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  1. I feel a bit awful. Howard is on his own in the Manx Radio studio this afternoon and he's sounding rather lonely and sad. Playing sad music too, I hope he is alright.
  2. When I was a student you could make a few quid to supplement your grant by going to a flu farm, or donating sperm.
  3. There was a lovely sort of mock 'HOLLYWOOD' air about it. I'm not sure if there was any tongue in cheek intended. Probably just unwitting grandiosement
  4. Shouldn't be too difficult to do. I would think this is covered in secondary legislation. Next Tynwald?
  5. Absolutely correct. A quick look through Hansard shows The speeches started October 2017.
  6. Well at least it scuppers one theory that suggested you get 8 O'levels as soon as you walk through the door of King Bills.
  7. That corrosion isn't bad. A blob of grease would have helped each year though. I would doubt that same scaffold structure has been up for too many of those years. The sign has become iconic, pity it couldn't stay. Well done Frank for the photos. Good for posterity and all that.
  8. From 3fm in 2016: when Howard was made Chief Minister: The vision?
  9. I dunno, he left King Bill's with 6 O'levels.
  10. Regarding sentencing I see in today's IoM Examiner some was trying to appeal a 7 year disqualification for drink driving. The appeal was not successful and it was noted they had been done for drink driving 6 times previously and 5 in the past 10 years. Surely there is something wrong here. One drink driving is bad enough. Two at an absolute push and with a 'good' advocate is a possibly a once in a lifetime mistake. But I would have thought the public safety would have been considered after the 3rd ban, and make it for life? 4th certainly. But 5 in 10 years.....come on the guys in wig
  11. I think social media is a very good thing in this respect. For example it stops those "Happy Birthday" painted sheets being put up at Quarter Bridge.
  12. It's been done of course. When New Manx Radio took off in October 2019, soon after it received its £3million for the next 3 years. it had 3 presenters on the afternoon show. Anyway, regarding the extra £200,000 for covering Covid-19. I disagree with the statement made by chairman Bill Mummery. There were other free-to-air coverage of the government's daily Covid briefings eg on Facebook: Isle of Man Government itself, Isle of Man Newspapers, Gef the Mongoose, 3fm and Energy. All free to view. and all usually had greater viewing figures than Manx Radio.
  13. Of course it's not, but "lawyers are wrong 50% of the time" is a beautiful adage, if only because it winds advocates up and causes a severe loss of sense of humour, as you have demonstrated here. (I would say 10% is way too low in any case, and it's not just civil is it). But of course you will not disagree with that other beautiful truism, especially on the Isle of Man - "the lawyers always, always win" £££££££££££££
  14. That may as be. But from my point of view from what I have written I am correct. You of course do realise that lawyers are wrong 50% of the time. That sir, is a fact of life.
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