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  1. You seem to be quite angry. I’ll, leave you to it as you seem to be having some sort of irrational late night meltdown. Lock down is testing many people. Stay safe!
  2. Is it? You seem to claim to know a great deal without demonstrating any substance relating to anything. In what way was that previous posters post cretinous? Off the cuff remarks lack so much credibility.
  3. Its strange that the profile you link to includes - Address as: Mr Callister. Full title: Mr Rob Callister MHK. Not even the Chief Minister seems to see fit to specify how he is to be formally addressed by the proletariat. Is there the same template for everyone?
  4. Well you would wouldn’t you as you and Pongo always seem to say the exact same things in the exact same threads.
  5. I’ve learned how to write them now. Thanks.
  6. There will most certainly be one going in tomorrow, as well as an email to my MHK.
  7. According to what seems to be one of this forums angriest and most irrational posters that really is some claim. Thank you.
  8. That’s what they say but as that department lies through its teeth at every available opportunity I would say that’s unlikely.
  9. It is what it says. They can say what they like but amazing the DOI has shipped in more than the DHSC has actually brought in as front line staff. Yes some built the oxygen chamber but many were just digging holes in the prom and doing tram lines.
  10. So mostly DOI so 400 road workers and people working on redundant tram lines for the DOI? They’re really taking protecting the public seriously aren’t they? Just like the teams of road workers at the QB today wearing absolutely no protective equipment and standing well within 2M of each other. They’re just taking the piss out of the general public many of whom have lost their jobs while they flaunt every rule in the book.
  11. The key worker situation was only uncovered when a very good question was asked in the house. Before then nobody outside of government had a clue as to how many “key workers” had unrestricted access to come and go as they pleased while we were all locked up in our own homes. That question was only asked after the Comis opened up as Corona-Colditz as it highlighted how stupid the Comis decision was. However, there were so many rabid and hysterical people demanding anyone from outside be shot on sight that I don't think they had much option but to come up with the Comis idea in order to try to placate people who clearly weren’t going to accept anyone being allowed to come home.
  12. You don’t have to for me you patronizing twat. People can read that link and clearly see what the comparison is. You’re embarrassing yourself. Why don’t you write to the survey company in your own name citing your own fake credentials if you don’t agree rather than starting and perpetuating pointless arguments on an Internet forum?
  13. The problem is we are well into the realms of completely pointless unenforceable rules now so that governments can still pretend that they are doing something to protect us because they have scared so many idiots into mass hysteria about dying if they even dare to move outside of their houses that they can’t just say “get on with it”. What gets me is that someone can work in a salon for 8 hours a day and that’s fine. But a customer can’t spend more than 15 minutes there. It’s completely pointless.
  14. They (and all other hotels) get £25 a day per room based on average room occupancy figures from the DfE. Not bad for running an empty hotel where most of your staff are furloughed at taxpayer expense.
  15. I already did that but you just pointlessly argued the toss like a small child when confronted with actual facts. Here is a link to the survey that has no link to the Daily Mail so that you don’t go off into one of your funny rants about the Daily Wail again Mr Daily Wailer. https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2019/07/uk-ranks-34th-out-of-207-countries-for-average-broadband-speed.html
  16. Thats you. The ManxForums daily wailer. Wails about everything then gets upset when anyone challenges the nonsense you post. You really take yourself and your views far too seriously. Several surveys record the true picture yet you spend pages on here arguing black is white because of the strange ego you seem to have. How embarrassing. So let’s repeat the IOM No63, Jersey No3 for broadband service in one of a number of reputable surveys. So the island is not necessarily a good choice for remote working.
  17. No I’m sure DHL is delivering your scroll as we speak.
  18. That’s great. Do you let her read these forums with all the offensive language and such or did you just make that up? How do you pronounce your name again? Is it Neil or Kneel?
  19. You must be waiting for your doctorate in stupidity to hit the mat then?
  20. You seem to have a penchant for bizarre outbursts that are completely unintelligible.
  21. You seem to have an obsession with the Daily Mail and your superior levels of knowledge. Oh, or is that PK who also has the same obsession? I can never suitably separate between several baseless ranters on this forum.
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