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  1. Could you elaborate and explain what you think my "nonsense" was? Feel free to give specifics, time points, how it distracted - exactly - from the "job in hand".
  2. Isn't that the reason anyone with any decent off-Island professional experience gets ousted (me included)?
  3. I may not always see eye-to-eye with @John Wright but this, for me, is the post of the year. Spot on.
  4. I watched it once and it was one too many times for me.
  5. The DHSC I encountered is now called MC. Same people, different name.
  6. I'm not sure there's any number I would be comfortable with to even apply for that. Coincidentally, this is also why I believe that increasing MHK salaries is a waste of money. Those that will stand, will stand. The salary won't make a difference.
  7. Please don't spend your time worrying about Monkeypox.
  8. Is Kathryn Magson not a music graduate? I believe the phrase was in mind due to Chris Robertshaw using it earlier today.
  9. Just a quick note on this: the genomics was never to identify strain/variant. That's what COG-UK were doing, except we could have done it overnight instead of 10 days. The ethical approval project I wrote which DHSC/Public Health approved back in August 2020 was to look at the first outbreak to determine whether the accurate transmission chains (who gave it to who, determined by the genomics) would help improve policy for any future COVID outbreak response. For example, did contact tracing need improving, were there any clusters which needed investigating further, the exact play-by-play of Abbotswood infections. All data to help improve the future. As a complete additional bonus, it would have enabled the linking of January 21 and March 21 outbreaks, if a link existed.
  10. This isn't hindsight. It's a final emergence of the verified and documented facts of the matter. It would appear most of what was seen at the time was smoke and mirrors, which has now emerged as the abject failure of David Ashford to listen to anyone other than a music graduate for medical and scientific advice. He then passed on that unqualified advice, which was at odds to the professional advice he didn't want to hear, to the Manx Public, who didn't know the difference.
  11. Yeah, but you’re looking from the outside in via Twitter. Being a scientist is like living on the Isle of Man. Tiny community of people who all know each other in real life. We know who the quacks are.
  12. Scientists aren’t as polarised (like them | don’t like them) as the rest of the population seem to be. We value differing opinions from each other, it’s what makes science tick. The IOM is far more polarised than the UK, I’d suggest, in that you have to be on one side of the fence or the other and put others into those boxes too. I like Alan, he shares great science content and is good for conversations on a range of topics.
  13. I do find it interesting that anything out of the ordinary or different from what people assume a scientist or medic should or shouldnt be talking about on twitter is immediately labelled as “crazy”. Food for thought. If you want to diversify your scientists on twitter I’d suggest starting with these. Once you start following scientists the rest of us pop up as suggestions. Science Twitter is different because we all tweet under our real names. * Alan McNally (also likes football, Scottish, very sweary, into antibiotic resistance but also set up a COVID lab) * Willem van Schaik (Dutch, bugs, bit of a foodie, likes to rate English breakfasts) * Mick Watson (worked with him years ago, political)
  14. Ah, no, that would be me, not Dr Ranson. Your comment tells me I’m the only scientist you follow, otherwise you’d be saying “why are all the scientists tweeting about Eurovision?!”. Eurovision is a huge cultural/community event for scientists on Twitter, especially so since Brexit.
  15. That’s why I said the total was going to be closer to £1M…
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