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  1. Because I shall not be coerced by a bunch of Numpties into doing so while continuing to pay the same huge amount for half the service. And then there is also the fact of the extreme arrogance of being told about all the money that DBC will save but that does not flow back to us in lower rates at all as it should but actually results in a further rates INCREASE of 3.7%! Who. Do. They. Think. They. Are? See: George Orwell's 1984. FFS.
  2. I always speak as I feel and I do not care 'how your posts make you look'. You - with your political aspirations - clearly do.
  3. I did not say I was or was not recycling. Douglas Corporation is not the only option for that either. And to admit the obvious that halving refuse collections will save them a great deal of money but at the same time not reduce the rates accordingly is pure evil plain and simple. And to then also INCREASE our already needlessly high DBV rates is just totally taking the p*SS. I hope someone organises a rates strike campaign before long.
  4. You cannot be as stupid as that makes you seem. You are reducing the only Douglas Corporation service that we actually use and want by 50% (we do not use DBC's virtue signalling and empire building vanity recycling project) and at the same time you are not in any way making ratepayer savings by reducing our rates at all. In fact, you are now adding yet further insult to injury by increasing our rates by a further 3.7%. WTF. I trust that you do not have any more ideas (perhaps imported from your apparent idea of Utopia - Germany past and present) for DBC to 'save money' for the sitting duck ratepayers while in reality actually totally shafting the ratepayers - over and over and over again. As for your last remark about what is or is not acceptable comment in 2022, that sort of attempt at cancel censorship reeks of the then leadership with the support of vast nos of your countrymen in the 1930s and 1940s. And to rope in all your colleagues as sharing your views also smacks of tactics used then. Superior orders, anyone? I believe that you do not even begin to know the full real (un)economics of Isle of Man recycling. You are the type who is usually one of the ridiculous anti gas exploration people despite the fact that we have decades to go before we have the slightest hope of being remotely self sufficient in green energy and meantime the economic welfare of all the people of the island would be greatly improved by taking advantage of such gas as we already own. I seem to recall that you achieved one of the lowest recorded votes in a General Election in South Douglas a decade or so ago. Thank goodness for us is all I can say.
  5. Yes Gladys, you have missed something. That is the very simple basic point that many of us do not use the Corporation recycling. Often that is because we shall not be coerced into it because we see it as a huge empire building and virtue signalling white elephant.
  6. Nein danke to you - a recently elected unopposed councillor. Maybe you should just go back to Germany then if it is so far ahead of here. Who do you think you are to patronise us . WHY am I paying a vast amount of rates and you are increasing them by a further 3.7% while halving my bin collections - the only thing this household values at all from your bloated services? You have lost our potential future votes - I may even help to campaign against you. Sod you.
  7. Here they are all about dipping in Sweet Chili Sauce or Guacamole or Salsas! A very Happy Christmas and All Good Wishes for a healthy and Happy 2022 to the Forum Members.
  8. Should or will be sorted? Could your post be any more lacking in any detail whatsoever?
  9. Unfortunately, in the event of cancellation or delay they do not.
  10. You may be close to a local Telco seeing as you seem to define 'slighty more' as up to several times more but most people do not! Our copper and fibre broadband prices have always been, and remain today, wholly extortionate. And In case you think of trotting out the pathetic MT classic type of soundbites about 'economies of scale across' please don't insult our intelligence! .
  11. WTF has that got to with this thread topic which, lest you have failed to understand, is ''IOM Covid removing restrictions''
  12. Your personal anti Boris Johnson political fetishes are of no interest in what is a local forum and they clearly have completely blinded you to the sole key fact. You clearly do not understand - or refuse to acknowledge - that the Oxford / Astra Zeneca vaccine has been and remains today by far the most widespread vaccine in use - in over 170 countries. And also of course The World Health Organization has recommended the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for use worldwide. Maybe best if you would keep your positions on UK politics and politicians for a politics forum. And not suppress or distort demonstrable facts as that does you no credit at all.
  13. You said ''Don’t know.'' That is all that needs to be said as regards your expertise in this hugely complex and skilled area.
  14. Knowledge always helps. Why else would they want results at all - why would they even send the samples across for results?
  15. Really? Our self-serving buffoons in charge politically and in the DHSC / Manx Care could have had the sequencing results of the two cases reported today by tomorrow thanks to what you call ''the good Dr'' Instead the samples will be sent to the UK and it will take around ten days for them to know the results. The people in charge are really clever. Morons aren't they? But you and almost everyone else are just meekly accepting the blatant insanity.
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