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  1. They go over my house at about 11.15am every Saturday morning. Would the upside down splits be appropriate as the new "Welcome to Onchan" sign?
  2. I feel like I've been shouting that for months. The problem is that the IoM's whole approach has been lockdown or no lockdown. There has been no middle-ground ("mitigation") between lockdowns. Everyone wants it to go back to 2019 as though COVID doesn't exist, in part because that's what the IoM Government have sold them. I suspect the reality of open borders without mitigating measures (masks, sensible distancing, ventilation) is about to bite and most will not like it. They don't want a middle ground because that, to them, is "lockdown".
  3. As the old saying goes: it’s not what you say but how you say it.
  4. I'm really quite sad to see that Bill Shimmins isn't running again. He was one of the MHK's who independently got in touch with me last October, after I put my head above the parapet, to find out what was going on.
  5. Actually, no, the Israeli's didn't have the Delta variant.
  6. That "minority view" was one person on the EAG, not me, who would have happily had us into lockdown given half the chance. Needless to say, that's why it was a "minority view". The rest of us disagreed with it.
  7. It's important to note that the EAG don't make any decisions. We get asked for advice, we provide it, but CoMIN can decide to listen to it, or not, as they see fit and then THEY make decisions. That's what you elected them to do. It's also worth noting that we're reliant on our own ability to research information; we're not sent briefings or data, supported by entire government departments like politicians are. We're almost all in full-time employment in rather time-consuming jobs and don't get paid for providing advice.
  8. I'm definitely not that (eww...Tory and Brexit. I'm not a fan of either) He was clearly documenting for his future select committee hearings well before COVID was a twinkle in anyone's eye.
  9. Definitely not. I can say that with certainty.
  10. I haven't listened to it yet. I'm told I'll need a gin first.
  11. It would have told them that all those people were infected in the same location and linked back to the index patient, five days after they showed symptoms and tested positive with the Liverpool lab's turnaround. Clearly this is 1000% more useful if you know it <24hours after the positive result. Linking cases to each other, genomically or through contact tracing, shortens lockdowns. Genomics links cases that contact tracing has failed to do (unfortunately people lie, especially so when the penalty might be a holiday in Jurby). If I had all the Isle of Man COVID genomic sequences in my hands, right now, I could tell the IoM Government within 2-3 hours whether the March outbreak was entirely caused by the Steam Packet index case or was a combination of Steam Packet index case and continued transmission from the January outbreak. Do you think that's something that should be determined? I do.
  12. No nomination process as such, just application and then selection for interview. The biggest issue I had was that the application period was only 7 days and it wasn't well advertised. I wasn't aware of the other people selected until the Tynwald paper was published but there are a few names I recognise, some of whom I've met over the last year during COVID.
  13. I worked in the same small team in the UK scientific civil service for 14 years and Taxa wouldn't have survived more than a few months if I wasn't able to lead a team successfully (we're going to be 4 years in October). I spent 7 months in the small path lab team last year before my resignation. If I wasn't a team player they'd have gotten rid of me within a week or two, given I was on the bank. Yet more smoke, mirrors and hints to try to put doubt in people's minds. I notice that DA's girlfriend (the DBC girl, as Gladys called her) is doing the same too these days on Facebook and Twitter. She's an amateur actress so that might be who is coaching DA in his "roles" of which technical specialist he is this week.
  14. I am very hopeful for the post-election future provided that the expected "regime change" (i.e. no HQ, no DA) occurs within CoMIN come September.
  15. 1. At interview I was clear that if they had really wanted to listen to experts then the EAG would have been created 12 months ago. I gave them both barrels and they still appointed me. 2. The minutes of the EAG are going to be published, so you'll be able to see what was recommended if CoMIN decide to do something else. That's what's in the terms of reference Tynwald approved earlier this year. 3. It was indeed. Did you apply? 4. Not as far as I'm aware but I held a UK gov security clearance for many years so regardless of what people may think, I know where the boundaries lie. 5. Could you imagine the bad press for the Government if they hadn't appointed me? That explains why DA was so keen to tell everyone during his PAC evidence that I had been appointed...which happened to be before *I* had been told that I'd been appointed. I didn't realise it was public (other than DA's PAC evidence) until a friend showed me on her phone earlier today. We were asked to keep it confidential until Tynwald.
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