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  1. Quirky.im


    Thanks for your good wishes. Fees have to work for both parties. If the seller isn't happy with the rate they won't list. :-)
  2. Quirky.im


    Thanks for your comment - I've updated the privacy policy to include my address details. You can find out more about me on the About page and you can click through to my Linkedin profile too if you like. I had hoped Bushy's would be able to get their shop page live for the launch but unfortunately the guy who looks after it has been unwell. I hope they will have it live by the end of this week.
  3. Quirky.im


    Thanks for your comment - I've updated to make it more transparent. Fees are negotiated with sellers on a case by case basis, due to the variety of businesses. Some have more margin than others and Quirky.im takes that into account.
  4. Quirky.im


    Hi - not Government funded, and built by me who was born and brought up here. I've lived here all my life. https://quirky.im/elements/pages/about/
  5. Quirky.im


    Hi, Leela's Kitchen grind and pack their award winning spices here on the island. You can read more about their products here: https://quirky.im/vendors/leelas-kitchen/
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