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  1. This is where you (and the government) misunderstand the science. The high-resolution bioinformatic analysis with the genomic sequencing data that elucidates transmission chains I've been offering is PERFECT for a small island with small outbreaks (less than a few thousand cases in the total outbreak). The COG-UK research project doesn't use this approach because until very recently they've had thousands of cases per day to look at - high resolution just doesn't work at that scale. However, New Zealand and Australia have been using the high-resolution transmission chain tracking sin
  2. Well, you could go back a whole 1-2 pages and read what I've said but it sounds like that's too much effort.
  3. Fair enough if it actually was a job interview or a commercial decision but it's not. They are yet to even acknowledge the receipt of any email of mine offering free sequencing and bioinformatics expertise.
  4. I sent a quiet email four weeks ago to Henrietta Ewart, David Ashford and Howard Quayle. Was that all over twitter, facebook and the like?
  5. Well, that would involve public health/DHSC/CoMin/whoever actually saying "sorry, we don't want to use your services, thanks very much for the offer, here's why we won't use you". I've quietly sent emails and I've sometimes backed that up with a public tweet to try and get a response. All I get is radio silence. No refusal of our expertise, no acceptance our expertise, no acknowledgement that we even sent an offer. At least if it's simultaneously public the people who makes these decisions (for the good of the Isle of Man) might have to answer a question some day as to why they ignored t
  6. That figure really depends on the brand and type of vaccination given? Even with the figure you're quoting that would mean that 20% of the people who have had their first dose have no immunity and they don't know it.
  7. If the Government took up my offer they'd have to send both samples and the anonymised COG-UK genomic sequence accessions for me to link them up. Not much point having one without the other. What do you mean by "extremely good PR". PR for what? Which of the products my company sells (which aren't linked to or talked about on my Twitter) are the great manx public going to be compelled to purchase after an offer like that? I would suggest you perhaps be a little less cynical and understand that when you pass someone having a heart attack in the street, you offer to help, you don't wal
  8. I'm entitled to respond to a thread with my name in it. What's your name? Could we name a thread after you?
  9. Nope, just me wondering how much of this is indexed by Google. If it stays, it stays. I'm not in the habit of telling anything less than the truth (for better or worse, thank my aspie side for that) so while I might be overly truthful there's not much I can do about people who disbelieve it. It's because I said I had been working 100 hours per week between DHSC and my own company, at a point where the company was in exponential growth. In DA's world that means it must be beaten in order to state the special nature of DHSC staff compared to the rest of us plebs. 120 hour weeks are
  10. Personally, I would be happy to see this thread deleted completely. No-one likes to see a thread with their (real) name as the title and which contains personal opinions of testimony that put words in my mouth (both positively and negatively).
  11. That's why I have lawyers. They make sure I'm not selling my soul to the devil. Everything that has been stated in the last few hours is hypothetical and not the reality of the current situation. The current situation is that the Health Minister is commenting on legal correspondence he hasn't gotten to grips with and a PAC inquiry which is about genomics, but the reality is that availability of on-Island genomics is intertwined with how Taxa have been treated by the DHSC.
  12. From my point of view, if the DHSC wanted to keep me quiet with cash (i.e. gagging order, compensation for libel, I win a civil case in the future where the DHSC is shown to be in the wrong) then that money is not mine and should be used for good, not personal gain. Argue against that all you want.
  13. Nowhere near as much as anyone might think, nor what would be charged commercially. My thoughts were along the lines of a couple of hundred pounds per year for the software but the DHSC didn't even bother to ask how much, they just waited for us to issue the removal notice instead.
  14. Absolutely. I do not want to profit from a pandemic, even if that money comes from misdemeanors of a government department. I'd rather put that in a trust and have it help pay the bench fees of Manx PhD students than sit in the Taxa (or my personal) bank account.
  15. Please don't, in the nicest possible way. If you did, I'd only fund the educations of future Manx scientists with it rather than use it on the legal fees. I can afford the legal fees. I've already decided that if, at any point in the future, the DHSC decide that they want to offer cash for silence, that money will be put into a scholarship fund for Manx students wanting to do science PhDs. With regards to a gagging order I think I may have found a point of agreement with @The Voice of Reason. What I said on the forum earlier is what was told to PAC (either verbally or in documentation)
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