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  1. Or Brexiteer Josem. Hopefully they’ll get some nice brown shirts knocked up.
  2. To determine if there is a link between a disturbance in Onchan park and the death of a grandmother. Which are noted as two separate incidents.
  3. The idiot publicly announced he had broken quarantine on Facebook. What did you or anyone else expect the police to do? The man is clearly a dick who asked to be put in jail.
  4. You seem to be as angry and offensive as Hissing Sid. You also seem to arrive at totally the wrong conclusions although neither of you sound particularly bright.
  5. No surprises here then http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=57268 Although I suppose it raises the question when is an independent candidate a party, or when is a party actually just an independent candidate?
  6. Firstly I’m not angry Angry Neil, and secondly I think it’s disgusting that idiots seek to spread damaging and false gossip on the internet. Just like a lot of the hysterical rubbish being posted about this that’s currently on Facebook Groups posted by morons.
  7. I’ve not heard anything more from H M R Sole, King of Moreass. I don’t think it’s a deliberate ploy I think it’s probably because he’s a dangerous idiot who nobody in their right mind would vote for.
  8. That’s total bullshit being spread by hysterical idiots.
  9. He’s now been named. Stupid twat actually posted on Facebook that he had broken quarantine rules. Drinks in the Rosy and the Manx Arms. Enough said. Sad piss head.
  10. From what I’ve heard the perp is a somewhat “difficult” character and the reasons for not naming will become clear at some stage.
  11. Typical IOM public sector shit-show. But it’s certainly now going to see a few businesses go to the wall. How some have kept going is beyond me. And to have this heap of crap dumped on them on top of Covid is simply unbelievable. How there have not been protests by now simply amazes me. If they’d have done this to my business I’d have been out well before now. Does anyone remember the “stop the rot” protests of many years back? I’d say it’s time for people to now take control and give these useless fuckers what they deserve.
  12. The only thing stopping us moving to testing is fear of the public backlash from the Covid crazies.
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