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  1. I note from todays COVID stats that there is now a 2nd person in Nobles with it.
  2. Will give him time to hone his space exploration project for the Island. But I wish him every best wishes in recovering from his mental health episode.
  3. Susan Waddecar Being given an MBE is a joke, post pruned by moderator.
  4. Their last lockdown was starting to achieve something. But then they caught in a twiz about Christmas and letting people see each other. If they prolonged the lockdown over the festive period and further, the results may well be very different. I’m still expecting to see 70k+ cases per day in the coming week or two in UK. Look at Germany (graph below) that had a full lockdown over the festive period and it is still ongoing. It can work perfectly fine, but you gotta stick at it rather than unlocking as soon as things start to head downwards. Regional Tiers a waste of time. Look what h
  5. If they let Gef the Morongoose participate, then I’m happy for them to let PM participate too. at least gives us an opportunity to see true colours of HQ.
  6. Knowing how this works, I’d imagine the AGs office issued advised that would mean the Government made themselves liable financially if they made such instructions if e.g. a business had to close due to staff shortages.
  7. No we have not. There’s a lot of hoping here that it doesn’t go any further, but it is being poorly executed and managed by Public health,
  8. I’m not calling for a lockdown. Just acceptance or facts rather than skirting around them.
  9. Moulton seems to have rattled them. So much damn faffing. Howard is getting ANGRY.
  10. Ashford saying they didn’t put info out earlier to avoid mass panic and scaring people. errr....
  11. Bwanker. Always in the know and always knows more than anyone else.
  12. Dr Ewart claiming if it’s a different strain it doesn’t make a different, is a load of rubbish. She isn’t receiving the right advice.
  13. Have Ashfords bollocks dropped or was he in 1886 on Boxing Day?
  14. I don’t think @John Wright will be amused, apparently the large count of awaiting tests is due to people scheduled for day 13 tests...
  15. Retired medical expert. Albeit not in infectious diseases. But then, neither is Dr Ewart.
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