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  1. No I think the concept of what I’ve outlined so far is so vast that as an idiot you can’t possibly comprehend it.
  2. Yes the Douglas festoon baubles. Or Cllr Christians Pearl Necklace as they have recently been referred to.
  3. All you have to do is own a building. Put the coffee shop out to contract for a business to run, put the shop out to contract for someone to run profitably, and stick a stamps and benefits counter in to generate the initial footfall and you likely couldn’t lose. You’re just offering floor space other businesses are paying to share and a reason for people to go there which should cover your ownership or lease costs.
  4. I take it that you’re not a complete idiot to understand the concept of what I described? In that the idea being described was like a Spar Shop environment with wider additions but not an actual Spar Shop run by the owners of Spar. The clue was in my reference to the Post Office maybe considering setting up something like that. Not the actual owners of Spar Shops, who purely run Spar Shops, which operate as ... just Spar Shops.
  5. You are right here. I’ve never understood why in the IOM you can’t just create one local focal point. If the post office management weren’t so brain dead it’s exactly what they should do and it would work. One accessible building in a good location. Stick a coffee shop in it, a small general store, add somewhere to buy some stamps and pick up your pension. Throw in some comfy chairs and free WiFi. Basically your average Spar shop with WiFi and seating. We seem to only want to set up shared space for wantrapreneurs and wanker types when really the older age groups would be ideally placed for wider community hubs.
  6. That’s extreme but is why many people don’t donate anything. The state can pretty much do what they like with your body after you’re gone in these situations. The laws need to get tighter on what you are and aren’t consenting to.
  7. It looks like several posters have replied but some still don’t seem to be able to resist the opportunity for some bargain basement trolling.
  8. That issue is being a hopeless alcoholic for which there is a cure and should be support.
  9. Southfork

    TT 2021 ??

    Ha ha like that idiot has anything to do with with any decision being made.
  10. Yes I knew that. Just shows you that the effects will only be felt by the private sector even if some people in government are paid to do next to fuck all for years as a result of this.
  11. You’re shouting into the void clown shoes.
  12. At the end of the day Derek despite an 80% drop in air traffic we’re still paying all the airport staff to turn up at “work”, and were still paying horse tram drivers to pretend to be Covid marshalls as we can’t pay them to drive trams, and Manx National Heritage are paying pretty much everyone to stay at home and pretend to run castles and heritage sites from their front rooms. Not one person on furlough. In fact furlough never even discussed. We’ll just keep on paying them too until we run out of money. Any impact is only going to be felt by everyone else.
  13. Dilligaf, MF echo chamber since 2010. Never seems to have said anything of relevance. Prone to crazy outbursts and random idiotic statements. Seldom seems to post anything of relevance to grown up sentient people.
  14. But less than you who also seems to be a dedicated troll on this forum. The same as Neil Down. I’m not sure many are that interested to hear anything that either of you post to be honest. It’s like listening to mental people talking rubbish.
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