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  1. This is one of the reasons teachers are so powerful.
  2. We all lost it over lockdown. All of us. Some have never found it again though. I wrote a book over lockdown, It starts All work and no play makes Barlow a dull boy
  3. Which of course is much like the one about the chap who took his son out to the pub for his first drink. The lad didn't like lager, so dad had to drink it for him, didn't like the bitter either so dad had to drink that for him too. Same with mild and a couple of the bottled beers. By the time he got onto the spirits he was too pissed to push the pram home.
  4. Also, it was 100 years or so ago
  5. Barlow

    Black Lives Matter

    Helix must think Max Power is the radio DJ because they both like cars
  6. As long as it can be blamed on something other than the mass social gatherings of the Black Lives Matter marches everywhere.
  7. People just don't get it. This is indicative of the whole BLM movement and what it stands for. Like these people on the Isle of Man will not be content in this matter until Stu Peters head is paraded on a stake (the metaphor may be ill-advised but it is appropriate) the BLM movement in general will not be content until it has what it believes is some sort of 'equality' and then a whole lot more. Rub the white noses in it and make them feel it. There. The ratchet of the BLM has begun big time.
  8. Barlow

    Black Lives Matter

    I don't understand that, but I think there is a whole lot of Freudian in there.
  9. Barlow

    Black Lives Matter

    If you want to hear UK/British news before it has been filtered and amended through a 'right on' liberal committee room somewhere in the BBC building, tune in to Aussie news. French is pretty good too - warts and all - but I don't do the lingo. Like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. But even that lovely song is fraught with many difficulties as even a basic knowledge of the piano keyboard will show.
  10. The NZ cases should never have happened. When it kicks off again on the Island will it be from UK direct or from someone from the Island going skiing/sunning/cruising etc and bringing it back?
  11. There is a good point being played out here, and it reinforces the temporary use of the 40mph speed limit etc. I support the Police and the Isle of Man Government in what they did and are doing.
  12. Barlow


    It said 'nigga'. This is a contraction and/or mispelling of the word 'nigger' which is a word once used to describe black people and is offensive.
  13. Barlow


    Something that many people notice when they come to the Island is how grafitti free it is. It needs to be cleaned up/painted over as soon as possible after it happens.
  14. What if the asymptomatics were biding by the rules and in lockdown,lurking, ready ti unwittingly spread the virus. The fat lady hasn't even powdered her tuppence yet.
  15. They say once you had _____ you don't go ____ ('cos too slack) And her farts don't make a noise anymore
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