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  1. You don't fly often then? I think every easyJet, BA, Loganair and Ryanair flight I've been on, I've always heard verbal confirmation of the number of passengers loaded and the handlers checking that it tallys with the crews own headcount of how many people are physically onboard. It's a normal process. Maybe you won't be satisfied until someone more suitably qualified like maybe @madmanxpilotcomes along and reassures you that it happens? You seem certain to defend any negativity. That's fine. But your failure to recognise that this is not a good situation is mind boggling.
  2. It seems @Ringy Rose and @IOM are confusing two separate issues. One is the willingness of the Government to piss away £4m on routes which are commercially questionable. History from Teesside, Carlisle and Newquay shows how this has worked with Loganair in the past. Even if the routes are performing well, the underwrite is just far more appealing. The other is the damage to the Island's reputation when an airline can whimsically cancel flights at last minute and merge them together because of uneconomical loads.
  3. Hi petal, are you ok? Link to you quoting me where I clearly said 48 is the combined total from the 3 flights coming to the Island. I was on the evening Manchester, which also had the pax from the cancelled Liverpool and Manchester's that same morning. 48 passengers that were meant to be spread over 3 flights. That means an average of 16 per flight. Do you think that's commercially viable? Let me tell you: it isn't. You can accuse me of chatting bollocks. But I was on the flight, I heard the conversation between the ground handlers and the crew, did you? I think not.
  4. I'd encourage you to read. 48 pax was a combined total merged from 1x Liverpool and 2x Manchester flights. 48 pax over 3 flights.
  5. Seems some of the performances are sold out of VIP tickets. I'm still not convinced they can clear that site and get it ready in what, 18 days? It'll be impressive. Either way it's a great event for the TT and the Island if it pulls off as publicised.
  6. I've highlighted Jersey attracting BA multiple daily on this thread I'm sure and you shot at me because Jersey is different, warmer climate, nearer to London blah blah blah. How about how Jersey also managed to attract Jet2 from all round the UK during COVID when we didn't? Same shit. The world does not rotate around London.
  7. Irony is that Boxer was flying back on easyjet the other day and got diverted back to London because of fog. Because most companies and Government themselves have approved spends for travel and accommodation. Loganairs London pricing probably prohibits most official travel. The economics of underwriting these two routes don't stack up and this whimsical last minute merging of flights will put people off the Island and the airline if it continues.
  8. So we can agree they're commercially not sustainable. So what happens when the funding runs out? Like at Teeside, Carlisle and Newquay? Oh yes, the routes stop. They're commercially not viable in Loganairs model. It's a waste of taxpayers money. It is already clear that passengers are voting with their wallets, Loganairs model will see the money wasted and the routes disappear. My source of the pax numbers is myself. I was on the flight, back row and heard the Menzies handler tell the crew there were 48 on board. Manchester easyjet the friend I was travelling with was on and Liverpool was deplaning at a similar and that's why I can only say 'practically full'.
  9. Are you also able to download the NHS and Clubcard apps in your app store? If so, you have your country set to UK, doesn't matter that you're physically here.
  10. Mrs NoTailT can't even download the Clubcard app on her phone because her country is set to Isle of Man in the Play store. Will ask her to try later. Would be a funny outcome.
  11. You could always pay the £60 to leave your car there forever and never return.
  12. Probably cause of the delay! atc break to watch Jez.
  13. How can they forward plan this crap?
  14. It's getting bloody ridiculous.
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