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  1. I think a relatively minor impact from this . More concerning is the delays that Loganair have racked up today it’s been another poor day from them .
  2. I would have thought there are more pressing areas that need investment to be honest maybe an improved landing system to ensure flights can land in bad weather?
  3. I understand you don’t like it and I am not suggesting everyone does everyone is different there is nothing wrong with that . My point is that it is a large market and therefore it’s important to have strong connections to it .
  4. You do realise that a lot of the business community who bring investment to the island live in London . And people have friends and family living in London the South East , Oxford and South coast how are they supposed to get here without strong connectivity ?
  5. So you would like a once a day Ryanair service to Stansted one if the worst airports in Great Britain miles away from London ? And how else would you ensure the London market was served ?
  6. Why on earth do we need that? Stansted is a terrible airport and a once a day service is hopeless for any reasonable form of connectivity . I would say that’s the last thing we need !
  7. It was great hearing Chris Williams doing the breakfast show today rather than early o clock he did a great job .
  8. It’s difficult because there are not many alternatives. I think the island needs a balance between EasyJet and a smaller operator but there are not many options . London could be served well by British Airways City Flyer operating an overnight stop with a London City route. It’s early days for Flybe as a business but maybe they will become a more reliable operator who could play a role in the future . Whoever flies to the island the airport director should be working closely with to ensure they deliver the agreed schedule and the fare paying customers should also be making appropriate representation to the airline when they fail to deliver the service . Over the long term holding companies to account can often improve things .
  9. Loganair performance poor again today . Delays to Manchester, Birmingham, London Heathrow and London City . The island needs better than this !
  10. Yes and once again last nights London Gatwick EasyJet flight did not arrive until 10pm and departed at 10.30pm . Once again the airports team have gone a long way to arrange an extension. I do hope EasyJet pay the additional charges associated with this .
  11. Yes but surely EasyJet could find a plane schedule that has them arriving in the Isle of Man at around 7.30pm or 8pm so if there are delays they can be more easily accommodated . They manage to do it in the winter .
  12. You can debate the rights and wrongs of the airport opening hours some other posters have clearly explained why it’s not that easy to extend them on a permanent basis . Given so few flights why open for such long hours anyway. I am sorry EasyJet are made aware of the opening hours of the airport and they schedule right against the limit . So in my view they are culpable . And those passengers who complained on Sunday that they were left stranded when the Gatwick flight had to abort take off should be talking to EasyJet too the airline is responsible for the passengers in that situation.
  13. I think this is exactly why it’s wrong to always give the people at the airport a bashing . A lot of people will have gone out of their way to make this happen and as you suggest I suspect it happens quite a lot . The fundamental issue is the timing of the flight , EasyJet know full well they may pick up delays during the delay and risk the airport closing but they just think they can do whatever they like and people will just fall into line . I think those that put themselves out including ground staff and ATC should be thanked here for what they do not told on forums that “it’s not me guv “ like some posters do !
  14. I agree that would have been a good outcome and served the London market well alongside EasyJet. Let’s hope somebody gives it another look at some point what we have now is an absolute shambles .
  15. I like the idea of a night stopper BACF but am not sure how it would work . The flight would presumably leave early so be back on island around 9-10am what do you do with the aircraft for the rest of the day ? Unless you propose only one rotation a day with early morning off island and evening return ?
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