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  1. Ahh, Salisbury../Russian accent/..... “famous not just in Europe but in the whole world. It’s famous for its 123-metre spire, it’s famous for its clock"
  2. Barlow


    Gaming is what kids do on their xBox and that. It's sweet and fluffy and harmless.
  3. Shusssh . . . or you'll go to the same place as Kush
  4. Barlow


    Kush, come to daddy...
  5. Barlow


    Like gambling/gaming. It's all the same on the Isle of Man.
  6. From March 2017: Liverpool ferry terminal an 'excellent deal for the taxpayer' I like the "£20m-plus" wriggle room. However our Howard says it is an "excellent deal". An excellent deal. If you start smuggly spewing those sort of words around, the other side is going to start thinking they are giving something away, aren't they. But something like 400% increase is taking the fucking piss big time. And those are the exact words that the Government need to start bandying about.
  7. School's out for some CRHS pupils due to 'significant' staff absence https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/schools-out-for-some-crhs-pupils-due-to-significant-staff-absence/ Covid. The gift that keeps on giving for some. Aahh . . but not for me. At times, I have to say, I fucking hated going to that school.
  8. Plus side of wearing a mask at work (it's taken me 18 months to suss this one) you don't need to shave. Or clean your teeth I suppose.
  9. You've got an instant view of every rider, every lap. Try flicking instantly from page to page on the 'app'. The technology is fantastic I have to say, but you can't instantly flick from page to page to page, to previous lap time to previous lap time etc. You can't see the big picture. Maybe the new scoreboard will make the most of technology and also what was so good about the old scoreboard - a mega big screen before big screens were heard of. There are people (eg @Stu Peters MHK) who don't particularly like the TT because "it isn't really a race", it's a time trial. The TT is as exciting - and some would say more so - as much as a mass start race. It just takes a different mindset. And an ability to see the big picture. Anyway, ok, maybe I just give up then, let's just all use mobile phones and the TT app.
  10. That's simply not true. The scoreboard gives an overview of the whole race lap by lap. There's no phone, iPad or PC that can display that. Most folk are only interested in the leaders and that is all broadcast on Manx Radio, all other riders and their teams and supporters rely on the scoreboard. The new scoreboard can embrace new technology to display the mass of information available. I just hope the people involved with the design of it are capable.
  11. Is washing hands still a thing for the crona?
  12. The jokes on you because he didn't tick them all, he even queried or crossed some of them.
  13. Tidying up. See Treasury Minister for details.
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