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  1. PaulJ

    TT 2021 ??

    KWC education perchance?
  2. PaulJ

    TT 2021 ??

    I assume you've done your utmost to prevent swimming in Cornwall. Over 30 deaths in the last 7 years,but then again,it's maybe too difficult to know exactly who the widows or orphans were related to.
  3. The Lithuanian version of hip replacement now available in a one piece design
  4. When they're trying to get away from bones and in to politics?
  5. If only they could teach themselves how to budget
  6. Add Gary Thompson and a few others to that and you'd have some empty heads too
  7. Oh I don't know,less drama queens perhaps.
  8. They could always work more efficiently. Better still,get a different job with"better" pay.
  9. PaulJ

    Black Lives Matter

    Either the dishes were cleaned,or the parents had given them an easter egg to get them out of the house
  10. Like the fat oaf in charge
  11. Lack of intelligence and deluded self importance?
  12. PaulJ


    I see Labrador Dali is starting work on a Howard Quayle statue
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