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  1. Yes Wizz took a tilt at them last September but did not succeed . If they try again and end up being successful I wonder whether they would continue flying to the Isle of Man !
  2. Exactly this . It’s nothing to do with weather or anything other than poor management. I just don’t understand why people think any of it is something we should accept. Last week there was an enormous fuss because some buses were cancelled - the performance of the airlines is far worse and has a far greater impact on those affected . I urge anyone affected by these delays to make full complaints and claim compensation it’s only that way that the airlines might take notice ( and believe me I know they do if they get lots of complaints about a certain problem) . The island deserves and needs better than this .
  3. Very poor. And out of all the planes EasyJet operate they can’t find a spare one at night ! However one poster seems to think we should just accept it or that the cancellations are all down to the weather ! The Isle of Man needs better from both EasyJet and Loganair ( they had a lot of problems last week ) especially as we go into TT .
  4. Well I think that’s where we disagree . I don’t accept the unacceptable I don’t think anyone should . And of course we can all influence these things don’t you realise companies have complaints departments and hate negative publicity ?
  5. What an odd comment . If you take a look back you will find I have been equally critical of Loganair recently . Surprisingly enough I have an expectation that companies provide the service they are paid for I don’t think that’s asking too much to be honest .
  6. Seems like Gatwick EasyJet flight delayed by 1.5 hours tonight . It is now scheduled to leave the island at 22.30 will mean most people will likely not reach their end destinations until gone 1am . EasyJet must be incurring heavy costs to extend airport operating times . Very poor service and clearly nothing to do with the weather . Morning flight was delayed too as well as Manchester being cancelled altogether. Does not bode well for TT .
  7. Very poor presumably a crew shortage given the advanced notice. The island is being let down by EasyJet at the moment and Loganair have had a poor record recently too . Let’s hope they can both sort themselves out for TT .
  8. Of course nobody is suggesting that . But if you read the comments made the Liverpool and Manchester EasyJet flights landed in the afternoon so presumably they could see the runway ! And also the London City flight landed at 20.45 again I assume the pilot there saw the runway ! Please don’t make misleading statements to justify poor performance from the airlines .
  9. EasyJet Gatwick cancelled this afternoon I assume weather related this evenings flight 1.5 hours late . The outbound is now scheduled for 22.30 I really hope EasyJet pay the airport for the extended hours . Eastjet and Loganair both need to improve reliability to the London market it’s been very poor recently.
  10. The gaps as you refer to are I assume news, sport , political coverage, local community etc and are the mostly costly to deliver . It is highly unlikely that any private enterprise would consider it worth doing so the best outcome will just be music radio ( basically a presenter playing out records and not even always live either ) . If that’s all you want fine but I think a lot of people want a lot more from radio on the island .
  11. Good point . But you only need to take a look at these forums to see their is a raft of people who complained that the barrier was not fixed and the IOMG was losing revenue. Then as soon as charges are reintroduced the same ones start complaining again ! Why do I get the feeling some people will never be satisfied?
  12. Agreed very poor indeed a far better service is required on these routes . Let’s hope it gets sorted and fast .
  13. I was on the Heathrow flight today . Apparently they have had to draft crew in from Aberdeen due to covid sickness . And yes I suspect the same crew do London City as well but not an early morning and evening - too many hours from 06.50am to 20.00 covering three flights !
  14. It’s not very good for the start of a new route I agree . But if everyone continues with their negativity and fail to get behind it then the outcome will just be EasyJet to Gatwick at random times . I think many posters would be happy with that because it suits them sadly they don’t seem to think about others .
  15. Well take a look at the Jersey model . Some of you are just so negative I just don’t understand why you can’t get behind initiatives designed to improve things. Or is it just want everything to go into material decline and end up paying higher taxes as no island investment or tourists ? And it’s not all about attractions don’t you realise that spending in local shops and restaurants helps the economy?
  16. I just don’t understand your logic or thinking sometimes. I think if I am right you are referring to Manchester and Liverpool flights which if the case are not underwritten . The only tax payer costs which you kept going on about on those routes are for patient transfers and I assume you are not quibbling about them ! Regarding London the IOM government are underwriting a certain number of seats to ensure the island has proper connectivity. With that there is the chance of more business investment travellers and tourists and that over the medium to short term is worth multiple times the underwriting costs !
  17. Both Loganair and EasyJet have been poor recently . I hope Loganair sort this out as for new routes into London it’s not good enough . I also hope that EasyJet are covering the additional costs of extending the airport opening hours to cover their delays which seem very common on the last rotation of the day .
  18. So given EasyJet marginally cost to the Isle of Man as it’s easy to add on against longer routings and fully optimise crew time the market as you so indicate will leave you with EasyJet. And then once that’s happened the frequency will drop and fare prices will rise because they have no competition as happened with London . If you want that then fine prepare for lower visitor numbers and lower business investment on island . Then prepare to pay more in tax .
  19. So are you saying just leave it to EasyJet or you want closed skies ? Sorry I just don’t understand what you all think is the solution other than the island being operated by EasyJet only but maybe I am missing something.
  20. Ok so who are you proposing ? I assume you have a long list of suggestions and know all about them and their capabilities so please do share .
  21. Ok so your plan is just have EasyJet only ?
  22. To be honest on time or ahead of schedule was not really my point . I was explaining it is up and running which some of you who just like to be negative all the while said would not happen because Loganair were not ready . Well the good news is they were ready !
  23. I assume by your use of the word probably that you were not on it . Therefore I suggest you are better off not commenting until the official figures are available. I really don’t get why you choose to be so negative as I have maintained more seats from London to the island is a good thing and will likely bring money and investment I don’t get why you can’t give it a chance !
  24. So the London City flight took off and landed ahead of schedule! Great news .
  25. If you want to focus on specific words that’s fine . I choose to focus on the content and meaning of what people say and you know exactly what you have said in the past ! In the meantime I would encourage posters to book flights to and from the island using all the options open to us . And reach out to friends and relatives to come here that can only be a good thing for the island .
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