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  1. It was human metapneumovirus. Fair few people with 'COVID-like' symptoms in the early outbreak in 2020 tested positive for this but negative for COVID. They would have just had a "negative" COVID test and their doc wouldn't have told them about the other result. Hence how I had to do so much "you really don't have COVID if you've had a negative test" public engagement last year. Or as I describe it normally: "Other viruses are available(TM)"
  2. Fabulous. Could you point me in the direction of the accreditation of the Liverpool Lab? I know most of the COG-UK guys and not one of their labs has an accreditation to their names...
  3. I think we've found a point of agreement. Calls to 111 should be free. Like 999 free.
  4. Personally speaking, I'm shocked that it's not a free-phone number. 111 can't be a chargeable number, surely? I've never had to ring it so I have no experience. But....really? It costs money?!
  5. I did offer to do it for free and would have continued to do so. You don't seem to know much about lab testing. The hospital lab isn't even accredited. Saying that, we offered to do the genomics for free because it was the right thing to do for the Isle of Man during an emerging outbreak where we had the capability, expertise, reagents and equipment to do so. Many companies have offered up their expertise on the Isle of Man in the last 12 months, were all of those looking to make a profit? We bring in six figure revenues every month so we don't need any kind of contract from the IoM Go
  6. Busted. But nothing conspiratorial. I trust no-one
  7. Put it this way. If and when I decide to run for public office I won't be attaining to be a minister. I would be attaining to be the first female Chief Minister.
  8. I suspect you think I care about what you think. I don't.
  9. I believe I'm allowed to respond to such posts (in a thread containing my name) in any way I like? Is having a Manx Forums account akin to being still at school?
  10. I'm talking about a specific ex-barman who currently heads the DHSC who seems to believe that being a minister makes him a professor. I don't speak about all ex-barstaff. I used to serve in (and chuck people out of) the Clarendon, the Woody, and the Students' Union in Aberdeen in days gone by.
  11. Well, to answer the question on this thread, I have no intention of running in the next few years. However, I do know how large complex organisations work and how to manage them. My experience prior to moving back to the IoM and setting up my own company demonstrates that (DEFRA, Capita). I certainly know how to run a large department and manage C-Suite staff more than an ex-barman without the critical thinking skills and analytical mindset a postgraduate education provides.
  12. I heard it via Tynwald Live last week. It's almost like they haven't realised that Taxa Genomics employs more people than just me, just like Livepool do. I have to wonder whether HQ and DA believe that the eminent prof's are doing the work themselves But then, if that's the only reason they can come up with they're at least conceding that I might know a thing or two (or Liverpool have said the infamous words "Why don't you just use Rachel?"). Although it does make me wonder why we only have a single Chief Minister and a single Health Minister. Surely we should be doubling up, just i
  13. At the beginning? So in 2009 when I first started Tweeting? I had a Twitter account throughout my time as a UK Government scientist before I moved back to the IoM, they had no problem with it. It just seems to me that no-one is allowed to criticise any IoM Government actions and IoM Government are absolutely livid that they don't have any control over me.
  14. Seems a fair number normally, given that there are community first responders too. But if they end up queued up like we see in the UK because A&E is full, or the hospital has no beds? That could be a problem.
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