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  1. Kind of wish Quine wasn't a single-issue guy about the damn airline. Can't help but love bloody HM Sole.
  2. Has anyone FOId this shit to find out how much it’s costing to have air routes carrying an average of about 4 people each way right now?
  3. I like Josem, but I wish he’d stop trying to play politics and saying baseless shite to win hearts and minds. Do it properly man! Give it a few days and the Pulley lot will be singing All hail Michael Josemmm.
  4. Indeed. Think we are all waiting for the 'Breaking: Government press conference to be held today at 1600.'
  5. End of August seems economically a bloodbath. But alas not that far away really. Seems they’re on track for that Phase 2 October, depending of course how the fuckwits across carry on.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Enterprise just does its own shit with no care. So many deals done without tender processes. No real oversight. A guy I know submitted an FOI against Enterprise not long back and someone in Enterprise actually mentioned to him over a pint about how he'd submitted it. I thought they were meant to keep that stuff in cabinet office...
  7. Well, I mean, Department for Enterprise spend a FORTUNE with Lansons a UK/US PR agency. Then you have IOM Advertising & PR which get a tonne of Gov work too.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they did do that. They've been talking about trying to keep people on the Island a bit longer...
  9. Has anyone seen https://www.iomtt.com/tt-info? Senior race day on the Saturday next year...
  10. Interestingly those I know involved in the organisation from a Gov side are optimistic. They know and have ways they want to rejig the format to spread around when people are on tbe Island rather than the mad Sunday weekend being the peak every year. Official TT launch still being planned for September and theres reluctance to reschedule until much closer to the time if needed due to the logistics and other bits regarding accommodation and travel bookings.
  11. That bloody Bradley bloke must be miffed his Gov influences haven't worked here. They should just hand it back to DOI till they're ready to build, let them operate the damn car park to help Gov coffers.
  12. I sniff a lot of BS there. Digital Agency has like 16 staff, Finance has 3 or 4, Visit quite a few. I dont believe those budgets. There must be another 'calculation' or definition of spend.
  13. NoTailT

    Budget today

    Im sure I read/saw that he was given a leave of absence by the speaker.
  14. Well I mean.. it wont be. Next phase means we can bring business people, family and friends so long as they isolate for 2 weeks. The word I heard today was that Phase 2 not likely until October. So that means no unrestricted business travel until October, which coincides with when most of the banks have their staff WFH until.
  15. Well, I mean, I consider my source pretty reliable. But god knows. Hence I was a bit unassuming in my original post.
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