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  1. For someone who doesn't teach in DESC or Music Service Manxman you sure do seem to know a lot about this kind of thing. I do respect your previous posts and agree with a lot of what you have said.........particularly griping continually about teachers.......like a lot of professions they have had to deal with massive change in the delivery of lessons and assessment. The survey appears to highlight discontent in the teaching staff not only in Music Service but many other schools, something that agreed needs followed up to ascertain whether this is a genuine cause for concern or just a gripe/group personal vendetta at a person in charge. How do you realistically gain an insight therefore into the genuineness of such a damning report into management confidence.........surely independant assessment? Is that not what guarantees a neutral approach? Internal follows up are too connected to personalities and mates, (ie, if there has been long outstanding issues that HR or senior leaders have been aware off, have they been addressed by the Director etc. or just passed over) just saying, but if it affects the operational output of a department/school then the reason why needs sorted and learnt from. This is a really basic thing.
  2. You’re having a laugh if you’re referring to music service are you? Evidence would be in a full independent inspection, but from what info I can see that hasn’t happened for years. And with this resultant survey would that not now be necessary?
  3. Sorry Stu. This new report has nothing to do with whether the individual efforts at getting some enjoyment out of music is a valiant goal. It’s to do with teachers being happy in the workplace. Instigated by government and now showing some very concerning workplace environments if to be believed…..will anything be done about it? I humbly ask that you find out?
  4. Quote from article ”The Music Service consistently recorded the worst scores, ranking bottom for staff confidence in management decision making, management being aware of the challenges faced by stafff, senior management being honest in their communication with staff, team management and overall happiness at work.” I’m sure their manager is delighted at the staff who have supported their efforts….
  5. Interesting article relevant to the post. https://gef.im/2022/01/05/how-happy-are-our-teachers/
  6. Oh, you really are in the know Mr Fairfax.............perhaps a few teachers would be able to confirm this And could it be perhaps that this expected arrival could allow the use of the teachers that 'can' for observations and others disappear into the broom cupboard........heaven forbid
  7. The problem with exit interviews (and handy for hr departments) is that the information gained in relation to issues regarding employment, including things like performance, expected workload, or bullying and harassment is then swept under the carpet, if felt it’s not in the better good to expose shortcomings of the department hq, heads or leaders...... It seems a toxic system that in some instances unfortunately promotes staff, rather than deal with those who are incapable of doing the job they signed up for just to get them out of the way......just look at the list of “leaders” in the department hq, and in schools, and a lot of teachers could provide some interesting background into their “promotion” to heights of being advisors to people on the chalk face, with little evidence of outstanding data in their own practice, but yet HR will defend them from issues no matter what, unless off course you’ve exposed something that needs you removed.......then see what happens! I recall one head teacher that this happened to a few years back, was demoted and then sent out to graze!!! Cloaks and daggers. Beamans exposed this from my reading, but only loosing one of the “leaders” doesn’t change a system! Good luck to Mr Kincade, he’s a job on his hands, but only time will tell if he’s up for change and accountability, not as apparently happened of the report with harassment of staff with silly badgering of new methodologies.
  8. This is refreshing to see. Seems quite an experienced fella and a good idea. Free lessons and instruments. Bit of a no brainer if you’ve young ones looking a new hobby..... https://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/88719/isle-of-man-brass-academy Well done in giving something back to the community and he’s a qualified teacher too.
  9. DrunkenMonkey, just had a brief look at your profile and interestingly the majority of your comments are in regards to education, and quite a few trying to refute my discussions...........it would appear that you think you know quite a bit about the subject, so perhaps your continuous harping on about what job I was turned down for has unfortunately no relevance, as I can assure you I have never been turned down for a job Sorry to disappoint. The speculation you refer to is another opportunity to try to downgrade what is widely known as concerns in the level of attainment evident now compared to a few years back, so keep plugging away as it is obviously an uncomfortable topic for you to deal with. Are you still teaching the guitar or flute?? You ask: If the answer to all of the above questions relating to moderation and training was "yes, all exams are moderated and training is given", would you still feel this worked up? The answer to the above is "yes", (except for the fact that certificates of attainment referring to grades may be illegal) but I hazard a very educated guess that this is not the case. To simply send in a FOI request is a complete waste of time, as it would not push any agenda for change unless the powers that be took observations and issues of this and other things in regards to accountability, costs and capability highlighted in the Beaman's Report etc. into hand. There again on a wider reference this is not only a music service issue and the whole structure of Education is questionable and does appear even from reading the Beaman's report to suggest that this simply hides the reality of pupil assessment if not properly and impartially moderated and teaching practice, with many capable headteachers suggesting the SIA's were not working within the expected role they were employed to do (see below). These are some snap points provided by the Beamans Report: Governing Boards: Apart from one or two notable exceptions, the role of governing boards in Isle of Man schools is weak. Governing boards play a pivotal role in governance and should be responsible for overseeing and holding to account the leadership and management side of a school. Education Improvement Service: The role of EIS is conflicted. School Improvement Advisers (SIAs) are expected to provide advice to the School Leadership Team whilst being accountable for the school evaluation (SSRE) process which judges how well the school is performing. Director of Education: The Director is line manager of 37 headteachers and the Principal of UCM. The Director is also accountable for EIS including line manager of 5 SIAs, and also acts as SIA to one primary and one secondary school. Rarely have we seen a role whose remit and responsibilities are this extensive. Put simply, the remit of the role makes no sense from an organisational, management or governance perspective. However, in our view, the most significant weakness in the present arrangements is not management or organisational it is cultural. Independent review and inspection to be managed and co-ordinated by the department. More widely, with responsibility for evaluating performance now resting elsewhere, the Directors and their teams responsible for the provision of Education Advisory Services and Education Support Services can focus on working in collaboration with headteachers to deliver those services without any conflict of interest or requirement to judge the performance of schools or headteachers. We now turn to the issue of regulation and inspection. In our view, it will be for the board of Manx Education to determine what mechanisms it wants to put in place to provide assurance to the Minister that there is confident and strong strategic leadership in place and robust accountability, oversight and assurance of schools’ educational and financial performance. Education Advisory Service – under this approach the SIA will not have any inspection role but will focus on assisting and supporting the headteacher in their school improvement work. Neither will the SIA have any line management role of education support staff (as they do at the moment) but will focus solely on their advisory role Somebody else noticed the accountability issue too DrunkenMonkey......................
  10. Ok, two issues here. The first is, the exams are being held by the department, and the examiners are teachers within the service from grades 1-4 as previously discussed. So a woodwind teacher's student is perhaps being examined by a guitar teacher or the other woodwind teacher. Is there a moderation of this either internally or externally to ensure that this grading is correct (if we check quick enough there maybe isn't, but there may be some scrambling as we speak to ensure that some sort of document can covers this now), and what training has been provided to those 'examiners' to ensure that the guidelines of assessment of a grade 1 player for example meets the requirements of ABRSM or Trinity. But has this ever been checked by an advisor? or would the advisor even have a clue about this sort of thing if they taught another subject.... This is how they then provide I guess statistics as to teacher assessment and capability.... kinda like producing your own set of rules and signing off against it. I don't know the answer to this, but I'm sure an MHK or freedom of request could help. Second, the exams are ran as far as I am aware directly copying the exam boards as discussed above, including recommended pieces and the structure of tests. Has it ever occurred to the department that these professional bodies may hold proprietary rights to the structure and content of these exams. so if a certificate is issued stating that a child is say a grade 2, is this a theft of ownership or copyright of someone else's certification?
  11. It seems to be an idea which the service share as good for struggling families who cannot afford to put their children in due to the financial cost of an exam. It’s not like we really struggle here though is it compared to the UK. But the cost should be no more than £40 for grade 1 going up to £100 for grade 8. Conveniently though this allows statistics to be based on totally their own assessment and you’re right roger this appears to be common across many occupations....... But again it’s much more than all of that, are there a lot of things that failures of management in things like recruitment, suitability etc. want to hide in the running of this and other unaccountable departments.... let’s see if the new ceo can start to ask the appropriate questions and clear the dirt out with a massive brush...
  12. Well done Helix, and the proportion of pupils who sit grades above that from the service are??? I don't know the figures and can't find out as nothing is published, but as I said, it wouldn't take a lot to find out for those who can access... Plus I'm sure music teachers in schools would be a good source of info on the numbers they get for GCSE and A level through the service, although under the current setup they're probably scared to say anything! Not having a go, but there is little point in contacting the DOE at present when it is still without change, and the general consensus from the concerned musicians brigade is that it must be saved at all cost for the good of music......... but is the system for the good of music and how do they know? I would say there's a fair few who know exactly what I'm talking about, but are scared to raise their head above the parapet......
  13. Oh and can you provide me with any detail as to the last time the Service was externally moderated officially.........not through a mate who happens to be an advisor in the department?
  14. Are you sure about your sweeping statement?............. accountability can only be measured if the person observing actually does their job.........hence why the Beamans report highlights this!
  15. None, Banker spot on.........the soothsayers above make great efforts to defend the undefensible. The link to abrsm im is simply a link..........not at all what I'm talking about.... How many Music students do lower grades with them from DOE, FIND THE STATS ANDY and prove me wrong, and in that case, what proportion of numbers 'sitting' exams actually come through this DOE system. I would gamble at least 90% of students don't do ABRSM exams in the DOE system and of the others who do, they would significantly come through external organisations, volunteers, who teach and do a good job in progressing their pupils to higher achievements.
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