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  1. Not really. I think quite a few points were raised in a simple inflection. Howard dropped the "Fastyr Mie" for PM. I bet he wish he'd kept it.
  2. A few more tuning in today, as might be expected.
  3. Chief Minister: ...and now we go to Paul Moulton. Good afternoon Paul PM: Good evening Chief Minister...
  4. Covid-19 saved Manx Radio. Plus they had the cheek to ask for an extra £200.00
  5. Like all teachers I know, annette baker (lower case, as is the way these days) does not volunteer her views. She imposes them. Once a teacher always a teacher. My observations are that a lifetime teaching childher gives one an inflated sense of power and importance that does not always carry well into 'normal' life.
  6. Code99 has written a condensed summary, a precis. And as such it is spot on.
  7. I thought they were the only subjects they did these days. The other subjects, the boring stuff, they do a bit but get an A* anyway.
  8. I stay in my home and only go to the shop twice a week and always wear a mask. I know the rules and could quite easily buck the spirit of the lockdown and the emergency regulations, go to the shop every day and walk for an hour or two, not wear a mask. Yeah, the rules can't stop me doing that. Maybe all 85,000 of us should do that eh. Me, me, me.
  9. Cats are very useful because you can put cat videos on the internet and people laugh at them and that.
  10. I think when the government has a pandemic and all that to fight, there should have been a civil servant or two allocated to crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's for the possibility of someone wanting to get a dog over here. Personally I think there are too many dogs barking and too much dog muck about the place, but I admit I am biased.
  11. Yes, but wouldn't you expect, during a pandemic for common sense and essentiality to override that.
  12. A little off topic/ A bit like Chris Robertshaw MHK, when he was the golden boy of Manx politics holding The big Conversation where CoMin were to connect with the plebs. He opened his speech in Douglas with "Well, does everyone feel refreshed on returning from their Summer holidays?" Fuck, he must have thought he was back at the Government offices. I hadn't had a holiday for over 10 years and neither had many of the people there. Interestingly, from then on, the so-called 'Big Conversation' had invited guests only. Footnote. Chris Robertshaw has been a back bench MHK for a few
  13. Barlow


    The inoculation programme after the war was quite substantial, and although effective, was costly. Diptheria was more-or-less eradicated on the Island end of 1940s and the vaccination programme continued for another decade. On the Island, improved sanitation etc played a big part. (I have source info but ICBA finding it just now)
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