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  1. Why not get Whizz flying here as well am sure the islands population can support them too I am surprised you did not add to your list !
  2. Yes sorry you are right Ramsey was sold to COOP Chester Street to Shoprite . The point is as you make they never intended to operate in the Isle of Man . It’s as I have said it’s very unlikely you will see any other grocery retailers coming here certainly in the short / medium term .
  3. Morrisons bought Safeway a number of years ago and the island stores came as part of the purchase . Morrisons therefore sold to the COOP as soon as they could they never intended to be here !
  4. As you indicate the population is considerably higher than the Isle of Man and there is a large transient population to the south coast . I would also hazard a guess that the sales per square foot of these stores ( in particular Tesco and M &S ) are not in any way comparable to stores on the Isle of Man .
  5. Expanding a store and opening new ones are two completely different things . If they were to expand the existing store it would likely be to put new ranges in for example clothing and home .
  6. Yes they are likely profitable because there is so much trade being driven through just one outlet . The minute that gets broken the equation changes . I know for a fact of one major retailer who looked at the island several years ago but did not want to come here as the logistics costs made it unprofitable business .
  7. So you really think Tesco would open another supermarket on the island ? The population is not big enough to warrant the investment nor for any other of the big food retailers . And Aldi have likely already looked at it but figured the logistics costs are not worth it !
  8. But in a world where they have other more lucrative markets to go after it is just not a priority for them I suspect . The fulfilment cost is likely to be prohibitive to any potential investment. And if Shoprite where to go there would be a serious loss of food shopping capacity that would take some time for someone to build up and therefore likely a big problem.
  9. I agree the IOM home delivery market is underserved . But the fact that it is barely profitable will not encourage anyone to set up a new island operation. Online food is currently used by the major food grocers to maintain customer loyalty and build/ protect market share . Given there are so few food grocery options here they won’t really see the need to invest at this stage .
  10. Except that M and S don’t actually operate-online ordering even across . They have a joint venture with Ocado and if you look Ocado lose a lot of money so I can’t see them wanting to set up an operation in the Isle of Man which would certainly lose them even more money .
  11. Yes I noticed your comment . On balance I prefer more frequent services to the island on smaller planes ) I don’t care who the operator is I have consistently said that. I have however accepted based on feedback I have read on this forum that there is room for a mixed approach ( EasyJet and another ) It will be interesting to see what 2023 brings and what your views are throughout the year . However the reason I made my comment above was because your posts frequently display bias but maybe that’s a misinterpretation by me and if so feel free to correct me !
  12. I see you are full of New Year cheer and happiness . I am sure you will be looking forward to lots more badly timed EasyJet flights in 2023 because that’s what you secretly want !!!!! Happy flying Happy New Year .
  13. But you just don’t even get any of it do you . I said and I quote a soul show is great in addition to soul music and other genres included on the regular play list if you check back you will see I clarified that . Tell me why a lot of other radio stations have specialist shows alongside their mainstream output including Radio 2 and many other local stations or are you saying they don’t know what they are doing or what there listeners want ?
  14. You are the one who seems to fail to understand the concept of public services where you can end up paying for services which you don’t want but others do . That’s the basis of society and it’s exactly how it should be. You don’t like Manx Radio have publically stated you don’t want your taxes spent on it you want Spotify lists etc. instead . Well guess what I don’t it’s as simple as that . You have consistently failed to back up any of your points with any data , have shown total naivety in how news and media work I could go on . Therefore I would respectfully suggest it’s you that’s not worth engaging with but I prefer to be more broad minded and inclusive .
  15. But it’s not . By your logic it could be replaced by a list of books available on the internet just like your music lists . Don’t get me wrong it’s not an idea I would ever want to entertain.
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