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  1. Due to the high cost of insurance and the unwillingness of local residents proposed road races in the Scottish Borders Peak District and Wales which had both Plater and Thompson involved have all come to nothing Time will tell but the cost of just the safety equipment for a 14 mile course will run into hundreds of thousands alone
  2. I wonder what the feeling is from the TT organizers the Gov and DoE as if this does take off it could have a serious impact on the TT find it hard to believe that Gary Thompson is involved in this as the island pay ACU events a fortune
  3. Agree with non believer definitely not the number of people over for the classic TT hardly any around course on the Saturday and all the Grandstands were virtually empty wonder where all these people were
  4. Not sure how they can say figures are up there was hardly anyone around the course for the Classic TT and even the grandstands were nearly empty The Amount spent on this event is astronomical and feel it’s the doe attempt to justify the unjustifiable
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