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  1. John. You always had my respect for your qualifications and your grit and determination to fight your health issues but you were only brought on board to cover the shit being posted and for legal reasons. Why you feel you need to keep banning posters is out for the jury to decide. You do realise how you are viewed by the majority of posters, do you ? I have just written my epitaph but dont care as I really can’t understand your game here. Manx Forums ran so well before you were given the power to drop that ban hammer. Have you not realised that ?. Why do you feel you need to annoy so many on here with your method of moderation ?
  2. And that is why the forum is where it is. Just saying.
  3. If a poster wasn’t suspended regularly for trifle things, then they would not bother creating secondary profiles to continue posting. If that poster pays £40 up front and is treated in a different manner to other posters, ( who pay nothing ) then you can’t blame them being a tad pissed off.
  4. Just hold the door open for the next addict to pop out, then they do the same. ad infinitum.
  5. Sorry, but have to disagree with that. Most just pop out every hour or so without losing and pay. Too easy.
  6. Where do they work then ? Must be junior level to be clocking in in the first place. Are these people clocking out for smoke breaks too ? A very serious review of our CS is needed ASAP. Will it happen ? No.
  7. I have no issue about paying a mere £20 per year to use the site. I think we should all pay. It is a great site and very informative. Yes it goes tits up sometimes when people like me and many others say what they think instead of being PC . But what the hell.
  8. I have subscribed for several years even though I spend a good proportion of time on the naughty step. I have again subscribed for the next two years yet still get the effing ads that cheapshake posters get who pay nothing to use the site.
  9. Why did I not consider that you always know better.?
  10. Not confusing what they do. It is just terminology. Nobody at Knockaloe had their nails pulled, their hair, both head and pubic shaved to fill pillows, they were no experimented on nor had their teeth or fillings removed. If you have read p, you will know they were all well fed, given respect and decent meals. They were given the materials and mechanisms to create crafts and toys, they made clocks and carved ornaments etc etc etc. That is not what most people would consider a concentration camp. Just saying.
  11. I know Civil Servants that worked several hours every night plus time at weekends unpaid. Probably 25% more hours than paid for, because people needed support and were not ignored because it was more than they were paid for. Probably many others doing the same. Just because there are many unneeded jobs and many wasters in the CS, doesn’t mean you have to group them all together.
  12. Maybe in your legal eyes, but in practice were chalk and cheese. You know that.
  13. Scotty


    Trams, yes. Cruises no. Trams should have been a single track down the centre, instead of this stupid double single, crossover bollocks. That will just annoy even more people for no other reason than it keeps someone employed in a non job.
  14. Not to most people they aren’t. Very, very different things Have you been to the exhibition centre opposite Knockaloe ? Definitely worth two hours reading and viewing.
  15. Don’t need another job thanks. Says so much about today’s greedy society, that everything comes down to money. Why do students opt for teaching degrees in the first place ? Vocation is what it used to be. Now it is the reward verses hours worked.
  16. Not at all . I am old enough and clever enough to see the teaching unions for the shit they are. Have you no children ? We have, but luckily they left school years ago. They had some brilliant teachers who were in the job for the right reasons, not for every penny they could extract from a weak government. Teachers used to be respected for their dedication and compassion. These two traits are lost on today’s so called teachers, who seem to be in the job for the money and lack of working hours.
  17. Thinking more about Dire Straits, Money for nothing and your meals for free.
  18. Scotty


    Totally agree about moving away from bikers for money. We need to up our game on Heritage, it really is important and we have loads of it. The right managers are the problem. We need people with vision, not just 5 GCSEs
  19. Scotty


    Never going to happen. I know for a fact that the surveys can be used to show whatever the Gov. wants, I would estimate that over 50% of money spent in TT week, ends up in European resorts. Little tax is taken either, so we aren’t the great takers of their millions. This £30,000,000 is pie in the sky.
  20. Just for starters. They decided to strike and take action that caused the pupils they are meant to be helping, upset and time lost in their learning. They then say people are anti teacher ! Really ? I think it is sad that they have got Allinson to cave in .
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