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  1. Yes. I know a quite a few people who have done IOM-MAN-NQY for holidays over the summer and had the same drama with bags outbound, no such issue coming back.
  2. Don't worry, it'll all be ironed out in the end. Fuck sakes. Stop it, you'll have my ticker going.
  3. You're absolute correct Wrighty I am, sorry. I recalled there being some CQC assessment / KPI against readmissions. Readmission to ED within a few hours must be pretty uncommon? Just slightly begs the question to me if maybe there was bit too much pressure on clearing a bed?
  4. Depends how far Kelproperties want to take it I guess.
  5. To be fair, the planners didn’t follow their own rules and standing orders in the Newsons saga from what I’ve heard and it’s all going to come out in the wash.
  6. IOM Menzies have been saying this for many many months now despite being told that isn’t the case. Not sure why they keep insisting that they can’t check bags through.
  7. Great to see positive comments online about A&E given lots of recent issues. But a readmission within a few hrs of discharge isn't good.
  8. I've seen on the Twatter and LinkedIn people who have moved here, invested in the Island and have been singled out by the CS and seem to be causing bother. It's a real shame.
  9. AGs and the Justice System colluding once more to make a stupid point. No real separation of powers here.
  10. Surprised we don’t have City of Douglas Police yet.
  11. No John, this is called cottaging, or so I’m told.
  12. I've seen a young kid driving it quite a bit.
  13. NoTailT

    Christmas 2022

    Made me choke on my bovril.
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