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  1. Small nitpick, there is no such thing as road tax.
  2. Wow, what a sweeping and general statement - I'm sure they'd love to hear your opinions. Have you tried talking to them about this?
  3. Anyone up for go karting around it instead?
  4. How about "Cancelled" The boat this morning, cancelled, leaves at 1046.
  5. They could sell the TV production rights to it. "Manx Border Force" has a certain ring to it.
  6. Fairly sure there is a traffic section with traffic cars, class 1 advanced drivers and unmarked vehicles. Did I miss something?
  7. Don't you know they're already doing that with another department. They couldn't possibly do it with two at the same time 🙄
  8. I've only had one leaflet through the door with only one day left to persuade voters on the council election. Looks like Mr. programmer is going to get my vote.
  9. Sounds like a whole lot of speculation and not much substance to me. You're getting worked up over things you admit yourself you don't know about. If the answer to all of the above questions relating to moderation and training was "yes, all exams are moderated and training is given", would you still feel this worked up? Probably. What job did you get turned down for?
  10. How deep is their love for the island? Not very.
  11. It may result in a separate pay banding system for virtual locums which may be well recieved by those not wishing to travel the length of the island. It could also open up scope for outsourcing?
  12. Business as usual... If you can get registered with a dentist. Last I heard, to register with an NHS dentist you needed to get in at a certain time of year and even then new registrations were limited. If you can afford it I would recommend den-plan or something similar. Or even better... DIY.
  13. Ever notice how the jingle bells never quite line up with the song... Fire the jangler
  14. Don't worry everyone, here is one Yorkshire man's hot take on the topic:
  15. The idea that you think that there is no accountability, moderation or quality assurance in a DESC department is farcical. You are feigning knowledge of a topic of which you know very little about. As you've been asked before, which job did you get turned down for?
  16. I don't know if any union leader actually said this but I'll throw in some helpful information: Teachers were advised against video conference teaching due to the numerous safeguarding and child protection issues involved with face to face teaching using a video platform. You might not be aware but this specific instruction came from DESC, not unions. If DESC wanted teachers to "teach properly" as some say (i.e. face to face but just online) ultimately it is up to DESC to implement a policy and issue instructions guiding their staff on how they should go about it. I imagine as well as safeguarding, there would be a huge GDPR nightmare to boot! Besides, Zoom was frequently being compromised by malicious users posting pornographic imagery, amongst other things, to disrupt sessions. At the time, the risk was probably deemed too high.
  17. Teachers are contracted to work 1250 hours per academic year (in reality we all know they work much more than this due to planning/preperation.) Come July 24th, they will have fulfilled their contractual obligation. Have they? Where is your proof?
  18. When people say kids are going to be ‘behind’ I say, behind what?? Not each other - they’re all in the same boat. Only ‘behind’ the age expectations of a curriculum that currently has limited context due to these extraordinary circumstances. In front on so many other more important fronts I say. What if instead of “behind” this group of kids are advanced because of this. What if they have more empathy, they enjoy family connection, they can be more creative and entertain themselves, they love to read, they love to express themselves in writing. What if they enjoy the simple things, like their own backyard and sitting near a window in the quiet? What if they notice the birds and the dates the different flowers emerge, and the calming renewal of a gentle rain shower? What if this generation is the one to learn to cook, organize their space, do their laundry, and keep a well-run home? What if they learn to stretch a fiver and to live with less? What if they learn to plan shopping trips and meals at home? What if they learn the value of eating together as a family and finding the good to share in the small delights of the everyday? What if they are the ones to place great value on our teachers and educational professionals, librarians, public servants and the previously invisible essential support workers like lorry drivers, supermarket workers, cashiers, custodians, logistics, and health care workers and their supporting staff, just to name a few of the millions taking care of us right now while we are sheltered in place? What if among these children, a great leader emerges who had the benefit of a slower pace and a simpler life, who has a fine sense of empathy and care and concern for fellow humans. What if he or she truly learns what really matters in all this…
  19. Would you as a tax payer be willing to pay for the additional six weeks the teachers would be working?
  20. Do you have any proof of this other than anecdotal evidence?
  21. Or... they suspended all industrial action because of the CV19 crisis. Which is their main gripe with Barr. Barr says they were kicking off, unions say they suspended all industrial action. Even if they didn't suspend action they were working to rule. Which, last time I checked, is doing precisely what their job asks of them.
  22. Good to see we've all stayed on topic.
  23. Isn't it a rule of thumb to knock off 10-15% of the initial listing price anyway?
  24. As a quick update to this one. Great news that we can start moving people already staying at the Comics back into their homes.
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