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  1. Great innovative thinking here on the Coast Road at Glen Wyllin. It's the same piece of road, but 40mph limit going away from the danger of Glen Wyllin crossroads and 30mph limit approaching the danger.
  2. Trackman

    TT 2022 ??

    Be flexible says the representative of the most inflexible behemoth.
  3. I am in the same boat as you and found myself ineligible for a credit card even though I have a Visa one already. You may get an Amex card but when I looked into it the annual fee was £140. I have a Revolut account as a bit of a stash for myself so will use that for Amazon. I know the protection is reduced but I have yet to have a bad experience with Amazon I keep only a low balance in the Revolut and will just charge it for making the purchases. I got a £20 credit too for adding it to my Amazon account.
  4. Surely the driver will be sent a very detailed and large bill for the recovery of the car from the harbour. Hopefully he/she will have sufficient insurance cover to pay it. The taxpayer may well make a profit.
  5. Does anyone know the reason why we still have the landing card kerfuffle here when we have 40 or 50 new cases daily announced? It's not like we are managing to keep it out by this control. Thank for for any sensible response.
  6. And some more inoffensive language
  7. Here's a picture of him too with the offending word
  8. My first trip onto the prom today. I came down Church Road Marina to turn left. I had to wait for the northbound traffic to come through off Loch Prom as they weren't interested in slowing down, particularly as nothing was coming South on Harris Prom. They just charged through as if they had right of way and I had to wait for my own safety. There might as well have been give way markings for me. On a slightly different tack, if they are unmarked junctions why are there all these markings on the road if they have no meaning?
  9. Trackman

    TT 2022 ??

    Another threat to the races is the lack of anaesthetists at Nobles. Given the nature of the injuries that come in the races and open roads I think we may need more that the couple we have.
  10. Trackman


    Here's some ideas of what could be done now by our globetrotting politicians to show real leadership and good examples that we mean business. We are being asked to make changes to how we live. We will be asked to make sacrifices and no doubt to pay for the privilege. How many will bother if our government don't make their own sacrifices too. The proposed measures below are all easily doable relatively quickly, require no massive investment and would be more than just the hot air we currently suffer. Excess speed produces more carbon. Bring in a 60 mph maximum speed limit for the Island. Stop promoting carbon producing motor sports events, which term includes all the extra fuels burned in all the ancillary activities and knock-on effects. Stop running highly inefficient coal-burning non-essential railways. Introduce energy efficiency into new builds. Insist that all the Parliamentary and Government shindigs take place on-line to avoid all the jolly travel: You know like everyone else has to do. Come on boys and girls of Tynwald, lead the way.
  11. On the subject of NDAs with the IOMG, I agreed one a year or three back. The only stipulation was that I couldn't disclose the amount I was given, though strangely I could disclose it to my spouse and family. They were under no restriction as to whom they could tell. Made me wonder what the point was.
  12. I wonder if the applicant will have to pay the fees for the new application.
  13. I know some graduates who are as stupid as it gets. I know some non-graduates who are skilled and capable people. Academic qualifications have little to do with the qualities needed to be a police officer. And as we are always told in these ultra-PC times, the make up of the police is supposed to be representative of the make up of the society it serves. Are not some of our society "thicker" than others Teapot? At least your not-in-the-least-bit-humourous response gives an insight into your soaring intellect. Once all recruits are graduates then not all of them can have the sought-after posts/promotions so easily promised to them. It's no wonder disillusionment sets in quite early when reality meets recruitment bullshit. Basic policing is a plodding type of job for most: Do as you are told type of thing. Perhaps the service providers, ie the doers can be recruited separately from the thinkers, ie the meaningless management babble crew.
  14. A good spot, but if the two had not been together then a police officer would be seen walking in two different areas of Onchan giving twice the cover. Whilst officers are talking between themselves they are not talking to the public. I consider that a problem lies in recruitment in that academic qualifications are becoming a necessity to qualify and yet it is not an academic career, rather a practical one. Everyone is promised a speciality and wants to get away from beat duties asap. It beats me why people join to become anything but a traditional beat officer providing the basic service, which is the most important job in policing. A root and branch reform is needed. Join the police to be a standard police officer, not a specialist. Pragmatic sensible people not graduates.
  15. Thank you 2112 for the troll warning. Being surrounded by idiots is nothing new - duck's back and water spring to mind. I would have thought that reviewing the decision is fraught with danger and will open a proper can of worms. It might even mean that applications are made to overturn previous decisions made. That is provided there is a way through the legislation that the decision can be reviewed. Is the Minister going to petition the Court to overturn a decision of his own committee? This will be fun to watch. I am in no way into the eco-woke brigade but I love a bit of nature. Wouldn't it cause excitement at the general election if the Manx Green Party had two candidates in each constituency this year campaigning on the issues raised by the Elm tree kerfuffle? This would scare the hell out the of the sitting members and might well be a catalyst for change in how the countryside is treated. I can just see the sitting members spouting insincere platitudes as they are transfixed in the headlights. But hey, this is Manx politics we are talking about. Farm a granny will likely be order of the day.
  16. I note that the Petition with a lot of support is to save the trees, though I am not sure what the exact purpose of today's demonstration is, but it highly likely that anyone at the demonstration has signed the petition. How will this work? The felling of the trees has been approved through a lawful process. The lawful process was arrived at through democratic means, ie approved by Tynwald, and operated by a Department of the Government. The process has been completed. For the petition (and possibly the demonstration) to be successful then the democratic process must give way to mob rule, or a form of anarchy and indeed bullying. The imperative for the protest now must surely to prevent any more of this or it will be government by the mass protest aided by our spineless politicians. The forthcoming general election and local elections to some degree give everyone the chance to offer their vote to candidates that will commit to overhauling the whole planning process, eg the planning rules, the green areas zoned for development, the lack of brownfield development, etc. No commitment - no vote. Unless of course this is another 15 minute social media wonder where everyone gets wound up then forgets about it when the next social media headline hits. Or maybe this time the candidates for MHK will be hit hard with the thought there might be up to 28,000 votes on the line. Who knows but it will be interesting to see if this surge of voter energy will play out right through to the election on the topic of the countryside and its plundering.
  17. It is so kind of you to suggest alternative entrances into the applicant's land and to have a good go at him/her too. I assume he owns the land and in our free society can enter it how he likes. It is akin to your neighbour opposite not wishing you to enter your house by the front door and asking you to use the back door instead. I am sure you would not mind obliging. You would tell them to mind their own business and that's what you should be doing. This applicant lawfully submitted an application to make changes as suited him. It doesn't matter why he did, he just followed a lawful process. The application was successful. That is not his fault. The blame lies indirectly with all of you. It is YOUR Government's process and policies that have been applied. These policies have been sanctioned by YOUR Government. YOUR MHKs are in a position to affect these policies. YOU put the MHKs into Tynwald. DEFA, under which Planning falls is a Department of YOUR Government. Perversely DEFA also has within its remit the Nature Conservation staff. If there is flak to give out then at least send it in the right direction. I am not related to the applicant, I do not even know who it is, but then again, that is none of my business, is it?
  18. I am very confused at the moment as to what is "unlawful" activity, ie contrary to any statutory provisions and as to what is "guidance". Like many others I received a text from the Government which when carefully read could be said to say, "please stay in, but you can go out if you want to." Please don't get me wrong, I am staying in and reducing my own risk as much as I can and am not advocating pushing the guidance boundaries. Does anyone have a definitive list (well as definitive as possible given things change daily) as to what activities can actually be prosecuted through the courts, please?
  19. Those are the dates within the planning application by DfE too. They still contradict all other dates given for TT everywhere else.
  20. The DfE must have changed the dates of this year's proposed TT without telling anyone else as it is widely advertised as being May 30th to June 14th. According to the planning application they will be dismantling the camp on the Monday of race week. That will make it very busy in that area. Surely they can't have got this so wrong, can they?
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