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  1. Both sides defending was dodgy at times, but the ebb and flow was great to watch. Sooo much better than the tactical chess types games. I support Utd, so am happy for that reason alone, but I would have enjoyed it even if we'd lost.
  2. I am sure that it isn't rare, and I feel that it will only become more frequent as the days grow longer and the temperatures rise. Frustration, resentment and financial need for many of the poorer and younger in society will trump legislation that the authorities have few resources to enforce. it is now a race to vaccinate the vulnerable before the government are forced by events to loosen restrictions. Anybody's guess how 2021 will pan out.
  3. Different time, a VERY different sort of threat, and possibly a less questioning and more deferential population. Also do you think that propaganda and spin wasn't employed by the UK government during the war.
  4. Fair point, however I suspect it is a mixture of both
  5. Of course people have been deliberately frightened. Understable as the government need to gain compliance to control the spread etc, which is not going to happen if you are not concerned for the health of your nearest and dearest. I think that your point point hinges on the work ‘unnecessarily’. That is a subjective term that will be different depending on your acceptance of risk. I personally would prefer demonstratable facts being pronounced at briefings rather than caveated possiblities of which only the frightening bits will be used by the media for their headlines. Last night’s UK briefin
  6. That’s for sure. I noticed that last nights seeding of the increased fatalities caused by the new variant during the Boris and Co. briefing has been questioned by the author of the report they were quoting - source BBC. Too late though for the newspapers who took the topline message and have been scaring the nation again with 30-40% more deadly variant headlines. I know they are trying to gain compliance in the UK, but there has got to be a better way than spreading fear, especially when it is based upon weak assumptions.
  7. I became quite exasperated today when speaking to two UK based elderly relatives both of whom are now fully vaccinated, but refuse to go out and are unlikely to return to a normal existence in the foreseeable future, if indeed ever. I pointed out to them the sacrifices that have already been made, are currently being made and those that will be made for decades to come by the rest of society in the main to protect their generation, and how science has amazingly come up with a vaccine to allow them to live rather and exist, yet all they could say was that lockdown and closed borders should cont
  8. Exactly, I was and still am, a proponent of protecting the old and vulnerable and letting everyone else get on with life. Before the vaccines became a realistic possibility I would have argued that the many billions directed towards furlough etc could have been directed at finding logical solutions to the issues you sighted. However, now a vaccine is being rolled out, a short to medium term virus elimination policy makes a lot of sense. Once we are vaccinated and the UK have got a grip of their issues we can then gradually ease our borders and get on with life.
  9. I know a few, but they are not yet at the top tier, and struggle with the CS mentality (if they are not poached by PS beforehand)
  10. Has any journo asked why use the check in area, and why the over engineered and expensive option? If so what was the answer?
  11. Only outside though, in the rain, wind and cold. I don't think that is unreasonable. It gives people who would mix anyway a legal option rather resorting to surreptitious indoor behaviour.
  12. As far as I can tell most people will comply if they feel the rules are fair and logical and that their is a realist end point. We will wait and see what Comin do to change that position, but if restrictions are extended beyond for no obviously good reason, or if restrictions become open ended, just watch the mood change. Personally I have found this lockdown different and harder in many ways, foul weather being probably the most obvious, but also other things such as it isn't a new virus/threat anymore, and I feel I have a better grasp of what Covid is, and the threat it presents to the
  13. I am genuinely interested in hearing your take on ethos and discipline at KWC if you are happy to expand.
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