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  1. Save the lazy bastard anti vaxxers who don't want to read it..
  2. Talk about timing... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58535258
  3. I thought that was covered elsewhere I read recently. BoE is giving banks cash for free to lend. HSBC and their clients minting 6.6m/Yr out of this, nice!
  4. Title should probably read 'Treasury borrows unsustainable amount for sustainability'. Copy of Gov release at https://www.gov.im/news/2021/sep/07/treasury-prices-400m-of-sustainable-bonds/
  5. That doesn't keep Watling Streetworks in business...
  6. Unions got to justify their existence somehow!
  7. Err Jet2 regular flying from Leeds, Birmingham, East Midlands and Manchester. Only one Southern airport - being Stansted - so the point of origin isn't about disposable income southerners.
  8. Considering Annie basically took him in and looked after him on the Island, going to see him when he has his mental wobble etc I'd say it shows his true character, irrespective of what anyone thinks of her (yes, she's useless too).
  9. He once said in a group conversation I was party to: "I know everyone me. If I wanted you dead, I could get it done. But we're all friends here." Such is the ego of the narcissistic Russian. Nobody in the airline industry likes him or trusts him. Despite what he may claim.
  10. DOI are praying for it. The point is: those planes are mostly carrying tourism. Jet2 also carrying many travellers on package trips to Jersey. We don't get a reasonable price. We need competitive marketplace for that to happen. Problem is that our beloved Annie and the Russian mobster believe in a '1 route, 1 carrier' mentality. They do and have been known to do all they can to deter competition. Openskies is but a myth.
  11. This was Jersey Airport yesterday. Meanwhile we are still praying Loganair stay here with their 25 year old 40 seat prop plane.
  12. Isn't this just an online version of what was put in the paper last few days anyway? They're always a few days late putting online - often on weekend like this - to help sell more papers?
  13. Literally. Hooper needs to pull his head out of his arse and just come out distancing himself. After his last minute stand up against CoMin in the Keys I thought he was looking promising. But this is just getting ridiculous now. When the Berlin Wall falls (ironic given Josems nationality now), it will crush Hooper with it because of his idiocy. Lib Van just need to put a statement out saying they're aware of irregularities ref MTPA and have therefore suspended Josem or whatever, meaning he can't ride their ticket. Then Hooper needs to get his shit together and be the proper man.
  14. Thank you John. Not tryna find a loop for them, hope they get what's coming given their ignorance for the rules.
  15. John just for my entertainment. If a company has a registered trading name separately is it still required to state both?
  16. Depending how many sitting MHKs get re-elected, Hooper will have to take up a ministerial post. He did take an uplift for being a sitting member in Enterprise though didn't he, prior?
  17. I know some of out elected have a record of being papped steaming. Is this HM Sole off his tits?
  18. To be fair, the bloke delivering I wouldn't say he was fat, just a little husky and a bit ruff around the edges.
  19. Banker comes in wearing his periwinkles after his community service doing council gardens.
  20. That kinda makes sense though. Idea is to be sanitary. Lots of people seem to think disposable masks can be reworn lots too.
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