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  1. B..B..Buster...Buster is that you?
  2. Is it obligatory, or rather the norm perhaps, in these lockdown video conferences to have members of the family occasionally skulking about in the background etc? I blame the Professor Robert Kelly incident.
  3. And what's the betting that Rob Callister romps home in at the polls in November?
  4. When Boris says: "As prime minister, I take full responsibility for everything that the government has done," then there are going to be lawyers salivating and frothing at the mouth everywhere.
  5. And I think a hark back to the good ol' days of Mannifest. https://www.facebook.com/mannifestlive/
  6. It was a respectable result, and runner up out of 6 candidates. I have respect for anyone who stands. Thanks for putting that election into perspective. I note TC's youngfella didn't stand at the following general election.
  7. Oh I don't know...Adam married a sort of comedienne and thebees does come up with some rather good quips now and then. She might want to return as Governor. Stood for Putney at the 2017 General Election, so has a political inclination:
  8. Regarding qualification and education: It is worth reiterating: always remember that Peter Karran and his Dolphin Certificate kicked the ass of every candidate on the Island for many General Elections. And as a fledgling 21 year old at his very first election received more votes than a certain highly educated and qualified young advocate did at his (albeit different by-election) first and only attempt...
  9. A quick search will tell you all you need to know. It will do you no harm to spend a bit of time looking through the past election results for Middle. On the doorstep you will meet people who will have voted for decades, you will be able to show some knowledge and interest in your constituency. It is worth noting that as a 21 year-old Peter Karran cut his teeth in Middle (please don't ask who is Peter Karran...). Although he was Manx Labour Party he received over 1100 votes and still came 6th. That is good going and beat 3 other candidates. He was elected at a following by election
  10. It sounds very sageful but that is how Tynwald and democracies work. Too many candidates, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, think that they can change things on their own. A candidate could have every single voter in their constituency* vote for them but at the end of the day they are just one voice in 24/36 in the House of Keys/Tynwald. *as Peter Karran sort of did, consistency There are candidates elected who have never listened to a debate or read a Hansard or sat in the Public Gallery. Some have never sat on a committee of any sort. Frightening but true.
  11. The virus don't do human rights charters
  12. There needs to be a Governor to oversee the whole Isle of Man establishment shebang. So say if some senior Government official or other powerful Government or Crown appointment has been 'naughty' then the Governor can step in. This guy, despite all the accolades of being 'a very, very, nice man' isn't up to the job. He would rather do the ceremonial shit and sandwiches with the WI. And of course, so will the next...and the next.
  13. It was far enough into the pandemic for Boris Johnson to have publicly ripped the little shit a new asshole. That act alone might well have save 10,000s lives and countless £millions. Good point, but we must NEVER lose sight of what is happening across the water. And we - IoM Gov - need as far as possible to plough our own furrow here
  14. This is the guy who a year ago was prancing around hospitals shaking hands with everyone to assure them the virus was nothing to worry about.
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