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  1. The LFT test is not accurate enough to justify ten days of isolation without PCR validation.
  2. Perkins has announced his candidacy. Good luck with that Martin, you are a nice guy but have proven to be a waste of space during this term and my vote will not be forthcoming.
  3. It is not about feeling sorry for Baker, he is a politician and they need thick skin, it is about correctly apportioned blame. Personally if I were Baker I would ‘call out’ any failings in the DoI management and propose changes as I don’t think he has got much to lose anymore.
  4. I tend to agree, he is the public face of this mess which tbh is not of his making. It started badly with Gawne at the helm and then continued with Harmer and more latterly with Baker. The masters of this disaster are the ones who planned and implemented the project, Baker had no chance of making any meaningful impact due to 1. the DoI management who started this were still in place and 2. The covid restrictions, and 3. the stage of works already commenced upon taking up his position. Baker will end up being the fall guy, but it should be Black and Co, with an dishonorable mention to Gawne.
  5. It has been noticeable that the BBC and other broadsheets have been more bullish and optimistic in recent days, reflecting the noise coming out of Downing Street. I am starting to believe that July 19th will actually happen now that I have seen an optimistic chart displayed by the BBC.
  6. As someone who is about to get my second dose and wants to travel to the UK without restriction it is welcome news, however I have children, so unfortunately it will not make that much difference to me or other families with young children. Whilst I understand the reasoning behind the new rules, it makes me uncomfortable that we are creating divisions amoungst our travelling population within our common travel area. It is pragmatic, but also smacks of coercion. By all means persuade through adverts and messaging, but to create a sub group whether it be children, younger yet to be vaccinated people or frankly people that do not want the vaccine, leaves me cold. I hope that this situation only lasts until August when everyone can hopefully travel equally without restrictions.
  7. A delay in line with the UK stance seems sensible at this point. For those on this advisory group who want the travel restrictions back to level three, they need to get a grip and realise that the current level of restrictions have not to date introduced Delta into the community, and also frankly it has helped ease the pent up frustration that many of us with family across were really starting to feel. It would also not be a good look for Ashford if restrictions were put back in place following a completely inexcusable two week vaccination holiday.
  8. Understood re. catching it, but my main thrust is that you are unlikely to be hospitalised, which is a positive as it is all about saving the NHS apparently. I know I am being flippant, but frankly providing we don’t over run the wards and the morgues we need to vaccinate those who will have it and move on.
  9. Did I miss out the bit where I scream we're doomed and we're all going to die, apologies
  10. I assume that spread will happen within the unvaccinated community anyway, Kent or Indian, just a little quicker with the Indian, but hopefully due in large part to the majority demographics of that cohort it will not overrun the NHS. The vaccinated population are it would seem still protected, so other than an increase in cases, with hopefully only minor additional hospitalisations I do not see it matters what is the dominant variant.
  11. Agreed, people need notice, and I want the borders open now, however, in my uninformed opinion is that they will hold over the decision until the 24th, or sometime later that week until the UK data is in. I personally am currently holding off booking a trip until I get confirmation that the quarantine is dropping down, but unfortunately Comin can delay if they feel it is justified, and frankly there is going to be uproar either way. Roll on the end to this whole thing...
  12. I don't doubt there will be an announcement, my money is on a 'wait and see and we will make a call next week' type of announcement.
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