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  1. DrunkenMonkey, just had a brief look at your profile and interestingly the majority of your comments are in regards to education, and quite a few trying to refute my discussions...........it would appear that you think you know quite a bit about the subject, so perhaps your continuous harping on about what job I was turned down for has unfortunately no relevance, as I can assure you I have never been turned down for a job Sorry to disappoint. The speculation you refer to is another opportunity to try to downgrade what is widely known as concerns in the level of attainment evident now co
  2. Ok, two issues here. The first is, the exams are being held by the department, and the examiners are teachers within the service from grades 1-4 as previously discussed. So a woodwind teacher's student is perhaps being examined by a guitar teacher or the other woodwind teacher. Is there a moderation of this either internally or externally to ensure that this grading is correct (if we check quick enough there maybe isn't, but there may be some scrambling as we speak to ensure that some sort of document can covers this now), and what training has been provided to those 'examiners' to ensure
  3. It seems to be an idea which the service share as good for struggling families who cannot afford to put their children in due to the financial cost of an exam. It’s not like we really struggle here though is it compared to the UK. But the cost should be no more than £40 for grade 1 going up to £100 for grade 8. Conveniently though this allows statistics to be based on totally their own assessment and you’re right roger this appears to be common across many occupations....... But again it’s much more than all of that, are there a lot of things that failures of management in things li
  4. Well done Helix, and the proportion of pupils who sit grades above that from the service are??? I don't know the figures and can't find out as nothing is published, but as I said, it wouldn't take a lot to find out for those who can access... Plus I'm sure music teachers in schools would be a good source of info on the numbers they get for GCSE and A level through the service, although under the current setup they're probably scared to say anything! Not having a go, but there is little point in contacting the DOE at present when it is still without change, and the general consensus fro
  5. Oh and can you provide me with any detail as to the last time the Service was externally moderated officially.........not through a mate who happens to be an advisor in the department?
  6. Are you sure about your sweeping statement?............. accountability can only be measured if the person observing actually does their job.........hence why the Beamans report highlights this!
  7. None, Banker spot on.........the soothsayers above make great efforts to defend the undefensible. The link to abrsm im is simply a link..........not at all what I'm talking about.... How many Music students do lower grades with them from DOE, FIND THE STATS ANDY and prove me wrong, and in that case, what proportion of numbers 'sitting' exams actually come through this DOE system. I would gamble at least 90% of students don't do ABRSM exams in the DOE system and of the others who do, they would significantly come through external organisations, volunteers, who teach and do a good job
  8. The realisation that we have 'teachers' of the department of education, who have no accountability other than providing their own statistics, manipulated to their own agenda to make them look good, by assessing their own exams for the majority of pupils................. UK Music departments enter students for independent music exams (ABRSM, Trinity etc) but the IOM system seems happy to get their teaching colleague Service mates to assess pupils and then gloat about how many have passed in the local press. This is not a cynical reflection on pupil endeavours but rather the system itself,
  9. Yes I’ve heard this too. Extra curriculum stuff Is being discarded and for some staff it seems fine..... unless off course there is overtime paid to cover things like Staff teaching students at Manx youth orchestra...... now there doesn’t seem to be the same issue.......wonder why????
  10. Whatever happened to common sense.... Bullying allegations, now throwing the dummy out because they can’t get their own way, like a little crying child...oh wait.. No sympathy I’m afraid, had your offer, we have COVID now, tough luck. No sympathy and with very unregulated teacher performance it would appear in regards to what others have shared they have a cheek. There are quite a few departments and management that could do with being cleared out anyway, promoted to take them away from poor performance in teaching kids....
  11. This is great, I love that the assumption that a few mates agreeing to something together makes it right, so it provides an opportunity to bash my suggestion as wrong. ok, let’s go again: 1. Music is a good thing 2. no one said do away with it 3. my suggestion is it needs done differently... 4. The Music Service isn’t the only thing that needs to change post corona by the way! here’s a case study that helps us understand perhaps what by a google search has happened elsewhere. A success story no less! https://www.musicmark.org.uk/news/from-closure-to-cr
  12. Ermm read this drunkenmonkey, https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/education-sport-and-culture/education-improvement-service/school-self-review-and-evaluation-reports/ “In order to test out the judgements schools are making about themselves and ensure rigour and objectivity, a validator from an organisation called Graham Reeves Ltd then visits the school with an adviser from the Department of Education, Sport and Culture.” Jeepers and this company is from Bromley. Bet that ain’t cheap. https://www.grahamreeves.co.uk/contact No record of any inspection on there ei
  13. No time Neil sorry, gotta feed the horses down on the prom, plus make some scones down in cregneash whilst teaching some Manx.... Wonder where red sky went? All of a sudden they disappear when asked when this service was last externally inspected???? Etc etc etc. Wonder which part they played/SANG in the video?
  14. Oops, seemed to have hit a bit nerve there..... no need to hurl insults as my view is something that perhaps will be agreed by many others in that there is need for a clear out of many who simply are not worth their money. No one is discounting the worth of music, but perhaps a different way of doing it, like setting up an independent service outside of govt, not including taking of taxes to pay for it, would be a better way of doing things. Since you know so much about this red sky how many kids do the service actually teach as a percentage of the whole school population?, when we’re they las
  15. I’ll just leave this here as an example of what our taxes are paying for. Nice sentiment, but is there an almost sneering look of satisfaction at the prospect of having 6 months off work on full pay........ ironic tune to be singing. https://youtu.be/5a4qZnRWHQY
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