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    Firm closing

    "Well into the evenings" becomes "well into the night" becomes "well into the morning" as has been found at Jacks and 1886 with their 3:30am weekend licences.
  2. Who in their right mind? Every single one of them. This is all about how to run and make lots of wonga from being a tax haven. Run 'trusts' etc. Have laws and judiciary that are behind the aspiration. That sort of thing. Of which, Isle of Man is king or thereabouts.
  3. If you have ever been in Tynwald/House of Keys, you will observe the 2 or 3 messengers who flit about the place passing notes between members. On request they do also keep the members topped up with water and lemon juice too, which I suppose is a task that cannot be done with an iPhone.
  4. I was sat in the public gallery a few years ago. It was at a time when we used to pay our bills by cheque, I saw an MHK busy doing those niggling jobs like paying his bills. He had a pile of them. Once he cleared that up he started reading the new TT programme. I was disgusted. I was in the public gallery because I had concerns and was interested in the Tynwald session and what our politicians had to say. I wanted to shout at him "if you're not interested, get out and let someone do the job who is".
  5. Manx Radio: Douglas assault leaves 61-year-old with serious injuries
  6. Indeed. The 'justice system' did little to help. A millionaire's daddy's boy got off with a thousand pound or so fine. The Isle of Man, where you can, buy just about anybody
  7. The whole sorry case of Hillberry. And how to get away with it. Pre Derek days?
  8. Good There's also: Very good Excellent Decent and honest, would never tell a lie to a member of the public.
  9. The event has come a long way and next year they should hold it in some downtown speakeasy.
  10. What's he going to do? Drink tea and hand out the awards? That's about what he did for his years on the Isle of Man.
  11. Whatever, but the last time I looked it wasn't outdated. If the law is so "outdated" - accordingly to you, stoners and such others - then it will be easily changed. And if not why not? (Genuine question).
  12. I appreciate what you say. My point here is that we are treading on dodgy ground when our lawmakers give even further free rein to the police to decide which laws to enforce and when. And most importantly to who. So, legalise cannabis. It's that simple. Especially if the police don't have the resources or can't be arsed.
  13. Possession and use of cannabis is against the law. It seems that our Gary is deciding what laws to enforce. I'm sure you will be perfectly ok with that, and many of your ilk. I wonder how long would it take for pot heads to start whinging about "a police state" if the Chief Constable took it into his own hands on other matters what laws to enforce. The situation is perfectly simple. Change the law or keep it as it is. That is how our society is supposed to work.
  14. Should we enforce cannabis laws? From Isle of Man Newspapers. Well actually yes, we should. Until such time as the law is changed then it is the law. It looks like the local pot heads have got to Gary. I'm not convinced that "most of the people accept that cannabis is OK to use".
  15. See, once again you're letting your unenlightened preconceptions about all cannabis users cloud your judgement. Though I'd agree it was a bollocks analogy... Perhaps you need to smoke a bit more? On a not totally unrelated point, the use and accessibility of cannabis has greatly increased since I were a lad. I do wonder why so many young folk smoke cigarettes though. I mean jeez, if ever there was a bum weed, then tobacco is it. Cigarette addiction virtually guarantees a later life of a prematurely greying, wizened, wrinkled hacking nicotine-stained mess.
  16. It's a ridiculous analogy. You would need to be well stoned and 'enlightened' to even consider it an interesting analogy.
  17. Yes, the Isle of Man is seen by many as an Island of petrol heads. There are some that would have the Isle of Man seen as an Island of pot heads too.
  18. The Scottish Police are on top of the cannabis menace:
  19. There are folk on this forum with far more first hand knowledge than me, and certainly we have some 'functional pot-heads' here, but I wonder what are opinions regarding driving while 'a wee bit stoned'? I noticed there was a case recently where the guy had less than a gram of cannabis in his car. But if he had been stoned and that, is it possibly not dissimilar to a drunk man with a few dregs left in his half bottle of whiskey under the seat of his car?
  20. I'll give it a go. In the old days we had to filter Brasso through a sock or something to get a hit. It was step up from straight meths. I'm all for this sort of thing, as long as it doesn't involve marinating anything up the arse, which seems to be the druggie's thing to do these days.
  21. How did the guy get away with it all that time on the Isle of Man? A little off topic maybe, but these were murky days on the Isle of Man. Gregory moved to Sodor and Man in 1975. The Bishop from 1974 to 1983 was Vernon Nicholls. Maybe Vernon was more interested in money than pastoral matters. He hit the headlines here andNationally for having taken his money out of the Savings & Investment Bank in January 1982 - a whole 6 months before it so publicly collapsed. Dominic Delaney MHK at the time asked what divine guidance had saved the Bishop's cash. The rumours were rife. Well after all, the Bishop could often be seen popping into the Upper Church Street SIB premises in his gaily coiloured gown and garb. But in a rather Savile-esque way the Bishop threatened "I can assure you that if any of these things are said in public I shall take legal action". He said he was advised by colleagues to move his money. It transpires that one of the Diocesan Board of Finance was also a manager at SIB, and whose obituary proudly stated him as being a confidant to the Bishop. Oh, and it further transpires that at the end of December 1981 someone had blown the lid off the SIB, but that was somehow kept quiet for another 6 months. January 1982 seemed as good a time as any to get yer money out of the scam bank. Murky money more important than molesters maybe.
  22. I remember this lad from about 20 years ago. He didn't have a good thing to say about 'wacky baccy'. I wonder what changed.
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