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  1. I'm not sure how a one hour meeting once per month would manage to keep anyone occupied and it definitely hasn't kept me quiet.
  2. I'd go with distraction. As an aside, I was always taught that C-reactive protein (CRP) should really be called CRAP for all the indication it gives as to where the inflammation is 🤣
  3. Not sure why you’re so interested but, no, Taxa does not supply any materials to government for testing. While I was employed by the DHSC last year I had an agreement that we would order in highly specialist testing components (primers, probes, transcriptases, polymerases etc), assemble as required and charge those back to the DHSC at the price we paid for them (ie supply the test reagents at cost) but that was because the DHSC didn’t have anyone who knew how to order those things, or put them together, or accounts with the specialist suppliers so we offered and they accepted. When I resigned that arrangement came to an end and we arranged a contract of sale for one subsequent delivery to tide them over (even though David Ashford was telling everyone that we weren’t required and there were 4-5 other suppliers they were using, which was incorrect at that time - see my PAC evidence). why do you ask?
  4. Personally, I’d say that arrogance is the health minister deciding he’s an expert in pandemics, genomics and coding (as per his PAC evidence). Me? I happen to BE an actual expert in those things. Documented through qualifications and a 20 year published career. Don’t mistake my confidence in my profession for arrogance. The only arrogance is that of ministers believing they know more than experts during a pandemic.
  5. Nope. All I have is the transcript of the briefing, like everyone else. Which firmly puts David Ashford in shredder territory. He's the only person (other than the supposed author) who saw that letter. If it existed at all. I provided many emails/messages written by my DHSC colleagues in the minutes after that briefing to the PAC which were contrary to the position put forward by David Ashford in that briefing/letter reading session. All of them said that they didn't believe anyone who had worked with me could have written what David read out.
  6. Huh? Meltdown? Fan club? Sounds like you don't have much of a grasp of who I am at all. Happy to meet for a cuppa if you want to find out who I am, what I do professionally, and how none of my life is defined by what some anon account here says about me.
  7. It was clearly an expensive one, then.
  8. Nice to know that your opinions are based on nothing than your own perceptions then. I know exactly what I've made comment on publicly, and when. I don't need to hire a researcher to tell me, but I suspect you might need to hire one to do a bit of research to back up your comments!
  9. I don't really. I pick up on it every few weeks or so. Mostly it's just in response to trolls on here making conjecture. Happy for you to show the indepth data of my protests against "Howie and Ashy" over the last few months. Dates and times appreciated to show how I'm spending "so much time" doing it.
  10. The thing is, you're coming from the position that I want your respect? I really don't need it. I'm me, nothing more, nothing less. I hit that magical zone a few years ago where a woman really doesn't care what anyone thinks of her.
  11. Hmm.. because this definitely sounds like David's current spin-phrase "as I have said before". Nope. Nada. TheVoiceOfReason couldn't possibly be David Ashford or someone he is close to. Definitely not.
  12. All right, David, wind your neck in. You might want to speak to the backbenchers as to why they forced the EAG on CoMIN via a Tynwald motion. Might be a lot to do with a health minister believing he was somehow a font of all knowledge despite having nothing more than an irrelevant degree from Edge Hill community college and access to google.
  13. Nope, I have no operational decision making. The first I heard of the decision was through the local news today. Trustees are like non-executive directors; we look at strategy, not operational decisions (which are the remit of the CEO and staff).
  14. You realise I'm not a medic, right? It's not "my" little medical group: I'm the only scientist and I applied because the motion requesting the formation of the EAG put me between a rock and a hard place (if I hadn't applied, David Ashford would have crapped on me in the press by saying "she didn't apply"). The rest are judges, emergency planners, financial bods, third-sector people and legal specialists. Believe me when I say that often I'm the voice of reason in that group, as there's at least one member who would have had us back in full lockdown the second that a travel case was detected. We also don't have any more information from the government to give said advice than anyone on here gets. We're not party to any government info. I don't know. I'll ask, given I'm a trustee of MWT.
  15. A warden broke their ankle last year and it needed a medivac. Not cheap and not the best use of resources.
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