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  1. It will change, everyone knows it will. This is just one of those stages we have to go through to get to a pragmatic and realistic end result. I have accepted that however annoyed and angry I get at the situation, the powers that be need the safety blanket of process and incremental change. I feel your pain, I really do...
  2. Exactly, it is not the CS employees fault, it is those who created the remuneration structure and hierarchy.
  3. Other than yourself, he hasn’t upset that many people, and given that Howie is retiring I cannot see the good people of middle electing two unknowns. In fact it would not surprise if we see him promoted to Alf’s current job, if Alf becomes CM.
  4. I’ve personally stopped worrying about how reasonable, sensible or ridiculous the emergency laws are. It was just irritating me and getting me angry. I had to remember that todays laws are tomorrow’s guidance, and next weeks history. I was trying yesterday to plan some business logistics for mid June. As an exercise I sat back and considered how I would have done the exact same thing a month previously, and quickly realised my planning was a pointless exercise. Everything is evolving so rapidly. Respect the spirit of the laws, use them as guidance, but ultimately act like a responsible person, repect others point of view and get on with it, shouldn’t be for too long, whatever the doom mongers say. The Dogs, I imagine within a short space of time you will stop being a SD outlaw, and will be back to observing the law, just because the rules will have changed again and again and again.
  5. The Isle of Man Government want HNW individuals, and others who are setting up or running revenue generatng businesses to come to the island. I would suggest a proportion of those people do not want to live in urban areas, or require space that only a rural property provides. One of the attractions of the island is the ability to live in a 'remote' rural area, but in reality to be a fairly short drive to a town or village. These people run their businesses from their homes, some with modern, extensive and well designed home networking and server solutions. The problem to date has been the lack of a reliable and consistent broadband offering. In some cases due to topography 5g/4g routing is not an option. Currently the network fibre does not extend to rural locations, but it needs to and this is why the government has provided the grant. BTW, MT do not entertain offers to pay for a fibre connection extension.
  6. I think they will just have to struggle on with Tynwald Mills and the Strand Centre for quite a while I suspect
  7. Interesting take on the situation. Any money they spend locally certainly won’t do any harm
  8. It was not so much a direct response to any comment in this thread, more of a personal observation regarding an underlying resentment and perhaps jealously of actual civil servants that runs through some MF threads
  9. Historically, most of us made choices in our youth about whether we worked in the private or public sector. Using a sweeping generalisaton, the private sector gave a person flexibility to move between companies and increase your earnings. In good times the private sector paid well and in some cases provided excellent bonuses. Indeed, the only perceived limit on earnings and position was a person’s capability and ambition. The public sector attracted vocational types, for example Nurses, Police, Teachers, but there were also a section of the public sector refered to as Civil Servants who generally valued stability, routine, and a solid pension in the distant future. Their pay was then classed as okay and they got occasional promotions and increments, but they were never going to ‘make it’. You could argue they were Steady Eddies with limited ambition. We all made our choices and we need to accept that some of us chose better than others, and that changing times have made the public sector potentially a better choice with hindsight than it once was, but it seems unfair to castigate and vilify the Civil Service staff who made that choice. Those who are nearing retirement unwittingly made a good choice from a pension point of view, but personally I can’t think of anything worse than to endure 40plus years in that environment. If anyone should be criticised it should be the government and the CEO’s who created the multi layered bureaucratic monster that is the current Civil Service. They are the ones who sanctioned the current salary scales, pension rules and organisational hierarchy.
  10. Low interest rates, and the central banks creating money supply QE
  11. To ba fair to the treasury, why would you want to realise short term losses due to a sudden drop in the markets if you didn’t have to. Pretty much all investments have taken a hit and I know if I needed a large chunk of money at this time, I wouldn’t be cashing in any equities but instead taking out a cheap loan. Also factor in that the government should be able to access even lower rates than an individual it makes sense. Reserves will recover, but it will be over a five to ten year window, assuming there are no other major catastrophes.
  12. I heard a rumour that certain landowners (farmers) signed deals some time ago to allow data cables to travel across their land. The deals were calculated on a cost per mb. If that is true, can you imagine the ever increasing payments to said landowners. Well played by the landowners if it is the case, but legacy deals such as this will be costing MT a fortune.
  13. I have no issue with content being put on line by teachers at present. As I have said before if this is going to drag on then there needs to be much more teacher interaction, such as explaining and presenting the work, assisting in real time, and also marking and giving feedback. These are the things that are missing at the moment. Fine at first, no good for the future.
  14. Agreed, I used that figure as an extreme example that would still illustrate that threequarters of children are being disadvantaged, due to a quarter of pupils. It is probably more like 90% but I do not have any figures one way or another. My point still stands though. Help the disdvantaged and bring them up. I find the attitude of accepting the lowest educational standard horrifying.
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