah. Whether that's because of race or not we'll never know
  12. A black radio presenter wouldn't have been crucified like Stu is being...
  13. You can definitely tell the age gap here. Anyone under 35 is like "What pension?"
  14. Why did all the fire service turn up? Because they've got nothing better to do, and they get paid for it.
  15. >Is the absolute failure of huge parts of the western world to handle the pandemic the fault of China? That's like saying "Is the absolute failure of huge parts of Nagasaki to handle the radiation the fault of America?" - Of course it fecking is
  16. I'm surprised there haven't been more fires at defunct businesses this year, what with this warm weather we've been having...
  17. All John Deere Tractors Matter. Kind of devalues other tractors no?
  18. That's kind of the point and the ONLY reason I'm actually ok with the protest. I don't give a fuck about blacklivesmatter, I think all lives matter - however the police have been UTTER twats in their draconian enforcement of simple rules. So in that regard, go nuts, protest. I'm glad they're getting off their ass and protesting about something! I wish I had the heart to be bothered enough to do it myself.
  19. I wonder if any pallets of bricks will mysteriously appear near to the protest site...
  20. On a trust scale, I trust countries with universal health care more than those with private - simply because many cases will never see a hospital where it's private or insurance based because it costs money. I trust developed western governments more than eastern ones. And I wouldn't believe China at all.
  21. A lot of it is generic hatred against the police too, which is perfectly understandable too as they have acted like utter arseholes throughout the entire covid crisis.
  22. The point of phasing is ... no, I've got no idea either. Just fucking get it done.
  23. Interesting how a few weeks ago according to the media these were the scum of the earth, and yet now it's fine when you're rioting across the country. Really gets the noggin joggin...
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