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  1. FDR

    Edge quits DoI

    After driving through Glencutchery Road, who wouldn't resign? I woulldn't normally ask for civil servants to be named but I do feel like the civil servant responsible for this new design is mentally retarded and should either be named or sacked.
  2. Suck my balls, Gimli.
  3. This won't work then. Thank you for the offer. If it was me personally then I'd gratefully accept your offer, but he doesn't want any kind of outside installation done and, as I said, he's mental...........
  4. I have no recollection of this. What is a satellite receiver, if I may ask? Is that an outdoor aerial? He doesn't want anything that would involve any sort of outdoor installation. If it is some internal device, then, yes, please, I would be happy to call to collect, or provide my address? Thanks.
  6. [Removed in case anybody knows who I am and can draw any information about a family member, even though I was pretty vague.]
  8. FDR

    Black Lives Matter

    No but I've listened to Toto a few times if that counts.
  9. FDR

    Black Lives Matter

    The same could be said of the Greater London area. They systematically robbed the north of England -- the great powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution -- in the 1700s and 1800s in order to develop London and the south. Many academics do regard London as a coloniser of the rest of the British Isles and while I think they just use this to make stupid marxist talking points, there is some merit in the key evidence, if not their conclusions.
  10. I haven't switched on a TV in well over a decade, but my brother wants to know if there's any way for him to get more channels on his TV without installing an outdoor aerial? He has a Sony Bravia which is a couple of years old. I suggested maybe purchasing a Manhattan freeview box as a way to obtain more channels but I'm not sure if that would help. I don't think he has internet or could afford it so streaming services like Netflix are not an option. Please could anybody suggest anything? Thanks
  11. FDR

    Black Lives Matter

    No offence but all that says is that you're a bigoted imbecile. Many African Americans are descended from immigrants from Africa who were never slaves. Also, many nations in Africa have highly advanced economies with developed and industrialised cities which make the Isle of Man and UK's cities look primitive in comparison.
  12. FDR

    Edge quits DoI

    Not really. If she thinks she can somehow quit one year before the 2021 elections and come out of it like "Teflon Toohey" (to borrow an expression from Manx Black Pages) pretending she wasn't responsible or a willing participant in all the idiocy that happened in that incompetent department then she is sadly mistaken. I have nothing against her personally but she's not going to be re-elected in 2021 no matter what she does.
  13. FDR

    Black Lives Matter

    What are you banging on about, John? If you actually look at my posts, I'm on here promoting traditional values, fiscal conservative economics, small limited government, and a form of civic nationalism which is inclusive of people of all colours, races, creeds, genders, sexualities, and politics. I'm basically a private conservative but a public liberal, if you get what I mean. I'm for minding my business, and others minding their business. A society in which we all agree to get along and maximise personal liberty while at the same time protecting the most vulnerable in society and helping to lift up the living standard of the poor and people of different needs. While I've been critical on this thread of the organisation which styles itself under the name "Black Lives Matter", I completely endorse moves towards greater racial equality and harmony and, were it not for the marxist organisation having stolen the phrase, I'd happily hold a placard to declare that black lives do indeed matter (and that statement is not exclusive of people who are not black).
  14. Anybody who opposes Sarah's Law on the island should automatically be put on some sort of watch list by the authorities.
  15. FDR

    Black Lives Matter

    Trigger is the key word here. In the training material of these activist groups, there is a process of "trigger" followed by "escalation". Those are just two of a number of stages in their activist strategy. Different groups in a much bigger network operate at different levels of the process. Groups like BLM function mainly in the escalation stage: they're there to throw fuel on the fire, make things worse, get everybody riled up in different locations. This is also why some activist groups use deliberately provocative and obnoxious terminology like "white privilege": they know it's meaningless and winds people up so doesn't really accomplish everything other than fan the flames. Which some might say means they're doing their job wrong, but fanning the flames and making things worse IS the real objective. They want to antagonise people and cause division. It all plays into the overall agenda which is to first get us into these little collectives (or balkanisation) within society which will serve to undermine the existing institutions like the nation-state and later on be amalgamated under one global collectivist system. They're bypassing national systems, undermining individualism and national identity, and creeping in with global identities (identity politics is a globalist movement).
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