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  1. Hello I have an update after following Dereks advise. I went down the professional standards route. It has transpired my ex wife and her advocate had contacted the police to say she didn't want to be in the matrimonial home with me for 14 days. The Inspector I spoke to says I would of been arrested for breach of the peace for trying to enter my home. I said to him the advise I was given was if I tried to go into the house of somebody with suspected coronavirus I would be arrested for doing this,I said to him there is no legislation to back this claim up he did agree there is no such legislation so he had to understand my frustration at being lied to my people who take an oath to uphold the law. Can these two officers be trust in what they would say in court as there proven liers. He claimed that the police did not stop me coming back I refute this because as the legislation stands if I got back I would have to fill out a form saying where I reside I would put my home address down. But as I was told by the two liers if I tried to go into the house I would of been arrested for trying to go home. The police did stop me coming home. I will now be following this up with a written official complaint. Stay well stay safe.
  2. We have been sharing the house since the divorce last year it's not a great situation but until the property is sold there is no money to buy anywhere else. I contacted my ex to say I would be back because it might of scared her if she heard somebody coming in the house at 6:30 am. The biggest problem I have is because of imaginary legislation in the heads of 2 police constables I was denied the right to come home. I was last home 6 weeks ago. i,m in England and as far as my understanding is we dont have a reciprocal agreement yes I can get emergency health care but no more. As I don't live over here I'm not registered with a doctor. Two inept police constables have left me in no mans land and they should be suspended until a full investigation is carried out. The job of the police is to uphold the law not make it up as they go along. I'm disgusted by there behaviour how many other people have been threatened like this but to scared to speak up. I feel we're heading back to the bad old days of manx policing, and some very good bobbies are going to be tarnished by the behaviour of the few.
  3. Hello Derek thank you for the advise I will contact profession standards today. The reason I didnt make a run for it was because of the treat of arrest on made up legislation by two police officers. This type of intimidation and lying by the manx police force has to stop. I feel whilst you were their there was a certain level of honesty and transparency it seems to of reverted back to kind. It was only when I contacted my mhk and he agreed that there was no such legislation of being arrested for entering your home if somebody has symptoms of coronavirus. He got in touch with the duty inspector who then passed on that my ex wife's advocate had been speaking to them and said she didn't want me to get into the house. There is no order to stop me. This was a case of the police acting outside the law that they are meant to up hold and because of this I am now stuck in another country with no health entitlement. I will peruse this through all the proper channels and a sorry won't be enough this should be a black mark on there file. Several times whilst sgt Oats was trying to give me his unwanted advise I told him to contact my advocate I gave her name and when I told him I will be making an official complaint about him him slammed the phone. I plan on meet my mhk on my hopeful eventual return to ask him to pursue the official complaint against the police.He did tell me the duty inspector was going to contact me last night, he didn't what can he say my constabulary has liers in it still
  4. I hope everyone who wanted to get back got back. I wanted to return on the over night boat and was contacted this afternoon by a sgt Oats fro the Iom police force to be informed if I tried to go home I would be arrested. My ex wife and I still share the same house until it is sold. I contacted her by textbthis morning to say I was returnin, she said you can't Stay her as she thinks she may have coronaviru. I check the Iom government web site it say if I return I have to isolate for 14 days I'm happy to comply, it says if somebody in the household has suspected coronavirus you have to isolate for 14 days I'm going to be doing this anyway. Later on in the day as I was on the iomspco web site I get a phone call from sgt Oats who asks if I'm planning on coming home I advise him that I am he says if I try to go home I will be arrested as it's against the law to enter a property if somebody has suspected Coronavirus. I advised him that he is wrong and I'm breaking no laws I informed him that I would report him to police complaints. I went and checked all the information again and no where does it say you can be arrested for going home if somebody has suspected coronavirus. I phoned the police station and this time spoke to sgt Grainger who informed me the same I would be arrested. I informed him I'm a manx resident who has been working in the uk. I have no rights to health care and no gp, he said tough if you try and go home to a house where somebody may have suspected coronavirus I will arrested. This I feel is the police lieing to me and because of thes lies in stuck in the uk. This should be investigated these two poco stables prove the police lie ( maybe we should check there pockets for watches) I contacted my MHz who did a good job he agreed there was no such legislation. He discovered this had come about from my ex wife's lawyer contacting the police to say my ex wife didn't want me to return to the matrimonial home so the police have clouded with an advocate and made up a lie to stop me returning to my home. I,m very disappointed how two police officer can tell bare faced lie's it's such a shame as with what's been going on lately with police corruption nothing has been learnt we now know we have to liers who have put a cloud over the rest of what I would like to believe are honest police officers. Because of there behaviour I am now stuck in England for at least 3 more weeks. At least if I was home I could potter around in my garage and garden for 14 days. If my exwife does have coronavirus which I hope she doesn't I could of made meals for her. Social isolating wouldn't of been a problem as we sleep in separate rooms and use separate bathroom and lounges. I feel so let down by this that these two police officers should be suspended immediately.
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