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  1. Once more you seem to lack the mental capacity to grasp what some posters have actually said. I did not question her professional experience at all. It was you who claimed I had. I pointed out that she used to work for the lab that does the dog shit DNA tests and that’s why she knew of the existence of the machine now deployed. Not once did I ridicule her professional expertise. Not once. I just pointed out she used to work at the dog shit lab. It was people like you openly trolling views you don't agree with and looking for arguments where they simply don't exist who claimed I had. I then made it very clear that what you had claimed I had said I had not said. That is neither a back track or an apology. It’s correcting deliberate lies posted by other posters. You seem to be yet another poster on here rapidly disappearing up their own arse from cabin fever. Hopefully lockdown ends soon. But then again I would guess there’s a hardcore addicted to online moaning from their front room who might not notice when it has.
  2. It’s appalling publicity for the IOM. Those reviews will be up forever. Business owners need to accept that.
  3. But to be fair it was a stupid rule that wasn’t in law. As Hooper says some sort of formal guidance should be issued rather than them just policing this on the fly then changing their minds and looking stupid.
  4. That again seems to typify the general unwelcoming and confrontational attitude of this forum to any poster who has a different view. As I said I think you’ve all caught some weird form of cabin fever off each other during lock-down such is the general gloom and miserable nonsense posted on here. it’s like all posters have just merged into one great big miserable composite in a spiral of doom.
  5. I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re on about. As I said this forum seem to be experiencing some form of weird cabin fever you’ve all caught off each other. I don’t post nonsense at all. In fact benchmarking it against a lot of the depressing drivel and constant moaning about everything posted on here I think I score much higher. The cabin fever has most clearly set in though..
  6. There’s a difference between flag waving and saying that on balance they have done a good job so far (which I think they have). But they are making a mess of the economy related stuff and I’ve pointed that out. I also think they should take a pay cut which is hardly flag waving. I’d suggest some sort of cabin fever has set in here just reading the number of miserable and depressing posts posted by the same people about nothing and then the number of arguments started with anyone who points out the repetitive depressing rubbish.
  7. None. I see they have even made Ray Harmer do something this afternoon by doing the Covid update. Presumably to justify his salary. By the look of his tan he’s been in his garden for 6 weeks at least.
  8. I don’t understand the question. I’m just trying to establish the reasons for some of the outright hostility that seems to exist on this forum for posters who don't post the usual government bashing rubbish or the repetitive scaremongering Covid nonsense. That’s all.
  9. They’re all irritating. The list would just be whoever is on the payroll.
  10. Sorry there seems to be some serious morons on this forum. Ecobob called me a groveling ass licker and that’s ok but when I go back suggesting some posters are bell ends I get accused of name calling? I think it’s the case of anything to start a fight on here to be honest. You’re all as bad as each other. In fact half of you probably are each other.
  11. Not surprising our self-entitled and useless MLCs like August-Hanson are staying quiet.
  12. It wasn’t an apology. There really are some angry bell ends on this forum.
  13. Yes as others have already said Fishing Telling people they have to exercise at the closest location Allowing cyclists to go in 4 hour runs but stopping people on an hours exercise Warning people who allegedly drive 100 yards more than necessary There are lots of examples where they have just made rules up to suit them Hooper is completely right.
  14. But they are facts. Hooper is an intelligent man asking intelligent and relevant questions. Guidance has been far from clear and the police have been making it up they go along in many cases.
  15. I’d be happily out there doing my job. But apparently that’s against the law. Doing your job only seems to be the preserve of people paid by government to go out and face the virus with children’s party goods and clown masks. Funnily enough I thought I’d paid my taxes for 20 years to see all this stuff work out as apparently planned.
  16. Hooper is an intelligent man. The participants of this forum seem to have a lot of problems. Not least how would they have protected the population from Covid-19 and how? It seems lots of uninformed “advice” has been issued here but no “facts” have been published here at all.
  17. Clearly I meant Hooper but it seems that some participants on this forum can pick just about any reason to create some sort of argument. It was fairly clear to anyone of normal intellect.
  18. We need more time to assess whether the lies and hysteria pumped by the media are forcing us further indoors. Not when the time might be right to emerge from this cage of lies and false information.
  19. Has it? Then maybe the public generally registers the same feedback when trolls try to solicit over the top responses from posters on an online forum?
  20. On what basis would anyone make that assumption? I imagine you’re on your second bottle of wine just lashing out at society for even existing.
  21. I tend to find that only the lazy or trolls get hung up on punctuation on forums.
  22. You play yourself down What an impact you’re making. Better than the doctor who totally lost it and who now has to raise £100K to try to make it go away.
  23. You’re quite a looker too so what a package I for sure am reassured that we are all in such safe hands.
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