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  1. Wouldn't she have been regarded as a key worker and thus able to legally travel here?
  2. I suspect the old prison site is not being re-developed so it can be used in conjunction with the paddock etc for TT or for temporary accommodation (as at this years event). They are continually expanding the areas used for TT and are now using a large part of Nobles Park so they need a site for future expansion. Is there any other reason for them to hold on to this site??
  3. you lot should be happy the car park is free. you'll only complain about the rip off charges when it is payable Edited 1 hour ago by snowman I do not think the car parking charges are a rip off - certainly when compared to other airports in the UK. Whilst the parking is a free for all the car park is filled with chancers who will park absolutely anywhere, even on hard landscaping, and the short term disc zone, which was handy for dropping off and picking up, is full making it impossible at times to find somewhere to park. The other week the car park was full and cars were doing circles around the airport roads waiting for people to come out and then causing hold ups by just stopping outside the terminal to pick up passengers and baggage. Where there is chaos let there be order.
  4. So they have lost c £50k per month through not having working barriers on the car park. Why has someone in the Department not had the basic gumption to buy a couple of huts and employ some people to issue tickets and take the money?? It ain't rocket science - the car park needs to be open from say 5 am to 10 pm (17 hours per day) so would need 3 shifts of 2 people and car park could be "locked down" outside those hours. 2 people for 17 hours a day for 30 days per month at £15 per hour = £15,300 per month. So they have unnecessarily squandered £35k per month. But oh no - it is only tax payers money - lets fanny around for months seeking a Rolls Royce high tech solution which will probably be useless. Someone should get fired for this fiasco.
  5. It took 13 weeks to get my planning approval to replace a roof - change is design and colour of tiles only. When I enquired why it was taking so long for something that should have been a "nod through" I was told in no uncertain terms that all applications are dealt with in order and there is no queue jumping. Will be interesting to see how long this takes but it does look like the cart has been well ahead of the horse in getting licencing and acts in place before planning.
  6. I presume this entire document is in the public domain - can anyone provide a link or point me to where we can access it?
  7. See how many "Possession" cases are before the Courts at the moment here: civil.pdf (courts.im) Some of these cases seem to drag on for months - I think the Onchan Commissioners claim has been going on for well over a year. I think it is the taxpayer who picks up any deficiencies in Local Authority housing so those not paying their heavily subsidised rent (which is presumably the root cause of most of the possession cases) are costing us all. Are the Local Authorities and Courts robust enough in dealing with these cases?
  8. I gained the impression that the young lady thought that she was receiving £6,400 pa in benefits - the £6,400 is in fact a Single Patent tax allowance which, combined with the Single Person Allowance means that she will earn £20,900 before paying any tax. If the fact that the allowance has not been increased has an impact on her ability to live she must therefore be earning in excess of £21k pa which most people would not regard as the breadline. I do wish Manx Radio would do a simple fact check before giving these people airtime.
  9. So they have 6 staff and total salaries in 2020 of £247k - that is an average of £41k+ per person - seems very generous for the type of roles shown on their website!! Yet another example of Government profligacy when they should be using the lottery duty to benefit the less well off in our Island!!
  10. This situation is simply staggering!! This project should not have even been approved, let alone started, until ALL of the costs/ potential costs had been identified, confirmed and approved in conjunction with a risk assessment to identify any possible "unknowns." From what I can make out the increased costs are being put down to problems with munitions and voids under the site and the need to protect the dock wall from propeller scour. The site is / was clearly not fit for purpose. We apparently purchased a long leasehold interest in the site - did no-one think to get a survey on the site as a starting point? Surely if that had been done then we would have a claim against someone's PI cover? Why was the Freeholder not contractually obliged to deliver a site that was fit for purpose? Who negotiated / agreed the terms of the lease? The propeller scour was an unexpected cost?? - How the heck did they think a boat docks? - Again - not fit for purpose. This is very simple basic construction project management. If properly planned there should be minimal "unforeseen" problems / costs with any project. To over-run on costs to the extent now disclosed should be virtually impossible on a project such as this. We are building a shed next to an existing dock - not a bloomin' space station!! This is yet another example of our Government getting itself into something they were ill equipped to deal with and clearly cannot control the civil servants and / or professional advisors who should be protecting our interests. Heads really must roll over this fiasco!!!
  11. There has been a significant increase in the number of reported new cases over the last couple of days - up from the 20's / 30's per day at the start of the month to 74 yesterday and 72 today. the dash board doesn't seem to make sense to me as the number of new cases does not appear to be reflected in the number of active cases. The 72 new cases today only increased the number of active cases from 333 yesterday to 367 today - a net increase of 34. Does this suggest that 38 have recovered - seems high relative to the levels of cases being reported 2 weeks ago. I cannot find any press release / comment from our Government on what many would regard as an alarming sudden spike. We are used to being treated with contempt by the civil service but presumably our beloved leaders do not feel inclined to make any comment either - Ashford has been re-elected and Kim Jung Quayle is on the way out so b------ks to Joe public.
  12. Vehicle details from Government website. Vehicle Licence status is interesting if it was seen on the Prom on Tuesday!! Vehicle details Make NISSAN Model CABSTAR Model Variant Douglas Horse Tram Category B Colour RED/WHITE Cubic Capacity (cc) 1799 Fuel PETROL CO2 Emission (g/km) Date of First Registration 01/04/2003 Previous Registration Number (UK only) PN03PNU Date of First Registration on IOM 29/11/2006 Wheel Plan Status of Vehicle Licence (Tax) Expired Expiry Date of Vehicle Licence (Tax) 30/04/2021
  13. Who are they going to borrow this from? - No doubt a UK bank that contributes two tenths of sweet FA to the Isle of Man economy. Why doesn't Government go back to the practice of issuing bonds to the Great Manx Public? I understand that they stopped doing this because of problems with Due Diligence but surely they could pass some sort of act or regulation that allowed anyone who has a valid Tax Reference Number to invest without further documentation. They could then provide the GMP with a better rate of return than the lowlifes banks operating locally. Think Local!!!
  14. Mistercee

    Manx Care

    In my opinion Manx Care needs to start by addressing some of the very basic problems at both hospitals and GP surgeries. I have regular issues with: 1. Getting a GP appointment. I know things are a bit difficult at the moment but if you need to talk to or see a GP should you have to ring at 8:30 am to book an appointment? 2. Non-adherence to review dates. I have seen consultants, been told we will review in 6 months and some time later get a letter with an appointment 12 months hence. 3. Time taken to type letters. I have received many letters which boldly state "Letter dictated on ......" followed by "Letter typed on ...." In some cases these dates have been 3 weeks apart. Private enterprise would simply not tolerate this but the consultants I have spoken to about this simply shrug their shoulders and say "it is the system". 4. Out of date records. I recently saw a letter a consultant sent to my GP practice earlier this year which was addressed to a doctor who retired from that practice some 20 years ago. Two weeks ago I received a copy of a letter addressed to doctor who left that practice 2 years ago. Do the people typing these letters not have an up to date list of GP's at each practice. 5. Incompatible systems. It appears that there are difficulties for the GP's to access hospital records and for the hospital to access GP records. Surely there must be a way to make the 2 (or possibly more??) systems talk to each other. If we can get the basics right a good health care system can evolve - without the basics it ain't gonna happen!!
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