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  1. Laxey as well as other glens and areas of woodlands have as everyone knows been neglected for years. Speaking to someone relatively high up in the department, maintenance was a dirty word with the senior management preferring new capital projects. I think the penny has finally dropped, albeit too late in Laxey’s case and work is starting to be undertaken to resolve historic failings. Drainage, river walls and tree pruning are going to come at a high cost over the next decade all because of cost ‘saving’ on maintenance during the supposed austerity years. Just wait until Ash die back takes hold properly. Tree surgeons are going to be doing very well, as Ash trees are everywhere. At least Baker lives in a glen so he has seen the issues at first hand.
  2. It is a bit like H & S, a complete drag on business, but necessary
  3. I would agree that there will be a spike in unemployment that will take quite some time to disappear. There are the obvious hotel workers, but there, is as has been pointed out, the businesses who serve the offices, such as coffee and sandwich shops etc. The working from home ‘revolution’ will not be as stark as first predicted. Most office workers have been requesting flexibility as opposed to completely leaving the office environment. This is generally supported by the organisations for a variety of reasons. All of this change will take time to bed in, however I am optimistic that the outlying towns and villages will benefit from increased local spend and hopefully create jobs on the back of it. The other factor that is going to increase unemployment in the short term is that businesses that were frankly not well run or were not sustainable have been found out by this crisis will close down when support ceases. Perversely enough the very fact that so many people are employed either directly or indirectly by government is going to cushion the unemployment situation. They all spend money in the local economy, especially now with the travel restrictions. And before anyone mentions online, at least we get the VAT back that gets back into the economy albeit indirectly .
  4. I am not going to attempt to spell the disease, but yes it is affecting the Larch. The felling is not pretty, but necessary.
  5. It is a pain in the rear, but you forward plan. Either stock up and rely on non perishables upon your return, or do as I did during isolation and enlist family to trudge around the supermarket on our behalf. You really do not want to be 'the one' who feels the wrath of the socially distanced pitchfork brigade, or more likely reading about your exploits from within the Jurby Hilton.
  6. Reading the comments throws up all the same arguments and disagreements as us. Personally I think our potential end of August approach is better as the same quarantine applies to all areas and makes for a simpler message. The country/region differential approach just complicates matters and is flawed due to the long incubation period of the virus.
  7. Spot on, the goal in the publics minds, including the politicians, does appear to have shifted unrealistically away from preventing NHS overcrowding and flattening the curve to complete elimination of infection. This is fed by a constant media bombardment to that end. Even our Government promoted strategy is based on the number of cases, not on how full our ITU is. Problem is nobody, including me, wants to exit this Covid free state and go back to restrictions. It would take some balls for Comin to accept cases, but let us carry on as normal without restrictions whilst shielding the vulnerable. In a way we have painted ourselves into a corner. A gilded cage.
  8. This made me chuckle, it is as I have gone over to the dark side. I have always said that I would prefer that vulnerable shield and the rest just get on with it, but the truth is that as soon as the first few cases appear again the government will overreact and reintroduce all the SD nonsense, along with potential lockdowns which I personally detest on many levels. So on balance I opt for the lesser of two evils. Sorry Southfork, just being pragmatic
  9. For me it’s all about not going into bloody lockdown again. Businesses and ordinary people are the ones who suffer. If someone does not isolate, they need to be reported. Incredibly selfish behaviour.
  10. I too know that street very well and it is a sobering image. It is why I reluctantly now back the travel restrictions. We di not want to go back to this nonsense. I too hate everything to do with lockdown.
  11. Not doom and death, just local SD restrictions and all of the other things that we were so pleased to rid of. Unfortunately it would seem that is the choice we are presented with.
  12. Assume there was a way to effectively shield all the vulnerable, and the rest of the island’s population did get on with it without restrictions. I am aware that this is theoretical as people would be scared and act unpredictably, and that that there would always be weaknesses in any shielding that would create another Abbotswood, but assume that we could, in which case am I mistaken in believing that the virus whilst not being the flu, is not that big a deal for 99% of people and the damage being done economically and through the neglect of other health issues far outweighs the actual effects of the virus?
  13. The majority of our economy is recovering with things getting back to normal and with extra local spend in a lot of cases. Agreed the figures will make grim reading due to the lockdown and the SD nonsense that followed, but other than tourism we are now doing okay. I personally think we should all live with this virus without SD restrictions etc whilst shielding the vulnerable, but I am in a minority, so the choice as I see it is to keep the current tight controls and keep going until spring, or relax travel restrictions, get some new cases and then inevitably return to bureaucratic rules and SD restrictions along with possible local lockdowns. If these are the options, I choose keeping restrictions. Tourism is now a non event until next easter.
  14. The article is just stating the obvious, that the Merseyside drug gangs are targeting the island as they have been doing over the past decade. Supplying a demand, same as any other NW provincial town/area. The only 'news' is that they have had to be a little more creative with their importation methods. Slow news week, but at least it is not directly a Covid story.
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