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  1. That’s a good point well made. Although I’ve never paid a £20,000 fine for anything or had my conduct questioned by any professional body I have been a member of I can see where you are coming from. I was simply raising it as a benchmark to compare against as I thought it was relevant. As I said I often misread these forums and I’m still getting into the swing of things. At £350-400 an hour I assume there’s a lot of lost income associated with constantly monitoring these forums each day for a legal person whose skills are in demand so I’m sure we all have a debt of gratitude as forum members.
  2. Is it? Reading the debate I was just attempting to gauge where any middle ground might sit. I often seem to read these things wrongly though to be fair.
  3. I suppose there’s also an issue of how much attention would or should anyone on this forum pay to anyone who got fined twenty grand for serious professional misconduct and issuing threats to people as part of the litigation process. I suppose all is subjective really. These forums seem really interesting sometimes. Do threads often go a bit crazy like this?
  4. Any child whose parents qualify for means tested social security payments.
  5. I’m not sure I could take anything Josem contributes to seriously
  6. This is an unbelievably high statistic. Weren’t we the world 8th wealthiest economy about 3 years ago? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53447
  7. I’m thinking maybe whoever wrote the press release was chuckling to themselves when they headed it up? As you say it looks like two news sites went for it so it probably just replicates what they were emailed.
  8. This isn’t a regulated investment structure here though is it? It’s a private company raising money from investors. If they did defraud this man of over £11 million then whatever his circumstances you’d perhaps expect some sort of investigation to have taken place as to what happened?
  9. What is bonkers about it? At the time we treated a lot of men very poorly indeed.
  10. I didn’t know he had any https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/chief-minister-apologises-for-homosexual-convictions/
  11. It’s a great lesson for anyone. Invest in the IOM as we’re so crooked that even off-island fraudsters get burned!
  12. Yes usually but I looked at the link above and it looks like they’re asking £199000 for the shop which is quite cheap. If the shop generated you even £20000 a year profit as a self employed shop or cafe owner that’s a 10% return. What would be my worry though is that even despite it looking cheap you couldn’t even make that sort of return so really you probably have to go the whole hog and buy the shop, the spare land, and do all the new building work so it’s probably just not economically viable.
  13. Yes I agree there is nothing in it but I’d say that before he blames the internet Baker might spend a bit more time wondering how a business that has given one family a living for 60 years pretty much can’t be given away after 2 years. There were probably less people living around there in the 1970s and 1980s and it was still providing a living wage for the owner so perhaps it’s a bit deeper than blaming Amazon?
  14. Baker fundamentally misunderstands what he’s actually saying. If he can’t understand why this shop isn’t being used by customers and also why it can’t even be sold to another interested party then he fundamentally fails to understand what is going on in our economy. And by this I mean our actual economy not the economy which cabinet office tells him exists either. The actual real Manx economy where it is getting harder and harder for small businesses and self employed business people to make a living as there is hardly any internal market for anything. Every retailer in the world is threatened by the move to online retailing, but perhaps he should ask why a shop which would be an absolute goldmine in any similar village in the north of the UK cannot even be almost given away?
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