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  1. Doesn't mean they asked for it though.
  2. Just because Edge says it doesn't make it true. Not a single release from the NASUWT has ever claimed that they want a 30% increase.
  3. I'm just asking for proof of your claim, please don't try to shift the burden of proof.
  4. Can you find a source for the union demanding a 30% pay rise? The union sent an offer to the government last week to call off the strike, it was only today that the government got their act together and responded.
  5. They've been public knowledge for a few months now, not new information.
  6. All of the challenges you mention above are experienced in schools on the Isle of Man, to surprising levels.
  7. I don't think you can! A sensible answer might be to update terms and conditions in their contract to include the extra duties not being undertaken. This might not be popular. If he considers strike-busting there may be serious push back from the public.
  8. Still no proof of your claim. Some could mean 2 or some could mean 200. Please show me where it says less than 200 teachers voted to strike. Reports from the NASUWT today on their North West FB page claim 350 people attending the Comis Hotel rally.
  9. A screenshot or quote of a fellow forum poster isn't adequate evidence...
  10. The burden of proof is always on the person making an assertion or proposition. Shifting the burden of proof, a special case argumentum ad ignorantium, is the fallacy of putting the burden of proof on the person who denies or questions the assertion being made.
  11. You have yet to produce evidence of this claim.
  12. You made a claim. You can't prove it. Egg on your face much?
  13. Again, if you look closely at the photo you might be able to figure that out. I can count 3 Manx Labour Party members... the clue is that they have signs!
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