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  1. No idea what you're talking about 😙
  2. Think @Albert Tatlock has taken care of that! The annoying thing in most of this thread is that real issues get distracted from by stupidity. Intentional? I have no idea.
  3. NoTailT

    Firm closing

    New branch to Strand Street and offices moving in a few months too apparently. All change.
  4. Anyway, those times are behind us now.
  5. Sorry yes I'm sure that's what you said. Historical people involved with the council but no longer are.
  6. Ex councillors I'm sure John said, thank ye very much!
  7. Not sure they even know what a Tesco is. I know someone who lives Bride way and wonder how they cope.
  8. NoTailT


    I try not to get drawn in to such personal remarks. But maybe.
  9. I'd love to know how much the administration keep wasting in legal fees. Or do they not care because it's their own AG's?
  10. How does a change like that become cost neutral? If it's neutral, why change?
  11. I still think if the saving being touted here is circa £30k, that there's far more flamboyant things that DBC could trim for the sake of 30k. What's that, a couple of quid per rates payer? Hardly worth spitting feathers over really. Let's not forget that commercial ratepayers have to pay separately for their refuse collection.
  12. NoTailT


    Gangster? Not sure he'd have the energy to fire any guns without needing a break.
  13. I see! I thought you were implying that you'd recevied information contrary to what was previously been discussed, which would have been interested. thank you for clarifying. Now, let's talk bins.
  14. Just out of interest AT, can you clarify the bold point? I note a considerable number of posts have now disappeared.
  15. To be fair to Frank I haven't seen him post, comment or act on anything in this thread. I think he's learnt to distance himself.
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