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  1. A bugbear of mine on all the islands roads, but particularly the mountain road, is the apparent inability of people to leave a reasonable gap between their vehicle and the car they are following. It is frustrating to be stuck behind a large queue who are being held up by Ms Daisy travelling at 35mph. Quite rightly nobody is going to attempt the five plus car overtake, but with a little consideration by all, small, safe overtakes would be an option.
  2. The government can put on more and more restrictions on business/people, but if a significant minority do not comply, the government will have to be pragmatic and either go full on authoritarian or let everyone get on with it. Boris and the tories are libertarians so I bet that the rules will become merely guidance and then we watch and wait...The public compliance is the thing to watch. I feel that it is starting to falter.
  3. Christie DeHaven and Howard Cain work well together
  4. As the tee shirts say we need to “keep calm and carry on”, as the whole shitshow in the UK is just starting unravel. Pull up a seat and let’s see what happens there, as ultimately that is what is going to dictate our ongoing policy.
  5. This is what the government are going to have to grapple with over the next few months. They may be able to close businesses, however the public buy in to restrictions isn't what it was, and the more restrictive and draconian they make them to ensure compliance, the more push back they will experience. it may well descend into an on, off, on, off cycle of restrictions that damage the morale and economy of the nation, that ultimately do not end up achieving their primary objective of saving the health of the nation. We all know that this cannot go on, but the politics is already kicking in with
  6. As with Brexit, opinions appear to be polarized, in turn leading to political comprise, that in turn leads to restrictions that do not work in terms of health, but also damage the economy. It is a very sad state of affairs.
  7. Good grief, what an awful situation. This to me encapsulates all that is wrong with the general approach to this pandemic. I personally feel that we should have gone down the shield the old and vulnerable the best we can, and let the rest get on with it, but as an instinctive libertarian I also believe that all people have right to their liberty and freedom of choice. In the case of this poor resident, as long as they are aware of the risks, they should be free to go out if they wish. Being treated like a prisoner ‘for their own good’ is an anathema and plain wrong.
  8. Your second point has validity but I am sorry the timing stinks.
  9. They said if it were to be brought in it would be voluntary. He needs to listen more carefully.
  10. Please no, can we have someone who has a bit of dynamism. Uber cautious, baby steps Ashford is a good second in command, but not a leader. Deserves the gong though, he did a good job, even though I disagree with his approach.
  11. Exactly, industrial level abuse of legislation that was introduced with good intentions, but has been used to screw commercial landlords. If you have a pension fund, that means you...
  12. Correct we are a representative democracy, however when decisions are made that impact on your basic freedoms (however well intentioned or necessary), they should consult with the appointed experts in the appropriate field, and then make public the decision making process. The public should not have to blindly speculate, or blindly follow our democratic representatives on such matters without complete transparency.
  13. Nope, just anecdotal evidence and basic intuition. As soon as the 7 day rule was put in place, it was short enough to encourage several visits to UK family.
  14. Covered by point 3. less travel, less risk.
  15. These are the reasons that I think were behind the removing the 7 day restriction: 1. Too many positive 'cases' that were upsetting the more risk averse amongst us 2. To try to decrease travel to and from the island 3. To be seen to do 'something/anything' to appease the shouty risk averse people amongst us 4. He wants the islands 'Covid Free' badge back It would be nice to think that he has the intellect and the courage to attempt herd immunity on the quiet, but I think not.
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