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  1. I see Michelle Hayward didn’t even turn up to the public MLC meeting. She obviously expects to be grandfathered in. No public involvement required.
  2. And there’s me assuming you just brew half passable beer.
  3. The original bus station was fantastic. Only paralleled by Preston Bus Station which is now a preserved building I believe,
  4. Nadine Dorries under secretary for health now said to have it too. We can really all start crapping our pants now!
  5. I’m sure the company it’s leased from will be really pissed off.
  6. It’s not about entitlement surely it’s about sensibly available public spaces within reasonable walking distance?
  7. That was sort of my assumption. Even if they allow people to change their booking at no cost who is going to want to come to the IOM outside of TT week? So the bookings would be bounced to next TT week pushing out cash flow on ticket sales by 12 months. Bahrain is doing this for the now cancelled (to the spectator) Bahrain GP but at least you can have a nice holiday in Bahrain at some other time if you bump your ticket free if charge.
  8. Can you imagine much it’s going to cost the SPC (ie, us) to refund every TT pre booked fare if the event is cancelled? It will literally cost them millions.
  9. I’d rather be not funny than sit online mocking people who have lost their jobs from behind an anonymous account like a total shitbag.
  10. If you look at half the residents in there they’re well past working age (if they ever worked) and probably don’t have cars. However presumably the new flats will go to younger families who are of working age and will need transport to get about.
  11. Unlike the Chinese I doubt the Italians do lock down very well. They’ve already had a riot in a prison as family visits were barred doe to corona virus clamp downs.
  12. Do you think it’s funny mocking people pushed out of employment by events outside of their control? What an awful human being you come across as.
  13. You really seem to be getting quite irrationally angry about all this. Why don’t you like people expressing their views on the debt position?
  14. I don't need a lesson and I specifically said as a public company immediately before the transaction took place. Even at a private valuation of £124 mil, the debt position will very shortly be in excess of the purchase value of the company. But you say they’re not loading it with debt? That’s like buying a house for cash and immediately getting a 110% mortgage on it.
  15. It looks to me that it’s about hiding taxpayer costs as otherwise why would they repay the £78 million with new external debt so soon? Probably so they can go back to the taxpayer By election time and say ‘this is now costing us nothing the taxpayer got it’s money back in 18 months’ while they’re stacking future debt inside the business instead. As I said above I’d like to know how many shares were in circulation before the sale to work out the likely market cap of the company relative to the £150M debt it’s now taking on.
  16. It would be interesting to know what the market cap of the company was just before it sold. We paid £38 million for the equity it’s now going to have £150 million of debt sat in it. Which must be reasonably large compared to its market cap.
  17. Not really it’s a monopoly that can be milked this government know that as much as any commercial buyer ever did. It’s worrying that they intend to load it up with £150m of debt almost immediately. And a big chunk of that new debt is going pay off .... debt originally lent to it by the taxpayer. It doesn’t bode well at all as the debt they are buying out was returning a good rate for Treasury. The new debt will now be returning a good rate for an external investor instead. It seems clear that they wish to use the company as a debt raising vehicle just like the last owners so that they can hide
  18. Yes sadly in the DOIs dystopian vision of Douglas 2030 the most effective and convenient form of transport across town will be the horse tram which will outrun your standard issue DOI bicycle and your own feet. They don’t seem to think that people should aspire to anything more progressive.
  19. I’m sure that’s exactly what Mac Quarrie and Espirito thought as they loaded previous incarnations of the SPC up with debt too. We’ll get it back in a few years. This is a cash cow. But it didn’t end well did it?
  20. Yes I do although arguably he shouldn’t be out as his behaviour seems to have changed zero.
  21. My understanding from reading the posts of her brother on FB was that he was claiming that the papers made this up. As you confirm though they did not. She chose to post that stuff on Twitter and they reported on it as it was in the public domain. They did not make her claims of victimization (and abuse) up as it seems to be alleged by some. She chose to put that content out on social media. Presumably in order to solicit sympathy to support her campaign. As I said if it was wrong then you’d expect a retraction to be printed which won’t be happening.
  22. All this scene seems to be lacking is the shitty duvet http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54340 My question though is if this chap is still subject to a sentence handed out in 2016 why was he out?
  23. I think when most people hear of a contingency plan being in place the expectation is for that contingency plan to kick in immediately upon the happening of the event the contingency was planned for. Not a few weeks later after much head scratching and sitting on hands. Yet again the Channel Islands seem to have got their act together a lot quicker than here. It seems that our civil servants are so busy thinking how important they are that they can’t actually get their hands dirty.doing their jobs planning round this sort of thing. The announcement on hospital transfers was pathetic. Book anot
  24. They really are a quality team aren't they? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54338 I bet this happens all the time as well. Nosy bastards using the police computer for personal reasons because they probably all do it!
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