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  1. KF and JPW are poles apart, worlds apart, but if they are able to work together I think they would provide a formidable representation for Middle and as part of (dare I say it..) "Team Tynwald".
  2. You mean when he asked her is she was going to resign her MLC seat if she was unsuccessful, and she replied "are you going to ask the other candidates if they are going to resign their jobs if they are unsuccessful". Oh come on. That quote will stick with her for the rest of her days.
  3. Good post. It came over to me that JPW likes to spout her Manx credentials as a bit of a dig at Stu. I generally find that if someone has to keep mentioning their Manx birth and manxness, it becomes meaningless and almost self-defeating. The efforts being made by KF are remarkable and he has come a long way since he announced. In the event he is not successful this time he will have gained huge experience for the future.
  4. Sounds about right, Manx Radio usually start blaring Christmas adverts October.
  5. Also, what would be the rate of the equivalent of a poll tax ie amount of rates revenue all-Island, divided by those eligible to pay, which could be number of house holders (or perhaps number of over 16s, 18s, or 21s etc). A poll tax would have saved the cost of aerial photography and the administration surrounding it, including appeals etc. From 2019:
  6. Anyone tell us the figure for an All-Island rate?
  7. It was Middle that elected Peter Karran and after an unsuccessful first election, started him off on the most electorate supported political career of Tynwald ever. And that standing on a Labour platform. I'm not wanting to align KH with Peter Karran, as such, but I wouldn't put the Middle demographic into a definite box.
  8. He was very good at doing the hockey scores.
  9. I have to disagree. Although not much can be done about the microclimate (rebuild Summerland - seriously) Douglas has a fabulous east facing bay and picks up the sun from the second it rises through to late afternoon. At night the full moan floats magnificently across the bay. And each day it has the coming and going of the Steam Packet boats, from the horizon to the harbour. You ain't lived unless you've spent a holiday on Douglas seafront (notwithstanding piss-head drunks crawling and shouting their way home from Jaks and 1886 at 3:30-4:30am on a Saturday and Sunday morning)
  10. Seems a bit smug and trite. When asked if she would resign her Legislative Council seat if she were unsuccessful ("answer yes or no") she smugly replied "are you going to aske everyone else if they are going to resign from their jobs if they are unsuccessful" Smug and trite.
  11. Chris Thomas was Mr Referendum personified when he was elected. He could argue his reasons for this, very well too. Then UK had the swetty sock referendum, then Brexit. Not unreasonably CT has been silent on the matter of referendums ever since Although he would never say it, and no politician ever would, but the public simply can't be trusted to make decisions.
  12. Or watched a woman parallel park:
  13. Well yes, I concede that and I don't deny the improvements and advances that have been made with the past decade or so. However, I would say that in the right hands the TT has potentially more clout than we sometimes realise. It is the greatest testing ground for production machinery. Where else can you run multiple laps at race speed to breaking limit on real roads etc etc. The Isle of Man and the TT should be a driver for the whole motorcycle industry. Whereas it is more like the other way round.
  14. Do you remember the same crowd at 16-24? When I was 16-24, certainly 16-18, the last thing on my mind was politics, especially local politics. Giving 16 year-olds the vote was an imposition on the lives of young people. If someone came up to me asking if I knew who was my MHK or what I thought about politics etc I would tell them roundly and soundly to fuck off (although actually I didn't swear when I was a cherub). (Please note that 11 year-olds of today will be able to vote at the next General Election).
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