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  1. In a nut shell I am a heir of of my one lot of my grand parents who made left the UK for the IOM way back in the late 60's till I would rather not say. And its the UK where I live. And as people will logically assume the reason I am here is wondering why the property they lived went for much less, the answer is the answer is it did not. You left the uk for 2 years to avoid cgt? Ah yes thats because until 1998 you only had to be out of the uk for 1 tax year to not be liable for cgt while abroard am i not right?. It would be interesting to note how many to be benerficaries live in the UK while those benefactors domiciled in the IOM. All the best to you
  2. I would imagine the lower crime and scenery is better or equal to the uk in equal measure.
  3. Well I know someone who sold there house which they bought in 10 for about 700k or so and went for about 450-480k . Everything I read suggests there was crash in 2008 then another one in 12 and another decline in 14 a mini recovery in 15 and then decrease in 16. But as an outsider, I am willing to believe I do not have resources/websites/raw date you guys might be able to get.
  4. Lmao your politicians seem very capable compared with the UK and even if they are not the Manx population does pay to much for the privilege (forgive the joke lol) I mean the top rate of tax was 14% in 2001 and now 20% and still have some income at 10% and the other perks ie no estate tax or cgt still remain and the rates are quite modest (might be changing soon however). The modern look would appeal to some undoubtedly but I would think the older population would like the old look more. All the best
  5. After all I have seen but one episode of those property shows that featured a IOM property in all these years. Wonder why people stopped relocating and for all the problems the iom has (already outlined) those things apply a great deal to the uk (And europe) yet I dont see all that many london retired home owners selling up thinking the uk has had it (which increasingly I think it has with the population had it with 'Austerity' that never even happened. All the best
  6. That really helps because I read 3 different articles (2 from estate agents) saying even when the prop market was booming next to none of it was due to the 'come overs' as people call people relocating.
  7. Well I have not seen everywhere on the iom but the state of the roads seems if anything better than the UK'.(at least using google street view) . The countryside can be compared with the UK for good or bad. Well your point about being away from family is a point but the same applies for the masses of 'expat' brits who choose to do that but other places. For eg I know of 1 person who thought what a lark it would be to retire to 'New Jersey for goodness sake. But thank you for the Village of the Damned bit was comical reading it. Reading the negativity its staggering that the property market went up until 2007.
  8. Yeah I get supply and demand. But there seems to be no shortage of people buying places in the country in the UK. Expensive utility bills? Given the property rates inc the water water could be said to be lower. Others I cant believe is out of step with the Uk (with europe absolutely thats possible). Now I am not saying everyone has to relocate but goodness knows just a few thousand doing so would mean pretty much all the prime price iom properties would be sold so hardly asking for a high %.. As for healthcare (if not social care) its the same as UK and even the associated concerns.
  9. Thanks again. But i disagree even in the CITY of london (ie no london it self ) the avg salary is only £48kish so aint all that many earning over 100k). I still don't get why people that are retired whom are staying put in the UK dont relocate I mean surely the quality of life has to be better surrounded by country and sea. With what you say lord knows what made property soar in the IOM up and until 2007). All the best
  10. Well the avg salary even in london is 35k or even less depending on what you read (and tax above the allowances would be 32% vs iom 10/20% on same salaries. Yet that has not made london go down all that much. Still find it curious no retiree from uk with there golden pensions of final salary schemes etc do not relocate at least in some numbers (baring in mind the escape to the country shows which is not the ones specialising in the warmer climes (A place in the sun is the show that). +unlike uk with the gifting rules I would imagine the bank of mom and dad exists (And more so than UK). But thank you for getting back to me. Plus to the other poster *sigh* no I am not he of black grace cowley estate agent.
  11. Hello everyone, As an outsider from the UK I fail to see why the property market and in particular the higher price market has been in the doldrums for about 10 years to a greater or lesser extent. Now I have read quite a bit Money for your buck in the IOM you can get a LOT more one just needs to see the prices of similar places/locations in the UK in areas such as the New forrest , Ringwood, the areas of Southampton such as Chilworth and to lesser extent Basset all of London, Brighton and Bristol, Lake district (and other areas I'm sure). These areas actually sell yes the upper property bands in IOM are really struggling (above £400k if not mistaken?) I get there is local affordability and also know of the manx utility loan issue to the eating through reserves to the legacy pension funding question. But given the UK also has the affordability question for first time buyers (esp when london prices where soaring from 2010-2016) and there own set of problems such as £2 trillion i debt, spiralling crime of some kind or another. Not to mension HIGH taxes by comparrision with the IOM (for the elder generation above the exemption of £325k for single parents) 40% tax is taken when passed on to heirs to paying cgt with rates of 20-28% vs zilch for neither of those 2 things for the IOM not to mention income tax is 20% vs 45 (and 60% between 100k-125k) and IOM has next to no crime by comparison. Yet the Uk has shows such as 'Escape to the country' (pretty much everwhere in the iom would classify as that) where people generally speaking have budgets of and considerably above the price bracket struggling in iom). From what I have read even when the property market was BOOMING in iom it was not people from the UK or (anywhere else for that matter) that was doing the buying. From what I have read iom was boom town (not just property prices) from the 70's through and until early/mid 90's then ok until 2007 things have been sluggish again generally. Yet given IOM low population it really would not much of a % for the owner occupier retired generation to sell there inflated house in the locations mentioned to relocate to the IOM (after all unlike spain/other areas of europe the language is the same and currency) for pretty much all the prime properties to be sold. And yet in London prices while not soaring anymore are hardly going down anywhere near what IOM has had of late) So is there anything I am missing I am as you can probably guess I am dumbstruck as to why property is struggling. All the best to you all
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