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  1. The hotels aren't open yet but by July they will and would expect family visiting also. All shops in U.K. Opening 15/06 plus schools, hotels & pubs probably 4/07.
  2. Not in a big hurry, open when U.K. Numbers right down and they do seem to be heading in right direction. The reason for us to visit immediate families in UK .
  3. Why not? IOM Borders open with U.K. And U.K. Borders open to Europe and selected others.
  4. Back to normal in IOM, UK & Europe hopefully with all borders open but closed to those in N & S America, Africa & parts of Asia
  5. So it's all going to be gone by end of summer and we can get back to normal without the scaremongering!
  6. Golfer

    easy jet

    We all know that but if you want to fly to Australia you have to fly off the Island with your luggage and if going for 6 weeks a couple of cabin bags are not much use. you obviously don't cruise as they have wide range of ages including families and the newer ones are extremely luxurious and nothing like the holiday camps you frequent.
  7. Golfer

    easy jet

    If you're going on a cruise or long land holiday to say Australia etc then hold luggage is probably required and we normally take an extra case along with 2 cabin bags, added a few on for next year when they were doing them at 99p per case.
  8. Golfer

    easy jet

    So easy jet are going to waste more cash defending this frivolous law suit for a stupid amount, if there is any chance of succeeding all they will do is file for bankruptcy protection which will just inconvenience a lot more customers than their email address being stolen!
  9. I was referring to U.K. economy needs to get going but IOM also needs to make big businesses pay 25% cost of furlough etc if still going after July.
  10. Simple facts are the economy needs to get going again as all the costs are unaffordable and if some older people die well that's to be expected. UK have already advised that businesses need to pay 25% of costs of furlough plus NI costs from August and IOM needs to do the same.
  11. Well al I'm bothered about is are the virus figures going down, are deaths falling and if answers to that are yes then I'm happy! How they get there I care as much as I do about what will greenhow is doing!
  12. Not sure why everyone is focusing on Cummings and what he did or didn't, who cares as I don't!!
  13. Why do you say that when the figures come direct from the NHS ? Are you one of these conspiracy nutters who think it's spread by 5g?
  14. No new cases this weekend as reported by manx radio. UK Have announced cases still falling so going ahead with schools opening 1st June.
  15. The swimming pool at Comis is just about finished and showily be ready for when paying guests finally arrive , whenever that maybe!!
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