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  1. Congratulations, you have now surpassed the eminent Jonathan Van Tam for the strangest Covid related analogy, and it didn't even include a reference to trains.
  2. Because it is unnecessary in a Covid free environment. If it comes back in they may consider reintroducing it, but I for one will be happy to see the back of queues, capacity limits and bloody masks. Feel free to wear one and practice SD if it makes you feel safe, you will get no complaint from me, but if I don't have to, I will not be voluntarily doing it when there are no cases. I will still use the hand wash though
  3. I would put money on the fact that the government do not want to run this type of facility, but equally it's closure, due to apparent government bureaucracy and red tape, is not a good look pre elections, and reeks of risk averse pettiness. There will be a large queue of outraged MHK's wanting to take credit for saving the centre, and I have no doubt it will be saved in some form, but for me I find it frustrating that for a supposedly small, quick and nimble jurisdiction we habitually find ourselves tripping over large, unwieldy self imposed obstructions.
  4. And deprive the islands hospitality industry another weekend of low/no trade, I doubt it. A Monday lifting of all legal restrictions except advice re. hand hygiene, masks etc is my guess. Hopefully the touted advisory group will have some younger self employed business people on it who understand the reality of life beyond salaries and pension, so we can avoid any future overly cautious, unnecessary and damaging baby steps when exiting future restrictions, should they be deemed necessary.
  5. We live in interesting times, and in the absence of a world war, we now have something to bore our grandchildren with in years to come. Grandad, tell me again about the time when the world went Covid crazy and how Sir Howard Quayle VC, MBE, OBE, DSE, ABC etc, fought the virus on the beaches.
  6. I know one of the people who cancelled. He was due to be vaccinated on the day the media noise started and was persuaded to cancel due to the concerns of a worried wife. He listened to the briefing and did some reading and then re-registered and is getting his first AZ dose shortly. As is the case with this whole Covid thing, different people have different risk appetite so it is important that clear, factual advice without hyperbole is available. In this particular case DA's briefing convinced my friend and his wife, who are now getting vaccinated. I hope that many of the 400 were similarly r
  7. Luck got us to COVID free when nobody knew it was possible. Remember we were just flattening the curve, it was not the initial strategy but they rightly adopted it. Luck that the prevailing variant wasn’t transmissible enough to get through our weak link, the Steam Packet. Nothing wrong with luck, but eventually it runs out and exposes any flaws in procedure and strategy.
  8. I think we all know that luck played a large part in the relative normality delivered by the elimination strategy, which is fine, everyone needs a little luck from time to time. The next bit is going to need more than luck and I am not particularly confident that we will negotiate mitigation well. I predict confusion, frustration and exasperation over the coming months with many people wondering what the hell we are doing being stuck on this island, rather than the adjacent isle. It is going to be really hard balancing the people who have family on island and want to remain in elimination mode
  9. Christ I didn’t know that MF was open to youngsters 😉
  10. Straightforward does not mean desirable, necessary or in anyway proportionate
  11. I begrudgingly subscribe to The Times, but that too is succumbing to click bait and tabloidesque articles and if my wife didn't enjoy the magazine and supplement articles so much I would stop. I have now started to read The Independent in addition to the Times to try and get some political balance, along with several assorted talk radio stations (Radio 4, 5 Live, Talk Radio and LBC). It is interesting to note that all the above tend to follow the government line, give or take the odd columnist, all except of course Talk Radio, who are hard line anti lockdown etc. It would appear that one has v
  12. Apologies, I wasn’t referring to you as a conspiracy theorist, rather was just stating my belief that I did not think that neither the UK or IoM government had any pre planned agenda and have started off with the best intentions, and hopefully still retain them. I broadly agree with the Telegraph article and have been uncomfortable with their data presentation and messaging tactics in order to achieve compliance. We are certainly heading towards a less free society, in that we will be subject to more overt state surveillance and tracking, but it is worth mentioning that the state previously h
  13. It's not real money anymore, we just spend what we spend. I read today in the press that the UK NHS are providing free lateral flow tests to everyone. That must be the £1 billion worth of 'free' tests that they have already been purchased and are gathering dust. Who are they kidding, this is costing a bloody fortune. BTW, I had my jab today in Chester Street and was distinctly underwhelmed by the skirting board, for that money I do not expect gaps, but I suppose sealant is too expensive. As has been said by others, staff were friendly and efficient and so far no ill effects - unless being grou
  14. The Telegraph article is behind a paywall so I am afraid non-Telegraph subscriber's can not read it without registering. Personally, I do not believe our shower could spell conspiracy, let alone create one. That being said, it is quite apparent that behavioural 'nudge' techniques and some blatant propaganda have been used to gain acceptance for whatever policy direction they have chosen on any given day. The frustrating thing from my point of view is that all of those in power, who are largely comfortable off, middle class and middle aged, seem to have forgotten what it is like to be
  15. I happen to agree with your sentiments, however the government define 50 and above as the vulnerable group. I am in the last 'vulnerable' group and my second jab is due at the end of June. I think we can expect the borders to loosen to a practically usable level sometime in July.
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