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  1. I demand a job stimulus package where the unemployed will be paid to sit on the Mannanan to personally escort packages below 1KG and have EBikes at the port so they can deliver the parcel Island wide. Island jobs for Island problems.
  2. But as per that very document @Major Rushen herein lies the problem. Aurigny carries a cost base some 22% higher than easyJet. The data is somewhat skewed because of self-handling in Guernsey as a starter. Across the board they are higher than Flybe were, Stobart is and easyJet ever will be. The report fails to include anyone else e.g. Loganair which is an important benchmark too.
  3. It's hard to think given the surge in demand for cargo everywhere right now with more online ordering etc that the Arrow hasn't been able to find any work since the end of June...
  4. Not necessarily. Too many factors. But in Aurignys case.. they probably both lose money.
  5. Quine is a true manxman and a gentleman, honestly. His partner is lovely too.
  6. Agreed. He tried to become the Corbynista and the man that would build a wall around the Island to keep them pesky Mexicans out. But Christain. Come on. Save us all.
  7. Did Christian promise free cannabis on prescription whilst door to door around Pulley or something?
  8. Agreed. That's why I go Quine and Clanton. One for a level head, one to give me a giggle.
  9. Seems that way. Poor Josem. His banners, videos and paid ads weren't enough. But Christain... shaking my fucking head. Happy about Quine. Had my vote on the MF poll.
  10. Christian and Quine take it by the looks..
  11. Christian has a big smile on her face. Please. Fucking. No.
  12. I'm a bit disappointed he hasn't played Rule Britannia yet.
  13. Oh for god sakes. I had actually forgotten about that woman even being a runner.
  14. One thing I think this by election shows is that MF voting shouldn't be used as any fucking indication of the electorate. We're clearly either delusional or barking mad. Although 'none of the above' would still be the best outcome.
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