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  1. What a knob you are, obviously a civil servant still isolating on full pay
  2. missed the update but reportedly Howie said CoMin will consider borders next week with updated figures, not sure what figures he means.
  3. Do you think Jersey reopening borders and Guernsey do a 7 day trial on isolation are being reckless then or just Iom over cautious?
  4. However overall U.K. deaths are now back to normal rates although some Covid hot spots as mentioned. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/health-53233066
  5. Stop being such a knob, I was responding to a question. All you do is slag everyone who doesn’t share your blinkered opinions from your ivory tower!
  6. How do you know the person driving the van was a key worker and the person sitting next to him was local? that van could have been here for months and not been noticed
  7. Of course opening the borders will help, who do you think stays in the hotels , holiday cottages etc ? It’s not locals !! why do you think Jersey are reopening borders and Guernsey trial for 7 days ,it’s too encourage travel
  8. The issue for me is that IOM government don't seem to have a plan for borders reopening and everyone else does, Jersey reopening, Guernsey are trying a trial with 7 days isolation, Ireland have a plan. Not everyone agrees with the others plans but they have one and in fact 69% of those surveyed in Jersey support borders reopening. why can't we try the 7 days isolation plan ?
  9. Some of us care about the whole islands success not just themselves like you
  10. But no one else flies to London, if that route goes the same way as city one. take your boat there smart ass as idiots like you will see the island bankrupt
  11. They have just announced that a third of pilots are being made redundant so routes are being reviewed and they won’t just turn the Iom to Liverpool route back on when Howie decides he wants it back. the concern for all islands is loss of vital air routes for business, domestic and international tourism in and out
  12. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2020/06/30/hotels-see-rise-in-holiday-inquiries-but-fears-are-raised-easyjet-could-pull-out-of-jersey-if-border-plan-is-delayed/ This must be a concern here that airlines won’t return if continued delays in reopening borders
  13. Very strange, some of the staff are enjoying being at home & doing as little as possible so obviously trying all the tricks to stay there. all of a sudden they have discovered lots of vulnerable staff they didn’t have before, bit like the teachers, civil service and anywhere they get full pay!!!
  14. I think you will find that they are using these as the test for 7 days isolation only and if test negative you can go out. as I mentioned every one has a plan to move on except IOM but tossers like tea pot and his sock puppet Neil down want no plans
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