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  1. This was my concern. Right now, there is no way to know whether he was reading from a blank piece of paper or not.
  2. I don't know you at all but most people who spout a lot of spite and vitriol online like the kind you are doing here are not very happy people. I would recommend an appointment with your GP to discuss further.
  3. Whatever is going on in your life that makes you so nasty towards people online, I truly hope you're getting some help for it, or a friend asks if you're OK.
  4. I hate to sound like such a bitch, but it's Dr. Glover to you. Anyone else can call me Rachel. The interesting point that you don't seem to have realised is that I resigned. It's now the DHSC who are contacting me to get my services back after they realised my skills were required after all.
  5. I suspect if I decided to sue the Minister for slander, a copy of that letter would rapidly be "discovered" to defend him and pass the buck onto the author and the permission given to read it out.
  6. Maybe I should do the PhD version. I'm sure you're all dying to know the significance of a GC clamp, the 3'->5' exonuclease activity of high fidelity Taq polymerase and minor groove binding probes to the accuracy of our COVID-19 test
  7. It's OK, I was getting confused too. Quotes of quotes being quoted
  8. Not at all, I just don't spend any time reading back my previous posts and assumed I hadn't explained properly when part of it was quoted.
  9. The only untenable part, if you listen to what I said to Paul Moulton, was continuing to work as a DHSC employee when the specifics of my employment status meant my expertise would never input to anything which aided decision making. The role wasn't untenable, just my specific employment status. I don't suppose you moonlight as "Isabella Brown" on Facebook, do you? The pair of you seem to have a very similar dislike of me. I should have phrased it better. My point was that HQ isn't involved in negotiations at all.
  10. Don't worry I'm returning. Just on my terms without any of the BS.
  11. Twat hat? Goddamn it, I know I should be in the kitchen, but I'm just better at cooking DNA than I am at cooking biscuits. My impression of Howard from the one time I've met him (UCM awards ceremony a few weeks ago) and the briefings is that he's rather superior and clearly thinks he's better than everyone else. He hasn't left the door open for negotiations, he's not interested in the negotiations, he believes they're beneath him.
  12. That's my impression. Where are we again? The 1950's? Times have moved on and some of our politicians need to catch up.
  13. Quite. My thought was always around the timings. It arrived with the Minister on the Thursday by post to his home address. As you say, anyone within the DHSC would have just fired off an email or sent the printed letter to Crookall house rather than go to the bother of finding out the Minister's home address when other avenues were much easier. In order to send a letter that arrived with the Minister on Thursday's post, it must have been sent on Wednesday at the latest. That is a full 24 hours before I announced my resignation, as I resigned about 10.30pm on Tuesday night (to the M
  14. I deal in ISO lab testing regulations most days (this one, if you're interested). If I chucked out a piece of paper pertaining to a test result that someone might dispute at a later date I'd be up a certain creek.
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