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  1. I can’t believe seven kingdoms thought that video would be a good idea... it came across condescending and smug whilst reiterated the long held belief that we’re all a bunch of drunkards (that last bit being only partially true...)
  2. GillR

    Fancy a pint?

    Don’t like what they’ve done to some of the pubs over here.... gone from decent old school boozers to all looking identical with equally identical boring menus!!
  3. Good idea.. didn’t you know double barrelling your name increases your intelligence by 243% .. it also increases your ability to look like a complete fool... why not change your surname at least four times to ensure everybody is certain of your idiocy ...
  4. I like Moorehouse, he’s harmless... makes me want to pat him on the shoulder and take him to the pub for a pint.. !
  5. You’re the umpteenth person to say this... You tend to find self-entitled people have no self esteem though... She’s an unlikeable person as she probably doesn’t like herself very much, she tries too hard.. this is why people find her annoying/know-it-all/disingenuous. I don’t think Ms August-Hanson is in the right job for her personality unfortunately.... With regards to Henderson, we will be waiting a terribly long time to get a clear answer out of him,,, the issue is I really don’t think he gives a toss what people think as long as the money keeps rolling in.. he’s always got his blinkers on..!
  6. He’s already attempted an explanation on that article... It’s not a bad one either ha!
  7. Bless her, not the sharpest tool in the box I must say... runs from everything and tries to disguise it as being ‘moral’ or ‘upstanding’... always making herself look silly
  8. Article magically reappeared... Looks like we weren’t misinformed after all.... Henderson, Robertshaw and August-Hanson are the only ones taking the money. I agree with comments regarding senior civil servants too, would be nice to know what they’re doing, or not doing!!
  9. I rather like Hooper - he comes across balanced and fair but makes some good and necessary observations!
  10. Bingo! Read this morning all MHKs have confirmed they won’t take the increase, bar 1. All MLCs also refusing, only 2 have kept quiet (Henderson & August-Hanson)... article now disappeared... wondering if incorrect?
  11. ‘No-questions-asked £7403 all Tynwald members receive’ - a stupid amount of taxpayer money to give to the already overpaid ‘politicians’ - some of which aren’t even elected by the people....
  12. Agreed, their customer service is brilliant, hence why I’m waiting to use them - big chain or not. Hard to support local when some merchants are such tossers...
  13. We already know they don’t have a clue! I think they believe they’re pulling the wool over our eyes... but half of the people in office are a bloody laughing stock
  14. Ha ha... giving a 20 - 30% pay cut will still leave certain MHKS and the majority of MLCs in the ‘overpaid’ category.. useless lot! But this is manx politics- like a bunch of kids trying to play grown ups...
  15. I’m quite pleased with the current MR line up.... enjoy Christy lots and the Moanin Line cheers me up on a dull day......
  16. Feel I have been waiting a lifetime for B&Q! A LOT of other stores in UK are open according to website!!
  17. A handful of MHKs/MLCs (Maska, Sharpe, Peake, Edge, Pool-Wilson) announced they will not take a 2.75% wage increase due to the current situation, waiting to see if the rest follow suit..... Edge saying she’s even happy to take a cut....... Don’t think all need to though - some are working more than others... Wondering if it will actually happen!
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