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  1. Given that this cohort will be pretty much done in six weeks, I am not sure the benefit is worth the potential confusion/hassle, although I will not complain if they do.
  2. I am 50, replied to the letter immediately, got an appointment very quickly along with the 2nd for the end of June. All of my peers in the same age cohort are in exactly the same position. Those I know in their mid to late 40's are due their second dose in early July. Neither I or the people I refer to have any underlying health conditions.
  3. End of June is the current trajectory for the 50 plus
  4. Correct, however, speaking to someone who knows, Howie's ego had come close to persuading him to run again but thankfully he has seen sense and is bowing out. As politicians careers go, he is one of the rare ones who is going at nearly the peak of his popularity, albeit I am not convinced that he was ever as popular as Gef would have him believe.
  5. I am guessing that Howie not standing was the big announcement. Feeling underwhelmed as he puts the suitcase back in the loft 🙁
  6. Exactly this. Context and relative risk are the forgotten casualties of Covid.
  7. As much as I would like all border restrictions removed, my bet is further loosening of borders to coincide with UK easing, on 17th May with test on arrival with no isolation if negative, with another follow up test. I am aware that Comin have come under massive pressure by business to open up now, but are fully open borders so soon too much to hope for? To be fair he did surprise us in LD 1 when all remaining restrictions were removed in one go. I await with interest.
  8. I concur with all of the above, my experience: Year 1 - Major Glysophate spraying session in autumn on a very large and established outbreak whilst they were in flower. Year 2 - Almost daily checking for new growth in the evening - spraying each one as I go (mark each with a stick, and you will see a pattern of underground root growth) Year 3 - I noticed a significant reduction in new growth, but kept on with the same routine. Currently on Year 4 - Just been out, approx. 20 new sprouts over the past few months, so I am guessing that next year it will be pretty much gone.
  9. Varients of concern, mutatations etc are going to exist for quite some time yet. Interesting to read that the strain found its way into vaccinated care home residents, who although they were admitted to hospital (abudance of caution?) did not get severely ill and are now fine. If that turns out to be the pattern amongst vaccinated, older vulnerable people, I would hope that governments will take measured and proportional measures and not get bounced into a political over reaction by a covid obsessed media.
  10. They are also the carrier of a disease that wipes out larch.
  11. I had a large patch of knotweed on some land I purchased. Glysophate treatment in the late Autumn about flowering time knocked out 99% of the visible knotweed, and spot weed killer on the emerging shoots during the subsequent growing seasons has seen a year on year decrease to virtually nil. After a while it is quite easy to spot the pattern of roots from the position of the red shoots and virtually anticipate where they will pop up. It is a variety of bamboo that was imported in the 1800’s because it was pretty (that worked out well). It does need to be controlled as it is invasive and will r
  12. I hope that one positive thing to come out of this mess, is that governments around the world will look into their response and create a frameworks and strategies that deal with the next pandemic in a more measured and proportionate way.
  13. I noticed at 2pm today on Bowring Road, just past the Jurby Road junction at the bus stop, the road was closed with patrol cars and a couple of fully geared up Scenes of Crimes officers in attendance.
  14. That is what I consider normal personal space. I am happy to avoid any place that has less. I am getting old I guess.
  15. It is awkward for business, if they choose to ignore the advice and carry on regardless (assuming their group HQ will allow it), they risk public outrage if they are the conduit for several cases, but they also run the risk of widespread staff isolation if cases are found with the subsequent disruption that brings. You are right though, how much effort and expense does a business put in to adhere to 'advice' that is likely to change over the coming months, especially if and when we relax a bit more about the situation.
  16. It is unfortunately going to take a little time for mindsets to change from elimination/zero cases to accepting that Covid is likely always going to be present to some extent. Some big corporates are delaying full return to the office until Government mitigation advice is forthcoming. Although frustrating, this was always going to take a couple of months to bed in and for the fear of the virus and the fear of attracting unwanted PR to subside.
  17. Good to see Manx Care’s ‘mitigated’ reaction to a few new cases has been to essentially to place the NHS into lockdown again. Assuming Covid is now a permanent visitor to our shores, their reaction appears a little extreme. Manx Care say that they are proportionate and temporary. I do not see the logic of the new measures as they are clearly not sustainable or indeed intended to be in place over a long period, so why bother at all, if the same level of risk is likely to exist in a couple of weeks time?
  18. The Ramsey school is being deep cleaned tonight and reopening tomorrow. Only one teacher and pupil are in isolation. Mitigation in action, it would appear so...
  19. As of today we are now past the imposition of such rules, especially with such low numbers. It is now about advice and personal responsibility. They may advise such measures in the locality, but imposing and 'ordering' restrictions goes against the newly adopted ethos.
  20. Well, we truly are living in interesting times. On the day of a borders exit announcement, COVID rears its head again. Now let’s see how Comin deals with this. I personally was pleasantly surprised that we apparently got back to elimination, but in reality I don’t think we ever did, Kent variant appears to be too slippery. The new cases are probably a blessing in disguise as we now will not fall back into the comfort bubble of a COVID free island. Now we will hopefully carry on as we are, open the borders and use hospital capacity and vaccination numbers as our metrics. Let’s see how bold our
  21. Congratulations, you have now surpassed the eminent Jonathan Van Tam for the strangest Covid related analogy, and it didn't even include a reference to trains.
  22. Because it is unnecessary in a Covid free environment. If it comes back in they may consider reintroducing it, but I for one will be happy to see the back of queues, capacity limits and bloody masks. Feel free to wear one and practice SD if it makes you feel safe, you will get no complaint from me, but if I don't have to, I will not be voluntarily doing it when there are no cases. I will still use the hand wash though
  23. I would put money on the fact that the government do not want to run this type of facility, but equally it's closure, due to apparent government bureaucracy and red tape, is not a good look pre elections, and reeks of risk averse pettiness. There will be a large queue of outraged MHK's wanting to take credit for saving the centre, and I have no doubt it will be saved in some form, but for me I find it frustrating that for a supposedly small, quick and nimble jurisdiction we habitually find ourselves tripping over large, unwieldy self imposed obstructions.
  24. And deprive the islands hospitality industry another weekend of low/no trade, I doubt it. A Monday lifting of all legal restrictions except advice re. hand hygiene, masks etc is my guess. Hopefully the touted advisory group will have some younger self employed business people on it who understand the reality of life beyond salaries and pension, so we can avoid any future overly cautious, unnecessary and damaging baby steps when exiting future restrictions, should they be deemed necessary.
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