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  1. It's interesting when you look at the mobility scooter laws.........I think the traffic act says 4mph max on pavements, and 8mph max on roads (all with due care and attention). Stock EU scooters are normally capped at 15mph max, so that's a good start. Perhaps then down to the person on the scooter to exercise loads of care and attention on pavements and keep to the mobility scooter speed of 4mph, or there abouts?
  2. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows what the rules are on electronic Scooters such as the Mi Electric Scooter Pro (https://www.mi.com/global/mi-electric-scooter-pro) on the Isle of Man? I know that the UK don't permit them on anything other than private property, and that reforms are on the way, but I seem to recall reading that it was a bit of a grey area on the Isle of Man. Anyone know? Cheers
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