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  1. Mixing up couriers. The initial contract to deliver LTF Tests was awarded to Manx Independent Carriers much to the absurd outrage of the empire of the self-entitled, self-serving IOM Post Office hierarchy.
  2. We shall see soon enough who is correct.
  3. And I recommend that you do likewise! It is ridiculous for you to assume someone has not done so The 'private sector' as such did not underwrite the BA franchise LCY route. A single online gambling company with at that time a very large need for the route did so and it then withdrew its support. During the first 18 months or so of Covid19 here, the IOMG heavily subsidised the route and ditto the LHR route when LCY closed to scheduled pax flights. You will also presumably be aware of the unstable history of the LCY route and the number of former operators. In busier demand times for business travel then than there is now or is likely to be going forward. Your assertion that 'with some clever thinking a solution could be found to meet everyone’s needs' is pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking and avoids actually putting forward any such solution. It also very foolishly assumes that you know better than all the airline operators, senior aviation professionals and the IOMG. Unlike you they know the economics. I do too. You sadly do not. Perhaps you will take your own unsolicited advice now and 'do a little more research and understand the facts before making sweeping statements....'. to quote your goodself above!
  4. There is ''an island based local operator'' . It is called Loganair. And they could not make a London Heathrow or City service viable even with an ATR-70. I assume you want the government to pay huge subsidies but the IOMG just borrowed £400,000,000 (=£400million) for 30 years. The interest alone is £6,600,000 which has to be paid each and every year for 30 years and the £400,000,000 has to be paid back by the maturity date. It covers past borrowings and huge Covid19 incurred expenditure debts. Obviously, there is no magic money tree. Obviously there is no spare money. None at all. They cannot even afford to pay for many basic services. I would try and get used to the Gatwick route. I see many double daily easyJet services on the route next year with consistent times. I just booked some. Welcome to the new world.
  5. Because in the real world, the myopic, self-serving, virtue-signalling, bloated Douglas Corporation will just piss away all the extra monies on underpinning and expanding their already too large and inefficient empire. Simples. It looks to me like they may force We the People, the Ratepayers, into a Rates Strike and I shall be willing to provide a very large amount to fund support publicity etc for that. It is past time for the arrogance of the Corporation to be dealt with and for them to serve the ratepayers as the priority and not themselves The wording of these questions clearly shows their intent. It is not an objective genuine survey. They want fortnightly collections or pay by weight. Many ratepayers think that the only service they receive for their extortionate Douglas Rates payments is the weekly bin collection and for everyone it is THE key service for the Rates they have to pay. We all need to make a stand on this. Douglas Corporation's political and staff leadership need to realise that the consequences of what they are planning will not be just the usual meek and compliant, timid ratepayers of the past. Those days are gone now post pandemic. CLEAR OUT THE SELF-SERVING BLOAT OF THIS ROTTEN BOROUGH.
  6. You have not mentioned that Postal Votes were open to absolutely everyone at this election for the very first time. This household used postal votes exclusively. A very short and simple online application form and then a simple Ballot Paper and Declaration. Quick, easy, convenient, Covid19 risk-free and also all free of charge.
  7. When will the IOM Government also do this - and do so properly? The number and costs of both of the two empires with the creation of Manx Care are a complete disgrace. Highest-paid UK NHS managers could be cleared out in Treasury audit Audit to shine a light on duplication. All UK government departments must give breakdown of jobs so officials can evaluate each team, its costs and whether roles are duplicated By Christopher Hope and Tony Diver UK Ministers have ordered an audit of NHS jobs as part of a probe into departmental spending on civil service jobs which could lead to a thinning out of highly paid posts in the health service. Stephen Barclay, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has ordered every government department to submit a report into how many staff they have on the payroll. The news came amid concern that the NHS will swallow the entire £36 billion raised over the next three years from the tax hikes, even though £5.4 billion has been earmarked for social care. Departments have been asked to submit a full list of their workforces and their associated bodies so that Treasury officials can start to look at duplication in the jobs that they hold. A particular focus for Mr Barclay is the thousands of staff in the Department of Health and National Health Service, which last week put out job adverts for 42 new executives on salaries of up to £270,000, who share the same roles.
  8. Does not matter. Idiotic design is idiotic design in either case. And the DoI (the Despicable Department of Imbeciles) has had to sign off on any design.
  9. You can direct such questions to the Practice Manager. Last I knew it was a Cathy Poultney.
  10. Dr Hopkinson retired in February this year after giving plenty of notice of that and also after postponing his original intention to retire considerably earlier.
  11. Still more than is needed. Giant PLCs have only those three too! And how many managers are there at the IOM PO? And how much do all the executives and all the managers cost the public including all the perks and the costs of all of their accomodation and all their ''support'' staff and all the other related costs too? And of course there are also all the costs of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and the rest of the completely obscene and needless bloat. Have you checked the prevalent views of the troops who actually do the real work to see if they think any of that obscene bloat is necessary and defensible?
  12. Maybe Dr. Ranson has gone away, using some of her annual leave, to research the latest in shredder technology for her political boss, Professor You Know Who. MBE and perhaps also for the Cabinet Office and the IOMG Communications Unit people too. Does anyone else, apart from the PAC and me, think that they have disrespected Dr. Ranson hugely, just as they did to Dr Glover?
  13. Do you suspect any 'seafoody' shredding or un-shredding or maybe even both? The esteemed 'Professor' Ashford would never allow anything like that or anything else ''seafoody'' in his always amazingly competent and wonderful value-for-the public's-money DHSC & Manx Care empire, surely?
  14. But that has not stopped the Ashford MBE circus sacking her within hours of the PAC publishing her evidence to them. THEY run the asylum. Tweeted this morning: Tanya August-Hanson MLC @Taniemarie 53m ''And... now I’m hearing she’s been sacked. That’s what I’ve been told from a very good source, yes.''
  15. Rachel Glover: ''Wow, the sheer level of legalese and spin from the DHSC in their response to Dr Ranson’s evidence mirrors my experience earlier this year. David Ashford and Kathryn Magson must be seriously rattled to be launching that kind of response. Both should have been fired long ago. Well done to the MHKs on the Public Accounts Committee for pushing so strongly for her evidence to be published, despite obvious legal challenge from the DHSC to stop it entirely.''
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