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  1. I casually happened to read the following article in the Daily Express, by accidentally clicking on a link. Granted that the Daily Express is not a particularly balanced source, often coming across as quite deranged actually. However, the article below is factual. If members of SAGE are also known long-term members of the communist party and say openly what they say, basically that Covid is their mean to end capitalism, this has got to be reported in the press. It is actually a bit of shame that most of the mainstream British press has turned a blind eye to it (so far at the least). Left-wing 'zero covid' scientists plot bid for endless lockdowns By DAVID MADDOX PUBLISHED: 00:13, Sun, Jul 4, 2021 A GROUP of scientists in Britain who want to push for continued and tougher lockdowns are set to launch an international "zero covid" network later this month. The Sunday Express has learnt that members of Independent Sage are to be part of the launch of an international group called the World Health Network which will push for a “zero covid” strategy of maintaining lockdowns. The revelation came at an online meeting of the Zero Covid campaign group last week where trade union officials told attendees about how covid is a means of recruiting members and how the ultimate goal has to be “to bring down capitalism.” The news about the new international network was announced at the end of the meeting Yaneer Bar-Yam, an American physicist who is a member of the Covid Action Group which includes the members of Independent Sage including controversial behavioural scientist Professor Susan Michie, who is a member of the Communist Party. It follows MPs last month questioning why three Independent Sage members including Professor Michie, her husband Professor Robert West, and Professor Stephen Reicher, all behavioural scientists, are also official government advisors. Dr Bar-Yam, a leading member of the Covid Action Group, told the meeting of leftwing Zero Covid activists that a closed conference not open to the public will be held on 14 and 15 July to launch the World Health Network. He said: “We have a globalised team primarily of scientists called the Covid Action Group. [This is] morphing into the World Health Network [with] very enthusiastic participation from Indy Sage, ISAG (Independent Scientific Advocacy Group), Covid Germany, and reaching out to parents groups and others. “The purpose of the network is to facilitate the interaction of the teams. Give it some global infrastructure thinking about opportunities. He said the purpose was to “shift the pandemic response” adding “I think you all know the values we share and the work we are doing on that.” Earlier in the meeting Kathy Jenkins from Scottish Hazards, which was set up to provide free and confidential information, advice, support and training to workers on workplace health and safety issues, discussed how she was being funded with taxpayers’ money from the Scottish government to go to non-union members and using covid to encourage them to join trade unions. The other speaker Tracy Edwards from the Public and Commercial Services Union also discussed how they were using air quality, long covid and other issues to restructure the workplace and add regulation. Near the end of the meeting a Zero Covid activist Steve Ballard said that work on health and safety needed to be “combined with transforming the nature of work. He said: “The rich have always said you have got to work to make us rich. That’s got to stop. Otherwise we are all going to fry. Got to change the agenda pretty damn quick.” At a previous meeting he suggested that the Soviet Union style of Communism needed to be brought into Britain. Responding to his comments, Ms Edwards said: “I agree with Steve there. Capitalism makes its own. “The people who are in charge cannot be trusted to protect our health and safety. What we have got to do as a movement is not just control our working lives but society as a whole has pointed out. “We have got to urgently think about who is running society and shift the balance in favour of the many not the few.” Ms Jenkins added: “[Covid] hasn’t created problems, it has exposed them. Not only health and safety ones. “Loads of smaller things need changing, not just capitalism [but] I completely agree we have got to get rid of it.
  2. I am sorry but Covid fatality in the world has been 0.15% of the infected; not 1% as you state in your posting above. The paper below has been accepted for publication in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/eci.13554 In Europe the IFR has been double than the world average, but this because of a disproportionate number of infections in hospitals and care homes; due to the utter mismanagement of the risks associated with the pandemic. If I though I had 1% chance of dying from Covid, I would have stayed at home (I didn't).
  3. Fortunately, most of my equity investments are US stocks; especially tech stocks. Those are going well.
  4. That is precisely what I always thought!
  5. Some US states have fully reopened. "Wide swathes of America are now almost back as business as usual" says the title of the article below. Here in this island, I see people in the open countryside with those silly napkins on their faces, and have so much pity for them. Brainwashed. Obvious early signs of dementia. The pic below shows Maiami beach a few days ago (horror).
  6. I think you should join them. It would stupid not to, if you are a young woman.
  7. That is little change. I was travelling through half of Europe for over two months during the peak of the second wave; and it didn't concern me a bit. I can't understand all the scaremongering...
  8. Can't you just disconnect your landline? So that 111 cannot reach you and serve the "direction notice" to "isolate". If you haven't been told, it won't be illegal to be out and about all day, which has been my normal state of affairs lately; lockdown or not.
  9. If with that you mean that travel restrictions on incoming travel will last for two years as of today, that I am afraid will destroy the island; as a place where anyone of working age and entrepreneurial spirit would, or could, be based, having the choice of location. The people I know here in the island think that travel restrictions won't last past spring! No one could contemplate what you are suggesting.
  10. That is what I said with my last two postings, that what is happening in the UK is not peculiar; and I got accused of being a conspiracy theorist!
  11. Let me quote what Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has just written in regard to this matter: Emmanuel Macron’s ban on lorries entering France wins the prize for the most pointless political gesture since the onset of this pandemic. The mutant strain B.1.1.7 is already all over Europe. British scientists spotted it early and have tracked it in real-time because the UK has carried out almost as much genome sequencing of Covid-19 as the rest of the world combined. Harvard epidemiologist William Hanage says the UK has the most advanced genomic monitoring regime on the planet. Denmark is one of the few other states in Europe that also does extensive and rapid sequencing. Lo and behold, the Danes have found the same mutation. Many countries do little or no genomic sequencing at all. It stretches credulity to imagine that a variant picked up in samples as far back as September is not already rampant in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and indeed France. It had months to run when borders were wide open, long before the second lockdowns. The spectacle of Britain cut off from the world as a leper-state in viral quarantine is unlikely to last more than a few days. [. . .] Christian Drosten, Angela’s Merkel’s pandemic guru, says the mutation is almost certainly spreading in Germany already and he is sceptical about the data interpretation by Prof Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial. “I am not particularly worried,” he told Deutschlandfunk, taking a gentle swipe at headline bio-hysteria. [. . .] Prof Andreas Bergthaler from the Austrian Academy of Sciences is equally sceptical, playing down what he called “insane alarmism” and insisting that it is still too early to know whether the new strain fundamentally changes the pathogen. Please note that the fact that I felt about quoting him on this matter does not mean that I agree with his other views on economics etc, which I sometimes find a bit outlandish. However, it doesn't take much to figure out what he writes on the above. It is my firm opinion that this strain is nothing peculiar or consequential within the great picture of Covid-19. And that Boris Johnson's motivations are just as political as Macron's. I also find some of you as naive: taking at face value whatever the government present you with.
  12. There are over 4,000 different strains of the coronavirus that we call Covid-19, as of today, and more will follow for sure. Some are more contagious; some have a higher fatality rate. In each country, a few of those 4K will have become more prevalent, each country has got its dominant strains. Yes, the "English virus" (as some stupid southern European outlets have called it) is more contagious among the English population; but this is nothing peculiar in respect to what is happening elsewhere. The truth is that Boris needed an excuse to lockdown again and scare the English public into submission; conveniently as soon as Westminster parliament went into recess and the government can't be scrutinised. The public has got quite fed up with all the Covid restrictions; something catchy for the public imagination, delivering plenty of scary newspapers headlines, was needed urgently. So we now have got the English virus. It will deflate, predictably; but Christmas will be gone, which was the whole purpose of it. It does not take a cynic to see it. The whole UK Covid response has been dictated by the immediate perception of the most urgent political need; rather than facts or logic. Boris understands nothing about Science and seems to believe in nothing. It is all bullocks obviously. There are so many strains and it is to be expected that some will become dominant in a particular region. We haven't seen a shred of evidence that this strains is really more dangerous. Furthermore, Boris miscalculated and got the border with France completely shut, which wasn't his intention. Totally nuts.
  13. Maybe you will succeed instituting a Covid dictatorship in the Isle of Man. But the leaders of the civilised world have said that they will not consider mandatory vaccinations. This is only the last one I have read about: https://globalnews.ca/news/7490405/kenney-vaccination-covid-19-mandatory Boris Johnson has also made it clear that it won't happen in the UK. And don't make the distinction between being strapped to a chair and stopped from travel/living. The fact that you have regarded what it is meant for "mandatory" as, possibly, being forcefully injected, just seeing that with the realm of possibility, it reveals the kind of person you are. I guess, you keep a picture of Stalin in your bedroom. It is unlikely that IOMG will adopt a policy that would exclude a sizeable portion of the world from the island, including a sizeable portion of the UK; and also see many IOM residents leave, frankly. If the isle is managed with the priorities of a care home, that is the kind of residents the isle will be left with.
  14. There are different kinds of viruses/illnesses; different kinds of vaccines/treatments; different kinds of political issues; and different countries with different cultures. France and Italy have "mandatory" vaccinations for kids; but they have struggled to enforce them; not all kids there are vaccinated (they should, in my opinion). Mandatory Covid vaccinations for adults, forcing ALL adults to be vaccinated against a respiratory illness indiscriminately, would have implications, both medical and political, enormously different and enormously more serious. I am surprised that some of you fail to grasp the sheer enormity of it; the enormity of its implications; and also how any such policy would be fought to death, to the last man standing. Furthermore, Covid is the wrong kind of illness for having any such policy. It is not going to happen. Among the other issues, it would require extensive international cooperation, which is most unlikely, as a number of countries have already excluded it. The Isle of Man, in particular, would not be able to implement it on its own, effectively and without huge self-damage.
  15. I am not against Brexit; but this is truly rubbish; that we have a Covid vaccine thanks to Brexit. I dread the anti-vax mania that would follow some accident with the Pfizer's vaccine. mRNA vaccines have never been used before and some auto-immune issue, for instance, is not outside the realm of possibility, I am afraid.
  16. But many governments, within the European Union and elsewhere, have already said that they won't impose Covid vaccinations. Nor force them through the backdoor by restricting freedoms. You will see that those other governments that, instead, try to link travel to vaccinations will find it very difficult as an imposition, especially over time. Many here don't seem to understand what is at stake. Nor seen to understand how hard a part of the population will keep pushing against such an imposition.
  17. Leaders across the world have repeatedly said that any Covid vaccine will not be mandatory. Just google on this topic, and plenty of likewise statements turns out from many different countries. See for instance these two regarding Scotland and Wales: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-55035521 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-54254371 Or this one regarding Israel (a country with strict lockdown policies): https://www.timesofisrael.com/health-minister-said-to-mull-law-making-coronavirus-vaccination-compulsory Thus, I am surprised that some posters on this forum almost give for granted that there will be some type of mandatory requirement. See my previous few posting on the problem with having mandatory Covid vaccination. Of course, it is very possible that politics will get into it. Mark my words, if such compulsion does happen, it is something that it is going to be deeply regretted later on.
  18. I saw it thanks. But I am afraid, it is last year tax revenue. It doesn't say anything about current financial situation. Or the one moving forward.
  19. Would you please reveal to us the source of this information. I can't see it in today's news or government web pages. Thanks.
  20. Roxanne: Once you have vaccinated the 20 million of UK people who are more at risk from Covid, the pandemic is practically over, because its is among those 20 million that you have 98% of deaths. There is no point vaccinating those for whom Covid is little more than a cold. At this stage at the least. In the future, a Covid vaccination may be extended further, but, for the time being, there are still so many unknown about those vaccines, that a focused vaccination program is the best way to proceed. Of course, those who have particular concern or exposure about Covid should be allowed to have the vaccine, if that is what they want. Note that Ashford made it very clear that vaccination is going to be entirely voluntary. I had expected nothing else than that position (see my previous few postings on this issue). Quayle and Ashford have their own limits, and personally I don't like them much, but they are neither crazy nor reckless nor despots.
  21. There are never been a rational debate in the domain of public information.
  22. Any such type of "mandatory" covid vaccination would need a global certification process. The reason being that many people will have had their vaccination outside the British isles. This is quite unlikely to happen. As mentioned in my previous positing, the risk that the vaccine will cause freak accidents is coming from the delivery platform, rather than it being a covid vaccine specifically. Both the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca vaccine have untested delivery platforms: they have never been used before in any other vaccine. There are some other vaccines coming later that have well tested delivery platforms, for instance the J&J's one, which uses the Ebola's platform. The consensus is that it would be reckless to force an untested delivery platform in the half of the population that has less risk from covid. The Isle of Man authorities are never going to take the huge political risk to go alone on a similar matter. As a long trend, Covid would be less dangerous than the common flu even without a vaccine. It has caused this mayhem because it is a new virus for which we had no or little pre-existing immunity and frankly because of the politicisation of it. At a certain point, people will wan't to move on, rather than continuing having these fights.
  23. The Isle of Man will not be able to implement a mandatory Covid vaccination on its own. It would be problematic also for the UK, if for mandatory you mean a right-to-travel requirement.
  24. It would be mad and don't think it is going to happen. It would mean that they have to shut the TT for good. A "global" process of certification would also be very problematic.
  25. I am sorry, but "compulsory" means precisely what you have described. It doesn't mean that the health authority is coming at you home and shove the vaccine down your throat. When it comes to vaccines, to prevent travel or access to work/schools etc is seen as making them mandatory. The current position is that it won't be mandatory. Why there are so many wannabe dictators in the Isle of Man? If you have to take it, the risk is coming from the delivery platform, rather than specifically from being a Covid vaccine. And there are safe options, from platforms that have been around for a long time. This one for instance: https://valneva.com/research-development/covid-19-vla2001/ Unfortunately, both the Pfizer's vaccine and the AstraZeneca's vaccine have untested platforms; and the latter has already had some "accidents". The Valneva vaccine should be available in the second half of 2021. The Chinese went along the tested-platform route, mostly, and it is a bit regrettable that there are not more Western options of that approach, which is inherently safer.
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