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  1. Airport Director job is out. £10k relocation package. Up to £103k/Yr https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=13562
  2. They're just throwing huge amounts of money at a Scottish vanity airline instead!!!
  3. Another impeccable day of Loganair performance. Rounded the day off with the last Liverpool leaving 2.5hrs late.
  4. Biggest issue here too is there there's little to no separation in the workforce. If there's a COVID spread of any illness spread amongst Tower staff, we have a big issue, very quickly.
  5. The rebirth begins. Apparently there's already talks with Jez going on about a 2 aircraft base and he ain't happy at it pissing on the Loganair parade.
  6. Agree its cheaper. Point is, it's completely avoidable with the correct investment and likely a cost factor that's a deterrent to other airlines.
  7. Who is covering the extended airport opening fees? The overtime for airport staff and Menzies? Some would argue that these are costs airlines wouldn't have to incur should the airport be invested, properly.
  8. I think given it was mostly propped by people travelling Club to City, until someone with a recurring demand comes here there's little hope of it reopening.
  9. I secretly hoped she'd get Enterprise.
  10. Allinson, enterprise? Other than cannabis what's the hope there? Ashford to Treasury? I'm honestly gobsmacked. If anything I'm glad to see a gender balanced CoMin that on the face of it looks like it could be good for the Island. But those two appointments... I have no clue what is going on there. Maybe that was Cannan buying Ashfords vote?
  11. Alfs Treasury and SAVE were driving privatisation or at least part privatisation of the airport. Main review of that was due to start in Jan. I imagine there's huge consideration to outsource the management and operation of the airport to a 3rd party that actually has good relationships with the airlines.
  12. Can't be bothered reading any of the recent comments. If I was one of the sitting MHKs I'd be looking at how badly Alex Allinson has handled Education. His shambolic appearances at press conferences 'that's a very good question', murmuring and continued failure as an Education Minister even today. Alf is the man. But as I've commented previously, his historic personal issues may be a concern to those sitting another term.
  13. I always thought it was Cleaning @Banker's Entrance.
  14. BA Jersey routes have been moved to Heathrow. Seems like 4 or 5 flights per day next summer. 3 otherwise.
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