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  1. Probably end up having an 'accidental' fire.
  2. Saw on Twitter earlier someone say that a friend was rushed in to hospital with COVID last night and has sadly passed.
  3. Just saw on FB that the commissioners have applied to get the building de-registered.
  4. Some woman on Strand St handed me a leaflet the other day pointing out how 5G will kill us all off within 25 years. Wonder what leaflets will come for MuskNet?
  5. Problem is PTS. For the first time ever they're handing out a FIVE year contract for it. Which is a bit brave... Flybe won't be able to sustain Liverpool without PTS. Always was the case.
  6. Silly games being played. If its being cancelled at such a strategic time, do it out of your own pockets rather than ours you selfish bastards. Loganair seems to have kept afloat with subsidies the last year or so. Now they're getting pissy at competition starting again.
  7. Traffic in Ballasalla 100x worse since development started.
  8. Don't forget the £5,000 delivery charge from No Trading Shell Company Office Supplies Ltd.
  9. Not where there is more than 4 weeks notice I think, or maybe its 2 weeks, can't remember. But their claim of being no suitable alternative we all know is rubbish.
  10. See my reply above just before yours. Problem is that Kelly is one of the old boys that gets called upon. A little dickie bird told me that he's involved in a recent complaint involving the former Enterprise Minister now el Presidente. Travel agencies are a thing of the past. The only thing that will keep his business alive is keeping an involvement with PTS and that involves discrediting Loganair at any avenue... they do deserve it most of the time mind. But he's talking shit. As per. He doesn't get it.
  11. Mr Agenda at it again. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/gatwick-more-natural-for-manx-flights-to-london/ Part of his pitch to the overlords was that Aurigny could serve Gatwick 3x Daily. Oh and he hates Loganair, not that it tells.
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