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  1. Douglas Promenade, IRIS, MEA, Incinerator, etc, etc, etc... it is time the Isle of Man (government) realised they are being conned by big fat sweary conmen. No one is ever accountable and the big fat sweary conmen get ever richer.
  2. Well what about these "Tory cunts" that the vast overwhelming vocal majority keep talking and shouting about? They keep getting voted in to Government. Tory cunts they are, and some fuckers keep voting them in to Government. Tory cunts. I literally don't know anyone who votes for them, Tory cunts. Edited to add: They won't get in next time, of course, obvs. Hey but everybody, and I mean everybody, said that last time. And the time before. Edited to add: Tory cunts, That's all they are, And they lie and do stuff too.
  3. There are some that would be happy to have it 85,000 druggy bastards clinging to a rock.
  4. You made me feel pretty shit now. And deservedly so. I have been sea sick on a number of rare occasions, and each time as far as I was concerned I would have been more than happy for someone to just shoot me and throw me overboard.
  5. You missed a bit: "Hope you are ok... hun"
  6. Sounds like fun: https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/manxman-passengers-endure-six-and-a-half-hour-sailing-to-lancashire-651645?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1700733124 Glad we flew over.
  7. Barlow

    David Foul-er

    Reminded me of this post, from Topaz, (a much missed stalwart of Manx Forums (yes, 2009):
  8. They, or rather it, does not rule but has a not insignificant role in the course of our Parliament. The drawing in from the general population has not been a good experiment and it is time to go back to the tried and tested system of primarily drawing from the existing members of the House of Keys. Anyone feeling they have something to offer our community can then stand in the resulting vacant Keys seat, rather than trying to sneak into Tynwald through the back door
  9. Barlow

    Ton up Club

    Not being pedantic, but I bet the actual figure was nearer 1%
  10. Barlow

    Ton up Club

    What's the fine for no tax and insurance? A few hundred quid. Get away with it for 6 months and you're quids inn. The fine needs to be x5 and 12 months ban. Eg (random website, but seems about right to make my point):
  11. Druggy bastas Druggie basta
  12. Where else would you get three convicted arsonists in the same room together
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