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  1. No doubt we'll see an announcement soon of DOI paying Loganair to fly twice daily to Gatwick.
  2. @The Phantom Which in the case of PPE Medpro was not Michelle or Doug. Read the articles on it? I have. They company had an arrangement to share profits with an actual supplier. PPE Medpro pitched itself as being able to secure the contracts because of being able to influence UK Gov and had a contract with a supplier that would benefit from that. They did nothing other than manage the contracts/supply and secure them. No cash fronting for supplies required on behalf of those that got rich from it.
  3. Her husband got fast tracked to IOM Gov LFD supplies...
  4. Precisely! What is clear is that the campaign has always been against Rachel, not the other way.
  5. I wonder the same too. Time's enough. There is no point in dragging this on, it happened and its consumed days of this thread. Plenty of other crap to talk about. I think Dr G has overstepped, she's been arrogant but this is all getting very silly now.
  6. I think its time we moved on. She did something stupid, but I question whether these ongoing ramblings are beneficial for the health of the individual(s) concerned.
  7. Since he had COVID. He's acting like one of them anti vaxers that all of a sudden gets COVID and is now PRO PRO Vax.
  8. Probably come to collect some of their PPE from St Marks.
  9. Now he's off on his jolly.. no doubt a freebie!
  10. So glad you're back!! To be honest, given Dr Gs bullshit with the shredding letter, I expected better than this. Why would any hacker choose this moment and now?
  11. NoTailT

    Next AG?

    Paul Beckett next?
  12. Well I never.... They say COVID is a reset of the human race after all.....
  13. His tweet was pure magical. Surprised he held back that much.
  14. Reading @rachomicstwitter it seems so. Huge respect for John. Another blow to James and his family. A sad sad loss.
  15. Easyjet Liverpool due to leave 30mins early tonight.. priceless.
  16. I'm not convinced. Average time to develop symptoms with Omicron 3-5 days, right? Think how far back Xmas Eve and Xmas Day was.. Just because your lads are slackers...
  17. Didnt someone in here say 'London is sorted, news in the new year'?
  18. Noticed the post office is delivering the LFDs now instead of the dog groomers and handymen at Manx Indie. When did that change?
  19. Any sympathy I had for your business situation just went out the window. Likely the same for others. Wind your neck in.
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