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  1. Does anyone know anything about the “incident” at the Nunnery yesterday?
  2. Think a lot of these concerned were not thinking about the holiday, they were thinking about the time and a half or double time they’d be missing.
  3. There’s a lot of non compliance going on here as well, but I am sure the people doing it don’t see it as such. Lots of senior ladies still meeting friends for coffee, teenagers sneaking around, groups riding bikes, builders stood around in groups, families meeting up on walks, and in the park. Then we get three positive cases in the hospital and health workers are refused tests until they display symptoms. 23 deaths from 329 cases, I hope no politician or member of the public regards this as a job done well!
  4. It says a lot about the priorities of certain people. At the time of a World wide pandemic, and a trashed economy our focus is: Fishing Golf Private boats Private aircraft Horse trams MER and.. why can’t I have another day off , when half the working population of the Island don’t have a job! If you want Senior race day off, take it off!! O wait, might lose a days pay. Glad we are all pulling together for the Islands recovery.
  5. I agree, but if the strategy is to work you can’t have a floating number of cases. Yesterday he should have announced a change in active cases of 13, then we would all be happy.
  6. So tell us they have changed the reporting criteria and we have more cases then then they previously reported.
  7. So tell us they have changed the reporting criteria and we have more cases then then they previously reported.
  8. Active cases matter if they indicate a jump of ten cases in one day that are not reported in the headline data.
  9. Agreed now why doesn’t the Gov correct the bloody web site!!!!!!
  10. Yes but with the presumed recovered on Sunday active cases were 28 they are now 41. Doesn’t add up.
  11. But why a jump in active cases of 10? One of 2 things has happened. 1. A typo and 41 should read 31 2. Presumed recovered was wrong and we do have 10 more cases.
  12. Today’s numbers don’t make sense. 1. The government have removed the “presumed recovered” number from the stats. 2. The active cases have jumped from 28 to 41 in one day, either someone has made a mistake or this is a deliberate “adjustment”. I hope we have not quietly gained 13 cases.
  13. Railway maintenance guys back at work around the Island, not sure you can class it as construction, but everyone is bending the rules these days.
  14. There was a clue with the guy in uniform appearing also.
  15. On this small island has anybody been contacted by a contact tracer. I would figure 300 cases x 50 contacts = 15,000 ?
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