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  1. I might not post here often but I follow all comments closely. I have thought long and hard about standing but would prefer to concentrate my effort on the GE 2021. After reviewing the 2016 manifestos I agree with Derek Flint that most are pointless. The contents need to be more specific and costed and I also think little can be achieved in a year when all the current Members will be doing anything they can to get elected. Therefore I will wait and put something forward for real change, openness, transparency, where politicians rather than senior civil servants take decisions and real cost savings are made for utilisation in frontline services.
  2. So our beloved leader has boosted morale by cancelling the Senior Race Day holiday which was not even the case when the TT was cancelled because of foot and mouth. A huge thank you then to everyone for enduring lockdown and the hard work of key workers. Rest assured that although downsized, Tynwald Day will remain as he parades out in his glory and setting double standards . Even with social distancing the gathering will be more numbers than allowed at a funeral, but never mind when you have emergency powers you can do what suits you. II am not saying let’s cancel another public holiday but show some respect and ensure that the only people there are the Deemsters promulgating the laws on the Hill with a live stream..
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