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  1. I'm no rozzer but a 15 year old not answering her phone past her curfew by a couple of hours doesn't exactly deem appropriate for a Police social media manhunt. It's unnecessarily embarrassing for the individuals concerned. If it were my kid, I'd be pissed at her but I wouldn't call the rozzers after a few hours and if I did, I'd do it for information purposes only to begin with to have it on their radar. Maybe that makes me neglectful. This is the Isle of Man. Not Merseyside. (Although some beg to differ).
  2. I think your latter scenario is a slightly different risk profile.
  3. Quelle surprise. Same story every few days. These aren't real 'missing persons'. Appreciate @asitis comments above but in the UK isn't it 24hours sincr last seen to be defined as missing? It's a bit boy who cried wolf to me. The more they do it like this, the less effective it'll be when someone really is missing in more concerning circumstances.
  4. Right on cue to my previous point! School holidays, probably ignoring her mums calls so she can stay out late. Cue post in 30mins that she's safe and well, embarrassed and the talk of school.
  5. Am I the only person that finds they advertise so called 'missing persons' far too prematurely? Young kids round their mates and that kinda stuff.
  6. Is that within his control?
  7. 😂 I asked someone I was picking up this morning to take a picture of it! I thought about doing it myself the other day but then I know someone will probably try and identify. I have this theory that somewhere in Gov is a big whiteboard full of ManxForum and anon twitter handles with any hints dropped!
  8. Drugs busting down now the COVID restrictions aren't in place too, as he words it.
  9. I just checked some of my recent Amazon orders and yeah, they're being really slow. There's like 5 items bundled in to the same delivery expectation.
  10. Back to the topic of cameras.. this is the bad boy I was talking about!
  11. Try using a Manx driving licence as ID in Vegas. Their automated computer systems AND their printed manuals in every casino have our old style passports still. Was there earlier this year and accused of forging the damn thing, whilst the security guy was busy telling me about his mate who has a few businesses in the Isle of Man for efficiency reasons. The truth is we do fuck all to promote ourselves well on a wider global scale apart from in South Africa.
  12. It's not just to do with the ground handler. They need to negotiate access to desks with the airport themselves and I'm pretty sure this is a Loganair problem, they will then have an agreement with the ground handler that it's X number of desks require Y number of staff. That's how it normally goes anyway. Loganair don't have all that many flights out of Manchester and they'll look at number of passengers due in a 2hr period (pre opening for check in) and determine that one desk can handle that throughput no problem at all.
  13. How long has it been there? And is it facial? Only noticed it a few weeks ago.
  14. I don't actually! Just a hunch. It's definitely not a normal CCTV camera. Looks like an opticians eye test machine mounted on the wall at the end of the arrivals walkway before you turn the corner to baggage.
  15. Has anyone else noticed the - what appears to be - facial recognition camera at the end of the arrivals walkway before baggage collection? Seems to be a new recent addition...
  16. Overheard Loganair crew on my flight this morning, sounds like there's an upcoming exodus of crews on the Island. All headed to Belfast to work for Emerald offering better pay and conditions. Pilots and cabin crew.
  17. Was in there Weds night, exactly the same. Queueing out the door.
  18. Probably. I linked to the story earlier, didn't the Gov / MUA refuse MG hedging due to credit risk?
  19. This type of shit always happens during a summer recess.
  20. Have they been allowed to hedge since? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-gas-says-government-declined-hedging-request/
  21. Bonkers. Nothing more. Should MUA be held to account for refusing to allow MG to hedge?
  22. NoTailT

    New Casino

    I think people are jumping the gun at usual Gov criticism, but you're right. it's a private development proposal.
  23. NoTailT

    New Casino

    The management at the Palace have been talking about the casino moving for the last 12+ months. Whilst I'm inclined to say it's never gonna happen, I'd give it a higher probability than initially.
  24. NoTailT

    New Casino

    Isn't this already the site of a great number of contract parking spaces? Multistory sounds good. But that roundabout is often a mess at rush hour, especially when the swing bridge is in operation. Suspect lots of hurdles with this. Be great if it happens though.
  25. Ha, I note the Manx Taxpayers Alliance submitted a letter of support. Conflicted much?
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