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  1. I am aware you posted the data and that was helpful. But in my opinion the 9277 is because its near enough full capacity with a one a day service . The demand of 19582 was when there were 5 flight options from London and I wager a bet if there even 3 options now ( one Easyjet and two ANother with 50-75 seats) the demand would be considerably higher than current. if you look at the schedule the timings are hopeless so the service just does not work for a lot of people. Agree people always use differing routes but not as much as at the moment because there are no other options. It never ceases to amaze me that people do not look beyond what is immediately before them think more broadly about the problem and accept the unacceptable.
  2. See my comment above a lot of people are having to look at alternative routes to get from London to the island including Liverpool and Bristol . This reflects very badly on the island a lot of business is getting frustrated and that is not good for broader investment in the island .,
  3. You have obviously not read my post . The demand is there why else would the flights be full every day and why else would the supply of 10500 be sufficient when the demand in 2019 was over 19000 . The supply on the Liverpool route is greater now than pre pandemic ask yourself why ! Some of it is down to people getting the train from London to Liverpool because they have no alternative. Absolute madness .
  4. Sorry this does not make sense before making sweeping statements you may be better looking at the data. In 2019 there were 275326 passengers flying to London with various options including Gatwick ( Easyjet), Luton ( Easyjet) London City ( BACF) and Heathrow ( Flybe). Even if you take two rotations a day of an Easyjet every day of the year you are only suppling 224640 so there remains a huge shortfall. The market is there for Easyjet and another operator flying into say London City with two rotations a day. I just wish people would take a more positive proactive approach to the problem and encourage politicians and airlines to sort it out. Accepting the unacceptable and shrugging it all off helps nobody.
  5. I am afraid the facts just don't support this and the idea that there is insufficient demand on the London route is nonsense. Take a look to the passenger numbers in February 2019 ( pre pandemic). These show that 19000 people flew between London City or Gatwick. With the current one flight a day and assuming Easyjet put the A320 on which is 186 seats you only get to a supply of 10416 seats. Clearly there has been some downturn in travel but its not nearly 50% lower. Also to imply as you seem to that London is primarily a business route shows a lack of understanding of who uses it. I use it regularly and the vast majority are people who are visiting family or friends it is worth remembering that there is a large population in the south so a huge market. Finally if airlines were cautious they would not be putting in up to 8 flights a day from London of large jets into Jersey, a market that is not eight times the size of the Isle of Man! Its time people got real, recognised there is a major problem with flights into London and started to campaign for a better service which includes an early morning off island flight and evening return. Postulating unfounded theories will help nobody!
  6. I have been making this point for several months the island needs regular connections to London. Compare it to Jersey who will have up to 8 flights a day into London over the summer. Something is not right please somebody sort it out. We were told the DOE were carrying out a strategic review of air services with particular focus on London and it would report early December but there has been nothing.
  7. See below do you still think it’s engineering works ? Due to the ongoing effect of coronavirus isolation and sickness, there will be no Gatwick Express services until further notice.
  8. How ridiculous do you not realise this is a forum for sharing views and opinions if you don’t like them put forward your own or don’t read them nobody is forcing you too . The alternative is to leave the island to have one or two flights a day into London Gatwick and see what happens no investment a loss of business etc . What is there right now might suit you but I know for a fact it’s causing a big problem for a lot of people and business . The reason I keep making the points I do is to try and encourage people to think beyond their own personal needs and take a wider view for the island the and until it gets resolved I will keep sharing my opinions !!!!
  9. See below from sky news it’s nothing to do with planned maintenance! And my point about options is there only one train line from Gatwick whereas other airports have several rail options . Perhaps people should get away from the fantasy that they think the island needs can all be met by EasyJet! Southern Railway has announced it will be running no trains to or from London Victoria until 10 January due to "coronavirus isolation and sickness"
  10. I disagree. With Heathrow there are options ( Heathrow Express or Piccadilly line ) London City ( DLR or bus even a taxi is not too bad as so central) . Am not even sure it should be called London Gatwick as it is so far out .
  11. No Gatwick Express or Southern train services into London Victoria due to staff shortages. Largely down to staff absence arising from the virus but it’s been quite a common issue for several years on that route . Another reason ( to add to the many ) to realise EasyJet Gatwick is not the only answer to serving London from the Isle of Man .
  12. I refer you to a post on page 51 where the passenger numbers for October are quoted . You will see that the route with the most passengers is Gatwick and beats Liverpool with 4 or 5 flights a day . This indicates the supply on London is below demand indeed other posters are suggesting trains from London to Manchester or Liverpool to pick up flights and in my opinion this is just not sustainable. I don’t necessarily advocate more EasyJets but a higher frequency service and an early morning and evening service to ensure the island is connected for business .
  13. Well it is about time it was the whole situation has been left too long ! I find it bizarre that the DOI can say there is insufficient demand for London flights ( which they said in November) but Manchester ,Liverpool , Bristol and Belfast are operating at levels broadly what they were pre pandemic . Total nonsense!
  14. You are right but in normal times they have two services a week so in this case no competition leads to poor connectivity . The idea that access to the London capital is via Birmingham or Bristol is really quite ridiculous it may be fine for casual travellers but it’s hopeless for business. Compare this to Guernsey or Jersey who have many flight options into London every day.
  15. Maybe you are right or maybe you are wrong who knows . However I still find it unacceptable on a number of levels . Firstly the fact that a one way ticket was costing £300 ( before bags ) in the first place . Secondly that refunds have been offered for EasyJet card holders only . Thirdly that it’s still over £200 one way ( before bags ). And point four is it’s for a randomly timed once a day service to Gatwick airport . Point five compare and contrast their commercial behaviour on Manchester and Liverpool where there is competition. I would hazard a guess that right now the London to Isle of Man is the most profitable route in the EasyJet network . In any other sector or industry the customer would vote with their feet but so many people are trapped in a world where they believe EasyJet are wonderful they fail to see what is going on around them ! Let’s hope the other posters are right and it gets sorted quickly .
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