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  1. It's the Isle of Man. It has to have a fucking obligatory curvy roof like the Power Station, Incinerator, Ramsey Swimming Pool, NSC etc. They cost loads and loads to design. Whether an airport shed for fire engines needs one is another matter.
  2. Re the £200,00 the designers are fetching after putting up an appeal when the big cash prize was originally awarded to a UK company? Maybe this is based on a percentage of the overall cost, whatever that is (when making a ballpark figure in IoM that is guesstimate plus a zero or two) the land does not have to be purchased. What is a good salary for a design architect? Let's be reasonable/generous and say £100,00. The design for this job would have the equivalent of a well paid architect for 2 years. Well what can you say to that?
  3. Jeez, is that just for the design I'd be kicking and screaming like a spoilt bastard too to get that number.
  4. Yeah but, when an anonymous is posting about a non-anonymouse poster then I think the pitch changes somewhat. eta Attacking a non-anonymous poster from behind an anonymous account definitely isn't cricket
  5. Paging DA to thread. (Been there done that, well would have, but during my combover years I was in the Forces, and No4 was de rigeur.) No. There isn't a record of what it contained. It had about half a minute of 'blankety blank' in the official transcript.
  6. Thank you Uhtred. That eloquently summed up much of my thoughts. And to Andy Onchan, ..my apologies
  7. It's no fuck-up. That's being kind. We all make fuck-ups. You are offering an excuse. Well it won't wash. There is a far more accurate and obvious way to describe this scenario.
  8. It were just a few month ago. He hasn't been around for a while. He must be in prison/hospital/the pub or discovered Facebook/Twitter
  9. There used to be a bloke called dilligaf on this forum who couldn't stop himself from giving out references and defending the indefensible.
  10. It is what it is. Lettergate was just a manifestation of what the lad has become. There is a severe lack of talent in the present Tynwald and some are in a position that far exceeds their talent and true ability.
  11. I wonder how many people of Manx origin there are in the world? And add to that people who once lived here and paid tax etc. A tad more than 85,000 I would suggest. My cousin was born here 45 years ago, and is As_Manx_As_The_Hills_Yessir. He left at 3 months old and has never been back since (well once for a funeral actually). I suppose his Manx birth may well come in useful if it all goes really tits up in England. Like all the 'manx' folk who have taken their government pension to live in France, Romania, Cyprus etc and only return for medical reasons. Keeping one foot on the
  12. I see it's not ideal, of course, but really, how would you like to live in UK (or anywhere else in the world just now). Can't you just be grateful for what you/we have. I'm not sure you can, actually. I'll remind you - there's a pandemic going on. A pandemic.
  13. You make a fair point but it is hardly intense competition
  14. I love these artists impressions. OK, hardly the same thing but you get the idea, here's an actual picture of the M25 opening, And I think the M6:
  15. Apart from all the other people he owed money to, everyone would say Monty Skinner was a loveable rogue. Did a runner and left a pub full of free beer, 'on the house' (ie ultimately the brewery) for the customers.
  16. 28% have never used Richmond Hill in the wet
  17. The analogy with Briga-(effin')-doon only goes so far though. Brigadoon all year round (rather than 1 day a year, or was it 1 day every 100 years?) is a damned site better than the alternative, which is pestilence and guys going round in handcarts shouting "bring out you dead". I would rather prance around in my tartan trews having a relatively spiffing time singing and dancing with the maidens.
  18. You're exactly right of course, but I wasn't going to let him win it. (That fucking turnip lay rotting in the porch for weeks. I was going to make some turnip soup)
  19. yeah but, yeah but, we all like getting pished
  20. The mhellias are fucking ace. I paid a tenner for a turnip. That's the effect of Guinness and a good atmosphere for you.
  21. Brigadoon, you need to mention Briga-fucking-doon
  22. The first letter in today's Examiner is a beauty. Read the whole letter, but the first highlight re Zoom connection, I would like to remind 'anonymous' that the Government recording of the letter reading had nearly half a minute of silence, whereas Paul Moulton's recording had only a few seconds of silence. The point being that Zoom and internet connections are pretty shit, even when run by a Government. Paul Moulton's was far, far better though. The second highlight, when some is said to deserve a 'medal the size of a dustbin lid', it is very much a back handed compliment. That said
  23. This is another problem with Minister David Ashford reading out the letter with no attribution. There must be people wondering who it was? It causes dissent and distrust. That can't be good for morale. It was a huge mistake to read the letter out. It is to all intents and purposes an anonymous letter. We will never know. It was a huge mistake to destroy it, declaring unilaterally that it had served it's purpose. It was and is a huge mistake not to recognise those mistakes. I do wonder where we would be if tests remained having to be sent away, with 3+ days to get a r
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