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  1. Why the long face? Hang on,wrong joke. Over to you Mabel
  2. Ah,the olden days. What were they like? By the way,not all serious. Uhtred for the win with The Commodores gag.
  3. PaulJ

    Fancy a pint?

    So blunt,but so effective.
  4. I've never implied she was an old woman either. ;-)
  5. Quite content thank you,no appointment neccessary.
  6. I rather like your use of "too thick" and then proceed to generalise on who I may like,or dislike,based purely on an assumption that because I don't agree with everything Rachael might say or publish,does not mean I have a hatred for her or any other woman for that matter,nor do I state that I don't believe in her work. I do however feel she'd be best served by being magnanimous about her achievements and carry on.
  7. I do believe that isn't the case at all,but enlighten me
  8. No no no,pompous or egotistical is much more accurate.
  9. Must be quick if it only has one m. Three m's would be a tad slower
  10. Shut his mouth and go back to medical work?
  11. Could be worse,could be humourless or bombastic. Or worse still,both.
  12. Well it won't be Howard,he hasn't got any. . . . . .script writing skills
  13. PaulJ


    The IOM has its own fair share of density
  14. I don't believe I mentioned what rates,I mentioned principles. Untenable I believe was the word you used,which it either is,or isn't. It seems the latter after all is what I point out.
  15. You either have principles or you don't. Not the first gobby local to back track though,so hey ho.
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