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  1. Just the same as now. For some time maybe, but the risks are too great to turn a blind eye now that the pubs are open. Everyone seems to think it has gone away because they can go for a pint. FFS
  2. Why. What’s wrong with banter.? I can’t see what ND has done wrong, or Southfirk.
  3. But you yourself have been “unwell“ for some time now. Maybe you should take that into account, as the frail are more at risk
  4. Yes, but it isn’t just a switch you can throw.
  5. Jonny is a very intelligent bloke. Sometimes too much so that he is very much misunderstood. The TT thing is mad though
  6. Sad thing is and will always be remembered, that a few very decent people in the Isle of Man died because of this virus and they were totally not to blame for their very sad deaths. How would you explain that to their families. Would you say, well it is only a trial. ?
  7. The people taking the risk now by traveling are more than likely safe enough and strong enough to survive a dose. But the people they transfer it to may not be so strong. That is the issue. Take a look at a video, it may enlighten you.
  8. No, just highly skilled machinists. Sorry
  9. Yes , why not skirt around the video of the dying patient. You ask about the ventilator being “reliant”, maybe you meant relevant. It is what happens to many folk who contract Covid-19, usually from some prick who can’t see the danger.
  10. Maybe more people need to watch a video of a Covid-19 infected patient on a ventilator. Lying on their stomach in an induced coma with bags attached and pipes for oxygen , wires for monitoring heart etc. etc. for months. You may not be so fucking flippant with your clever posts.
  11. Getting closer
  12. Two countries with loads of cases. You don’t get it do you.
  13. Nice guy from a nice family, but not the world’s best journalist , ( see Jonny in TT week) Very unfair to call him a bellend.
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